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What if you died today? Would you have anything for the other side?

Posted by tennisplanet on June 10, 2008

Close your freaking eyes, instead of freaking rolling them, and imagine you are dead and your eyes are about to open on the ‘other’ side to see the harvest you have been preparing for the next life.

The harvest will consist of the only item that you will carry from this world: Your good deeds. Can you even count them on your hand? No, you can’t!!!!!

Compete with each other to perform deeds that will make your eternal life comfortable instead of fighting each other for material BS of this transitional phase that can end any moment. All that you own will one day pass to someone else, yes even that crappy car and that cardboard box.

Realign your freaking life to pick up nuggets that will sustain till eternity instead of being a cheapster and concentrate on just the immediate future. That’s when you will see the erosion of all the toxins from your pathetic life like envy, hatred, greed, anger etc.

Imagine that last moment of your life on earth. You can make that the moment of regret or the moment of contentment.

P.S. I have no idea what I am talking about. I sometimes, make that, most of the times, overdose from my mom’s medicine cabinet just to see what can happen. This is not the worst yet, although it’s scary to imagine it can get ‘worser’. Hey, I can invent a word!!!!!!


4 Responses to “What if you died today? Would you have anything for the other side?”

  1. Rolando said

    No-one ever comments on these, your most interesting and profound posts. I greatly admire your insight.

  2. Sarah said

    TP, nice post. It does make you think about what’s really important.

  3. Gracie said

    Step away from the medicine cabinet, TP!
    What you say is true, though. I chucked a publishing career which I was good at and that paid me good money, in favor of making a complete change over to heathcare, where I now take care of sick, elderly and dying patients. Even a few with mental problems, like YOU…getting worser with every tournament! LOL.

  4. deep south girl said

    Thanks for this.
    I always thought I had to really make an impact to change the world—only Mother Teresa types were the goal, etc., BUT I have come to the realization that it’s the small kindnesses that make a difference. (Surely not to detract one iota from the Mother Teresas of the world)
    You never know what kind of day a person has had and maybe a kind word or gesture could make a lot of difference.

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