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Jankovic changes her panties in the middle of a freaking match? You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on July 20, 2008

30 Responses to “Jankovic changes her panties in the middle of a freaking match? You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!!!”

  1. Lolita said

    Anything to draw attention is what Jankovic does . . . or was it because the match was really close? She’s known for gamesmanship just like her countryman Djokovic when caught in tight situations.

  2. Claire said

    Couldn’t she ask for a “potty” break and change her panties there? What woman in her right mind would do such a thing in front of a crowd? What’s next – changing her bra – ladies you know how – take those arms out of shirt sleeve and make the “big” change under your shirt. Jankovic, that should be your next “change over” to entertain the crowd! But hea, that just might be one way of getting more people (men) to attend tennis matches knowing that the ladies come up with something like that.
    Yea, lets throw the men in there too! The men can wear what the cave men wore (cover their personal parts with fig leaves) and change those sweaty shorts! 🙂

  3. Brooke said

    I don’t think it’s such a big deal. The men change their shirts on court- showing MUCH more than Jelena did- and no one complains.

  4. Raf said

    It is a little tough to do, maybe the WTA can bring some kind of change enclosure.

  5. banti said

    What’s the big deal, esp. for a european, eastern at that.

  6. AdjeJelena_Girly said

    lol Jelena is awesome! way better than Ana IMO. Hopefully she’ll start winning some slams soon. ADJE!!!

  7. Dee said

    Never seen any thing like it. Why couldn’t she get a toilet break and change what ever she wants? Not nice.

  8. Sol said

    I like her, she’s fun. Maybe not the most proper thing to do on court but she’s pretty unconventionnal.

  9. Zorana said

    So what? If she had taken a toilet break then you would have said that she did it in order to distract her opponent. You people are never satisfied.

  10. Steph said

    I read the comments first, preparing myself to correct you by mentioning that they were the compression shorties we wear under tennis skirts, but, I stand corrected. Yup, it was the actual undergarment, and I majorly LOL-ed. What a little burlesque show that was. Where was her mom???

  11. Carolee said

    It looks like she was playing Bartoli who has more tics than a dog when it comes to tennis movements! Bartoli jumps around and waves her racquet a lot before she hits the ball. And then there is that sourpuss father of hers!

  12. Gracie said

    Santa Vacca! That took some guts.

  13. maria gilda montilla said

    That was really awkward! not only for herself but also for the onlookers! looks tasteless! She should have more finesse, considering she is a lady! Oh well, anything to be talked about! She and Djokovic love to entertain the crowd I guess at their own expense! Next time, please do things with style, like Maria Sharapova! Try again! hahaha

  14. Beau Philips said

    I think that only prudish Americans can find in their hearts (or lack of) to complain and criticise what that girl did. Mind it, Americans are the world’s leading consumers of online porn, go figure.
    I am pretty sure that Jelana can care less what you folks think, she needed to make herself comfortable and she did, more power to her, I for one respect her confidence.

  15. Aleksandra said

    She’s great…she’s fun…she’s the best!

  16. Wilde said

    Hopefully she’ll start a trend and the likes of Sharapova and Hantuchova will take up the habit.

  17. Roddick's Girl (aka Fatma) said

    o.k , this is just so crazy

  18. Helena said

    I saw that tennis match, the reason she changed is because she was wearing black cheekies and one time she dove for the ball and fell on her ass. Her panties bunched up in her ass so it looked like a thong and her ass cheeks had all the clay from the court on it. yew!! Then she lifted her skirt up and started to brush the clay off and then she found out she was wearing the wrong panties so she changed. She came late to the match so that’s probably why she had the wrong panties on.

  19. Elizabeth said

    i don’t think it matters that much… who cares? Us silly americans…

  20. Anonymous said

    gutsy and totally cool

  21. swaps said

    A total freak…that’s what she is. But thank you Miss D.

  22. marija said

    Oh honestly, it’s like changing into your bathing suit at the beach – what’s the big deal? And it’s true, a bathroom break would have pissed people off and brought out accusations of gamesmanship.

  23. Zeddy said

    that was crazy and naughty. i wonder if maria sharapova could do that too!

  24. michi said

    That’s nuts, totally inappropriate. Village antics.

  25. The Fan Child said

    There is no denying that Jelena is a unique individual. God bless her, but she’s not going to get that major until she grows up.

    I’ve been rooting for her since I saw her play an awesome match against Venus Williams in the 2007 QF’s? It was such a fun match. She is just not mature enough. Mommy needs to clamp down on her. But still she is ALWAYS in the QF’s of a major these days, which is nothing to scoff at.

    I am surprised to see this though, and surprised to see that the television coverages said nothing about it.

  26. The Fan Child said

    CORRECTION: The match was in the 2007 U.S. Open – the one I referred to in a previous post.

  27. Kevin L said

    Inappropriate? We make such a big deal over the exposure of the human body. The undergarment had to be changed in some fashion and she picked the quickest way. Damn prudists!

    Amusing? Hell yes! 🙂

  28. Marie said

    If you showed this video to anybody from ANY country, the majority would say that this was tacky and very inappropriate.

  29. TennisFreak said

    Oh, b!tch!!!!!!!
    I thing she lost many fans after this stupid act

  30. rob said

    At least she had a smile on her face. Never seen that happen before. Surely next time she can ask for a toilet break and change at the same time. I am just wondering why she actually needed to do it.

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