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Mom’s decided to install that freaking flat screen TV in the basement. Wooohooo!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on June 19, 2008

Guess where it’s getting fixed? On the freaking ceiling. So here’s one more reason for me to not get up. And the remote will to be hanging at a comfortable level with a cord, so I can cut down on my hospital visits to the rectum department.

Now if I can somehow get my computer screen transferred to the TV screen. And the keyboard??? – I’ll figure it out, geeeeezzzzzz!!!!!!

And what else do I need to get up for? Oh, goats!!!!! If I can get them to somehow align perfectly, maybe ALL of me may not need to get ‘up’. Only just what matters!!!!

What else????? Oh, got to order the astronaut diapers!!!!

I am so near heaven. Now where’s the Vaseline?

13 Responses to “Mom’s decided to install that freaking flat screen TV in the basement. Wooohooo!!!!”

  1. Adrian said

    jaja, that’s AWESOME, TP! Congratulations!

    I’m so jealous now… here in Tokyo I have no TV and I’m watching everything on my laptop’s 15-inch monitor and on a horrible internet connection. I’m even doubting Wimbledon LIve will work properly…

    But when I go back to the U.S., I will buy a big TV!!! Jenny, you convinced me!! jaja… I will be broke but that’s what credit cards are for! jajaja

    Enjoy, TP!

  2. bigfish said

    Good for you TP and Adrian, if you are buying one. I can’t even see the ball when watching tennis on my TV. Sad..

  3. Jenny said

    lol On the ceiling TP, you’ll be forever in the horizontal!! After today’s nightmare of watching Nottingham on the nice TV, while trying to cope with a useless, forever freezing livestream to s-Hertogenbosch on the small computer screen, give me the TV every time.

  4. Jenny said

    As Bigfish says, enjoy TP and Adrian!

  5. Moonbat said

    I hope you’ll celebrate with a glass of wine and a nice chevre.

  6. Schop. said

    Congratulations TP!

    Please watch this very useful video on how to connect your PC/Notebook to your flat screen TV:

    Then you only have to buy a wireless multimedia keyboard with a built-in mouse and you are set up:

    Have fun! 😉

  7. bunnee said

    eeeeeewwww, tho i almost wish i could join in…

  8. Dee said

    Good for you! Bhhhhhut make me wonder, Why does your mum want you out of her sight? It would be cheaper for her to get a lock for the refrigerator.

  9. Dalia said

    Great TP…enjoy both you and Adrian!!

  10. Sarah said

    TP, I am naïve because I don’t get half of what you are talking about. But you seem to be happy; so please go ahead and enjoy yourself! I hope this won’t be harmful to the goats!

  11. Gracie said

    Adrian, I used the Wimbeldon website feed last year. It worked just fine.

    TP…I’ve heard Crisco works better than vaseline!

  12. Bettyjane said

    Nubians, La Manchas, Alpine’s—-what’s the deal TP?? Let’s get specific about these goats for crying out loud!!!

  13. Adrian said


    I can’t believe you just said Crisco thing, Gracie! jajaja so funny.

    Anyway, now it turns out that espn360 has coverage for people with Verizon accounts… Has anybody used espn360 this way?

    I’m going to try it… that way I don’t have to pay the $25! (Excuse my “cheapness” but being a PhD student, now living in Japan… I’m broke!!!)

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