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Djokovic Sets Fastest Serve Record in ProTennis History? From Shital Green. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 15, 2008


Djokovic Sets Fastest Serve Record in ProTennis History

If Olympic official match statistics is correct (I think it is), Djokovic has achieved something other than Gold or Silver in Beijing 2008. During the 2nd set of the semi final against Nadal at the Beijing Olympic, Novak Djokovic’s first serve was recorded to be 250 kmph (155.34 mph), breaking Andy Roddick’s fastest serve of all time, 249.4 kmph (155 mph). After I saw this, I have mentioned the new record in Djokovic’s Wikipedia page.
My source of the record is official Beijing Olympic tennis site:

Readers, you may write to or call Olympic/ITF people or check sports news media outlets to verify the record so that it stays as fact.


9 Responses to “Djokovic Sets Fastest Serve Record in ProTennis History? From Shital Green. Thanks.”

  1. grendel said

    Check this site: According to this, Nadal’s fastest first serve was 250 kmh, fastest 2nd serve: 248 kmh. Cockup seems the likely order of the day. It’s not the first time I’ve come across this sort of thing – can’t recall who was playing, but a serve was actually recorded on the telly, in the course of play, as being in the 240’s, when anyone could see this was nonsense.

    Never mind. Pity the djoker didn’t win – should have done really, shouldn’t he? Hope he isn’t too demoralised for the US Open.

  2. Chris said

    According to the stats, Novak also fired a second serve with 248 km/h in the third set!

  3. Shital Green said

    I have been informed by Djokovic Forum Administrator that they contacted Djokovic team in Beijing, and the response was brief and not affirmative: “We don’t know.”
    I’d appreciate if somebody explains to me the maximum speed recorded in the official Olympic tennis site (link to the related page is provided above in the post).

  4. Shital Green said

    The site you cited above copied from, which has the stat upside down, Djoko’s for Rafa, and Rafa’s for Djoko. If the official Olympic stat is not reliable, then which one should we look for?
    I did have doubt even at the time of posting this piece, and I asked the Djokovic Forum Administrator to contact the team in Beijing to verify the stat. Their response this morning was they didn’t know and didn’t think so. I wrote to ITF, ATP, SI, and ESPN to check the record. Because it’s weekend, none has replied to me yet.

    And I don’t see why Djoko should be too demoralized for winning Bronze. Third ranking player won the 3rd prize, in his debut appearance at the Olympic. He was close. The better player of the day won. He did give us hell of a match, not even the final would probably rival.
    Considering your established ability to think high and deep, I expected better than a cheap jab.

  5. grendel said

    Shital – others have queried that serve. I really don’t know, but am certainly very sceptical. I am sorry you think I was making a “cheap jab”. It really wasn’t, you know. I thought – perhaps wrongly – that Djokovic played better, but in the end was overcome by Nadal’s legendary staying power. Several people have made the point that Nadal is getting into Djokovic’s head much as he got into Federer’s. I think that is an exaggeration, but that there is some truth in it. That’s all I meant, when I said I hoped Djokovic would not be demoralised. I was actually being sincere – in a way! I’m not a Djokovic fan, but I prefer him to Nadal, and as I expect to see those two competing in the US Open final (draw permitting), I hope Djokovic comes out on top. Which, obviously, he won’t be able to if he is demoralised. You are an irascible fellow, Shital! You sometimes praise me for reasons I don’t always understand (though naturally it’s always agreeable to be praised!), and sometimes damn me when I feel I don’t deserve to be damned. Although sometimes I do, of course…..

  6. DexterHol said

    Hey Shital Green, I was watching the match and I was startled too when I saw on my screen that the mentioned serve was called as a 250 km/h one. By no means it was that fast. It looked like a 200km/h serve. Smth must be wrong with their velocity meter, I don’t know… Minutes before that serve there was another one from Novak that looked pretty much the same speed and it was mentioned as a 166km/h one…

  7. Willie said

    Forget about the serve. I’ve read soemwhere that’s not true. Maybe the speed gun used is “Made in China”. 🙂

  8. Miss Nomer said

    This whole exercise was a stab at glory because a Djokovic fan was upset Nadal got the best of him again.

  9. dizzee said

    if Djokovic did break the record why the hell wasnt it all over the news like when Roddick broke it. im pretty sure he didnt tbh 🙂

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