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19 Secrets to Happiness. From Sarah. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 28, 2008


19 Secrets to Happiness.

1. Live beneath your means.

2. Return all that you borrow.

3. Stop blaming other people.

4. Admit your mistakes.

5. Give all clothes not worn in three years to charity.

6. Do something nice everyday and try not to be caught doing it.

7. Listen more, talk less.

8. Skip 2 meals per week and give the money to the homeless.

9. Be on time.

10. Don`t make excuses.

11. Don`t argue.

12. Be kind to people.

13. Be even kinder to unkind people.

14. Have good manners.

15. Be humble.

16. Understand and accept that life is not always fair.

17. Know when to say something and when not to.

18. Don`t criticize anyone for a week.

19. Learn from the past.

8 Responses to “19 Secrets to Happiness. From Sarah. Thanks.”

  1. Deep South Girl said

    Sarah, thank you so mch for this great list. I’m going to print it and send a copy to my 2 children—they’re pretty good kids tho and really do these things.
    I, on the other hand, will strive to do better on # 18.

  2. m said


    Thank you, Sarah.

    And thank you, TP, for putting it up.

  3. MIKE__ said

    TP, I would add a 20th point to your list – HAVE AMAZING SEX AT LEAST TWICE A DAY.

  4. Dee said

    Thanks Sarah!I am so touched. I needed to read something like this Really. I had this huge argument with my daughter. In my car I was asking God to help me to be more self disciplined and later we both sent each other messages to say how sorry we were. She is the most sweetest girl a mother could have. When I read this I have to say I take it as a God send.

  5. Tessa said

    Good reminders, Sarah, Thank you!

  6. bunnee said

    great list sarah!

    re #18: after one week, can i go postal?

  7. bunnee said

    here are gorky’s lyrics to Happiness:

    Oh my heart’s been beating sad
    Can’t help thinking about
    Times that we’ve had.

    Pictures on wall, to minds that fall
    It’s hard knowing some people
    Don’t care at all

    But Happiness will come our way
    And magic comes just not today
    When ships are sailing across the sea
    The lights are on, inside we never see

    So here’s to the day, the dying day
    I’ll carry on drinking but
    I’ll find another way

    And how we soared
    When times are good
    Seems to look these days
    The moon is never full

    But Happiness will come our way
    And magic comes just not today
    When ships are sailing across the sea
    The lights are on, inside we never see

    How long to go?
    I don’t know,
    I don’t know.
    You’ll look in her eyes
    And you’ll know and you’ll know..

  8. bunnee said


    “Happiness” by Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci (an amazing welsh band)… tp’s comment page doesn’t allow the posting of this live song link. find it by googling “happiness gorky’s”

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