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Video of Henin’s presser on retirement.

Posted by tennisplanet on May 14, 2008


3 Responses to “Video of Henin’s presser on retirement.”

  1. saras said

    Thanks TP..
    Justin, you brought so much to womens’tennis.
    You will be missed by tennis fans.I was fortunate enough to see you play in person in US Open..I am glad I did,memory that will stay with me.
    Justin, you rightly said that there is “no age” specific for retirement.This was your time to move on to other venues in your life.Wish you all the best in whatever you take on..
    Congratulations on the tennis academy that you have recently opened….Wish you success.Hope , we will see you sometime …

  2. Adrian said

    thanks for this. i’m quite sad and shocked about juju’s decision. it is true that tennis isn’t everything, even for a top notch tennis player… but it’s hard to understand why she decided to quit so suddenly, even after having said that winning a 5th RG would be a dream for her, etc.

    but, just as i supported kim (clijsters), i support juju and i hope she feels good about the whole thing in the near and the far future.

    best of luck and much success in all your endeavors, juju.

  3. zihwye said

    Well i must say this comes as a shock. Considering how 2007 went for her. Its sad and disappointing knowing one of the best players of all time is retiring. Its especially sad for someone like me, who has supported Justine ever since I started watching tennis, but has never had the chance to watch her play in person. But hopefully, we’ll still see her around sometime. All the best Justine!

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