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Are you still buying bottled water? You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on September 2, 2008

Top 6 Myths About Bottled Water:

Click here.


7 Responses to “Are you still buying bottled water? You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!!!”

  1. bunnee said

    totally totally agree!!!

  2. jennifur said

    it’s the environmental issue that gets me – go tap people, come on! tap tap tap!

  3. SaRaH said

    I will admit it. I USE to buy Aquafina by the cases. That is until I found out it was just purified tap water. PURIFIED TAP WATER????? Now ALL my water is from the tap!

    Now I’m working on drinking less soft drink. Baby steps. Baby steps.

  4. Deep South Girl said

    I don’t understand bottled water. I remember reading in L’Express an article about Perrier. At that time it was not known in the U.S. The article stated that in 20 years it would be all over the U.S. I found it hard to believe but, by George, they did it.

    The plastic used for bottles is made from a petroleum product.Anyone
    care to depend even more on foreign oil? (or any for that matter)

    I have always and still do drink directly from the tap and if I’m working in the yard I drink from the water hose.

    Paying for WATER?? And contributing to environmental problems?

  5. Jenny said

    Never buy the stuff, already paying big money for tap water which tastes fine. I have a friend who decants tap water into a flashy blue glass bottle, her guests think they’re drinking purified spring water from the foothills of the Himalayas rather than eau de Londres!

  6. Anonymous said

    Jenny: that reminds me of a friend of mine who, when having a dinner party, decants plonk into a DP champagne bottle. She is very thrifty and I think it is so funny. She probably fools them all.I think she does it after a couple of glasses.

  7. said

    Plastic is our enemy if we use it indiscriminatly.
    Go to a Defenders of Wild life site, Sierra Club site, etc to see the impact it has on our planet. Somebody is getting RICH at the expense of
    our world.

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