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Reduce freaking stress by listening to your conscience.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 2, 2008

Stress that you bring upon YOURSELF is killing you – silently.

All that meditation, massages, squeeze balls etc. are fine, but the only natural way to lead a stress free life is by being a decent human being. If that small voice within us all is obeyed every single time, there won’t be so much misery in your miserable life.

Listening to that voice does not only include not committing theft and murder and other serious crimes, it also includes not telling a lie, not eating like a pig, not going berserk to compete with your neighbor and relatives at every freaking race, not backbiting, being jealous, being angry, not coveting your neighbor’s wife etc. etc.

Going for meditation and other BS is expecting your doctor to cure you after you have screwed your life over with whole lifetime worth of abuse from junk food, no exercise etc. etc.

Cut the root and the branches will whither off by themselves. If the root is still there, whatever else you do to circumvent the problem is futile and short sighted.


7 Responses to “Reduce freaking stress by listening to your conscience.”

  1. Bento said

    There’s no way out of my miserable existence.

  2. Rick said

    Huh. Out of the mouth of goats….

  3. TheHumbleOne said

    Okay, TP. I’ve cut off my roof. Now what’s supposed to happen to the branches again…?
    -Your loyal follower THO

  4. TheHumbleOne said

    Dear TP: the rain is falling and the house is filling up with water. Still awaiting your advice… Should I pile the branches up on the top of the house now where the roof used to be?
    – Your humble servant THO

  5. TheHumbleOne said

    Wait a minute here!!! You live in a freakin’ basement, right? You got no expertise on roofs when you are living underground yourself! Who are YOU to give me freakin’ home renovation advice when you’re livin’ in the basement of your parents’ freakin’ house?!!
    Okay… I’m putting the roof back on now.

  6. Jenny said

    lol TP. Some folks are born worriers, high strung, sensitive, fearful types, some of it’s down to abuse. I know plenty of lovely decent human beings with these somewhat self destructive qualities. If one is thick skinned and has committed a serious crime without conscience followed by apology or repentance, they deserved to be stressed. The little minor indiscretions or thoughts, it’s called being human.

  7. Jenny said

    sorry.. I meant or followed by apology.

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