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Nadal never helps the ball boys. Why?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 2, 2008

Nadal will never touch a dead ball, even if it is coming right at him. Most players will tap it to the ball boys/girls.

Is that just one of his many egocentric antics? Or is he so much in the zone that a slight tap of the ball will snap him out of it and transport him to the freaking ET ride at Disneyland, making him lose the match? Geeezzz!!!!

I think he also makes an effort to not step on the lines.

Fish, are you listening? Twenty bucks to a ball boy can get you a win and a semifinal berth here.


8 Responses to “Nadal never helps the ball boys. Why?”

  1. zen said

    You don’t watch many of Nadal’s matches, do you?

    Sorry, but you’re wrong.

  2. Bento said

    Fish, if you beat Nadal, we can say “What kind of No. 1 is this? Even Fish…”

  3. zihwye said


    you nit picker.

    might as well add that Nadal blogged about eating more fish than meat, and would rather go fishing and leave no time for sex.


  4. Blake said

    Now you’re just being a douche.

    I’ve seen Nadal flick a ball towards one of the kids dozens of times. He’s not going to bend down and pick it up, if that’s what your going for – what freaking player does? Anything they do during that time counts towards their ‘time taken before serving’, and considering Rafa’s pre-serve rituals, he needs all the time he can get.

  5. Rick said

    My guess would be not to interfere as less as possible with the rythm of retrieving the balls…both for the players and the ball girls/boys…

  6. Rick said

    p.s. some upsets and close call upsets this us open…nailbiting games…

  7. Deep South Girl said

    Picky, picky, picky.

    Shame on you!

  8. TheHumbleOne said

    I have noticed some of Rafa’s obsessive or ritualistic behaviors. I think it is true he avoids stepping on lines in-between points, but I’m not 100% certain on that. He definitely has some issues about keeping his water bottles in just the right position, though, not to mention his constant tugging at his butt before the serve.

    These idiosyncrasies may appear peculiar, but it makes sense to me that he would be obsessive about some things. These traits are often seen in “perfectionists”, and watching how he has driven himself to success this year, this internal drive has really payed off!

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