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When’s the last time you said ‘I am sorry’?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 1, 2008

I am not talking about “I brushed your shoulder in the crowd’ sorry.

This is when you knowingly hurt someone either in retaliation or initiation. When you felt the tug of your almost dead conscience after you denied someone their right.

Oh, what did you say? “You have no idea how bad the other person hit me”? Oh save freaking it!!!! Yeah, in the entire history of mankind that was the most grievous wound ever inflicted.

Oh, you think you will look small and be called a loser for doing it? Maybe you are right, considering all the losers you have surrounded yourself with who have that ability.

Newsflash: It’s just the opposite. Geeeeeezzzz!!!!!!

Get out a pen. Remember that contraption that writes on paper? And mail a ‘I am sorry’ card to all the millions of people you have hurt all your freaking life. That includes 80 years ago or two days ago.

Get that great feeling and unload the toxins you are carrying right now. Repetition is the mother of something, so I will keep nagging you until it happens. You think you can fool me? Try me!!!!

BTW, the first one should shoot for my basement for all the abuse I take by tolerating all you lazy cheap freaking freaks.


10 Responses to “When’s the last time you said ‘I am sorry’?”

  1. zihwye said


    then could you direct one of your ‘im sorry’ notes to Rafa for saying he’ll ‘probably never win another grand slam title’ (that was before he won roland garros 2008) and that hes a wolf in a gentleman’s clothing or whatever that was..?


  2. Dee said

    Now this is why I think you are a women -I mean- a Lady.( we are in the middle of Wimbledon as well, so no women)

  3. Schop. said

    Rog replaces Bruce Willis in Die Hard 6!!!

    Watch awesome movie trailer:


  4. deep south girl said

    From time to time you write about things we should already know and have them as a daily part of our lives.This is greatly appreciated as we never are reminded of those things which make the world a better place.
    Nowadays, the ONLY place, besides the “Dear Abby” column is in church. And if your church doesn’t espouse these views, find one that does. It makes so much difference.

  5. deep south girl said

    Thanks, Schop for the link to the Roger ad. I LOVE IT. One of the best ads I’ve ever seen.

  6. Jenny said

    Thanks, Schop – good find.

  7. grendel said

    So, for example: “I’m extremely sorry for slaughtering 30,000 of my fellow Zimbabweans in the 1980’s, because the fools were threatening my re-election, and in any case they were the tools of the British. Also, I’m very sorry indeed for stealing the recent election, but I only killed a 100 or so people this time, and in any case, they were only tools of those British bastards.”(Robert Mugabe).

    Or: “I’m extremely sorry for creating the universe, even though I don’t exist, with all the suffering and evil and all. Besides, it’s all the fault of those bastards the British. Have you seen my man Mugabe? He knows what he’s on about, that one” (God).

    Or: “I’m very sorry indeed to have failed to dislodge that atrocious dictator in the sky, the one who calls himself God, and who is responsible for all this mayhem. It’s not just that he doesn’t exist – you’ve got to admit, I face a certain difficulty in logic here, but I’m going to crack it, you’ll see – but it’s those bastards the British, they’re the ones to blame. You should hear my man Mugabe on them” (Satan).

    Or: “I’m right sorry for my stupid lie about why we went into Iraq. Of course, we all knew there was no such thing as Weapons of Mass Destruction – dammit, we got ’em all ourselves – and of course we went in for the right and holy reasons of grabbing the oil to protect the inalienable right of my fellow Americans to guzzle as much petrol as they possibly can. It was those bastards the British who insisted on this stupid lie. I reckon that fellow Mugabe knows what he’s talking about. How about if we give him a weapon of mass destruction or two? With any luck, he might (heh heh) deliver them to the British.” (George Bush).

  8. chieko said

    Thank you schop san ( domo arigatougozaimatshita) I really enjoy the link you suggested.

  9. Drop Shot Dragon said

    Grendel: Therapy, bro. Give it a try.

  10. grendel said

    Drop Shot Dragon: Nice to hear from you again!

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