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Who has the toughest match tomorrow? Fed, Nadal or Djok. Duh!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on May 14, 2008

1. Nadal vs Murray.

2. Djokovic vs Karlovic.

3. Federer vs Soderling.

But will the scores reflect the degree of difficulty? I mean, will Nadal’s match go to a three-setter, Djokovic’s 7-5, 7-5 and Federer’s 6-2, 6-3? If not, will that determine who will end up alive on Sunday and on June 8th? Hard to say. Didn’t Davydenko just win at Miami after surviving a match point in the opening round? Or Federer win at Estoril after a roller-coaster ride?

Federer, with his erratic display cannot be counted out based on poor play. He is not out unless he loses despite numerous match points saved. Why? Because he has that extra gear when engaged can overcome anything. Nadal, on the other hand, will suffer if he is extended here, the likelihood of that happening is pretty high. Djokovic’s record says he is good to go unless the physical stuff rears its ugly head.

Therefore, Nadal’s score here will be a better barometer of whether he is going all the way or not, than the other two clowns, don’t you think?


10 Responses to “Who has the toughest match tomorrow? Fed, Nadal or Djok. Duh!!!”

  1. saras said

    Toughest Match of the above.Its anybody’s guess.
    Each of these djokers have their own health problems to deal with.Purely it depends how they feelon the court.With the past records,Nadal may have a tough time,if Murray keeps his cool.
    If I.Karlovic shoots barrage of aces at Djoko.& hold his service game,he has the potentail to win,provided he sneekes in & breaks Djoko’s service game.If the sets go to tie-break,I.Karlo has better chances.
    Federer’s game has been like a “YoYo”.But I will bet on Roger to win.

  2. cms said

    Yeah, Nadal’s foot is apparently not 100%. If he doesn’t get out of these early matches quickly, it’ll be hard for him to go the distance. That said, I doubt Murray will cause him much trouble.

    In the meantime, I’m really hoping Karlovic takes Djoko out. I know it’s unlikely, but still. Go Ivo!

  3. chieko said

    Ditto CMS san.

  4. MooMoo said

    gooooo rafa!!!

  5. Milos said

    If Fed lose i think we can all blame Nadals blister.

    GoGo Andy you miserable little git!

  6. Rock said

    Man TP, how did you predict 6-2, 6-3 win for Roger? You are officially qualified now to gamble on horses.

  7. Anand_101 said

    So far your prediction is pretty close! Fed won 3 and 2, Djoker’s went to 7-6 in the first…

    Djoker is in good form physically and mentally. I think it will be Rafa is struggling. #2 changing hands seems to be a foregone conclusion. Once he loses #2, it will be that much harder for Rafa to get back up, because the #3 would have to face the #1 half the time.

    Djoker himself is already thinking about #1 by year end. He certainly has put himself in a great position, he has a consistent game, has proved he can beat lower ranked opponents when something important is on the line, and even overcome Fed and Rafa. In fact, given Fed’s mono and inconsistency of late, any rational thinker would tend to bet on Djoker.

    So it is head versus heart. All that remains now is for the Slams to play themselves out.

  8. Bento said

    How many times has Fed beaten Soderling, Niemenim, Almagro, Gonzalez, Ferrer, even Davydenko and Ljubicic, whatever. With all due respect to these players, doesn’t it get boring for Federer? That may be a reason for his slump, seriously. I understand it’s not just give him the trophy already, but may be just put him in the quarters already.

  9. Sol said

    LOL Bento. Good point.

  10. Kathleen said

    Congratulations to Rafa 6-3 6-2 in 77 minutes. Looking more like himself now that he is able to get onto the practice courts.

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