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How freaking moronic stupid can you get? Geeeeeeeezzzzzz!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on May 14, 2008

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7 Responses to “How freaking moronic stupid can you get? Geeeeeeeezzzzzz!!!”

  1. Katie said


  2. ricke said

    I am so embarrassed to be living in the same country with these people!!!

  3. chieko said

    You must be kidding me!! Is this for real??

  4. sceral said

    We should be so proud of the benefits of our Fearless Leader’s initiative “No child left behind”!
    Obviously, it’s a freaking fluke that our children trail just about everybody in the world. And why did he ask them all this difficult questions? Why didn’t he ask about the McDonald’s specials or Hanna Montana’s last hit?

  5. Anand_101 said

    Is this for real?????

  6. Sarah said

    That is so funny. I loved Catlin!

  7. Matt said

    Wow, that’s pretty amazing. p.s. My answer to how many senators are there? “Hmm, that depends, are you talking total, or just the good ones.”

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