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Has the train already left the station for Murray, with Djokovic and Nadal on board?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 2, 2008

The growing up, mentally, and dealing with all the injuries that stalled Murray’s career in the last two years, may have also left him alone at the station. How?

Because the next train fully loaded with Del Potro, Querrey, Cilic and Gulbis has already arrived – with no room for late bloomers. This may get substantiated when Murray plays his next match against Del Potro. Even if Murray wins it, the message will be so unmistakably conspicuous that it will make him wish he had straightened out his act earlier.

Both Cilic and Querrey may have lost too, but not without a clear warning that the window has already started closing in. If Nadal is today’s Federer, then there are at least four Nadals already charging at him.

Both Nadal and Djokovic have just next year to rake in whatever they can before this train runs them over. Murray will have to squeeze in somewhere too to make up for lost time.

Translation: The fight is going to get ugly and fierce before the younger lions mature with full grown mane. You think Nadal, Djokovic and even Federer have already sensed that? You bet!!!!


2 Responses to “Has the train already left the station for Murray, with Djokovic and Nadal on board?”

  1. Bento said

    “If Nadal is today’s Federer”!! Burn at the stake and this blog should be outlawed.

  2. jennifur said

    I’d say it’s the older guys hanging around in the top 10 / 20 that should be worried about the new train a-comin! They’re the ones who will be knocked out of their comfy spots. James Blake, Dave Nalbandian, David Ferrer, maybe steady but weak Davydenko, maybe even the other Siwss man, Stan. These will be the first to get derailed.

    Nadal, Murray, Djokovic, probably even Federer and maybe Roddick can still hang with the giants. But for how long remains to be seen.

    Other dudes with lots o’ potential who’ve never gotten it totally together and are always ‘hovering’ – Berdych, Gasquet, Monfils, Verdasco, etc – should also be worried.

    Murray is now in the top 5 so he’s good for now.

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