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Was that Roddick on fire, or is the Beijing ghost rearing its head?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 2, 2008

Andy Roddick of the United States celebrates winning match point against Fernando Gonzalez of Chile during Day 9 of the 2008 U.S. Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on September 2, 2008 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images) 

Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, Wawrinka and now Gonzalez.  Aren’t these the players who also won a medal at Beijing? And Querrey, Cilic, Andreev, Murray and Roddick didn’t?

Is that what’s going on here?

So we should expect a Roddick-Murray final?

Roddick simply steamrolled Gonzalez in every department. Initially I felt Gonzalez was feeling the ‘Blake’ Olympic incident, since this was the first time he faced an American after that controversy on US soil. Maybe it had something to do with it, specially when you have Roddick across the net. Roddick is not known to mince any words if he feels strongly about something.

But Gonzalez looked completely lost. You cannot just fall apart like that after having a decent run here and at the Olympics. How else can you explain it?

But Roddick was pleased to be feeling the way he felt when he was at the top of his game. He was pretty close. It may have a lot to do with what happened in his match against Gulbis. That come from behind win, more than anything else, raised Roddick belief in himself.

From what looked like a whitewash in the first set, Roddick was able to turn it around by making adjustments on the fly. That may have been just what he needed at the right moment to make his last and final assault on his favorite Slam.

If the Beijing bug is really kicking in, Roddick may be in luck and his decision to skip Olympics may now become standard MO for anyone wanting to win the US Open in future. I mean, that rest and focus has to tilt the scale in your favor somewhere.

Roddick’s win must be even more sweet after watching two legit contenders play gruelling five setters against much lesser opponents. It must give him lot of hope that this may be his time.

The crowd has been heavily behind Roddick who loves that kind of attention and support.

Roddick’s next opponent, Djokovic, has played two back to back tense, emotional and long matches. With the history Djokovic has, coupled with the fact that Roddick beat him at Dubai this year, right after beating Nadal in the previous match, Roddick has to be very upbeat and confident going in.

If Roddick pulls this one out of a rabbit, the credit so far will far will fall in two boxes: Skipping Oympics and beating Gulbis.

But there’s a long road ahead. Just one more Gulbis, couple of those Beijing bugs and Roddick is home free.


15 Responses to “Was that Roddick on fire, or is the Beijing ghost rearing its head?”

  1. jennifur said

    I’d give Patrick McEnroe a heads up here too. Roddick wasn’t doing great in the pre-USO events but after John bailed or got fired and Patrick came on, Roddick has seemed more focused.

  2. MIKE__ said

    TP : “So we should expect a Roddick-Murray final?”

    I don’t know about Roddick but you can book Murray for the Final. Unfortunately, Fish’s win over Nadal tomorrow will take everything out of him. Yes, he will have already shot his load.

  3. Sol said

    Congrats Andy. I’m glad he won but let’s be honest, Gonzalez just wasn’t feeling it. He played a terrible match. The commentators were saying how it looked like he was having problems adjusting to the light from the stadium and the crowd. Not an excuse but anybody could see Gonzalez wasn’t playing his usual tennis.
    But Go Andy. Didn’t expect to see him in the QF.

  4. m said

    Absolutely, Jennifur (is that really how you spell your username?).

    I always thought PMac knowing a little something about how to iron out those sibling rivalry issues might have something to do with it. Andy’s added a backhand to his serve and forehand and seems to really, actually, be thinking as he goes on the court. A welcome change.

    That said – everybody has an off day, and the crowd is definitely with Andy, but Feña had a lot of his people here, and no matter what happened/didn’t happen in Beijing, I did not expect a straight set rout —

    he just blunted La Mano de Piedra, didn’t he?

  5. TheHumbleOne said

    Honestly It KILLS me that Roddick is doing so well here, after all of his questionable maneuvers this year…
    I give credit where credit is due: Patrick McEnroe.

  6. Gunnar, Sweden said

    I´ll put my money on Roddick in the Quarter Finals. How fit is Djokovic after a couple of injuries and having to play long matches lately? On the other hand, he sometimes seem to need a wheel chair in the some of his matches but still end up winning…

  7. Brooke said

    Amazing playing! I hope he can keep it up!

    John bailed.

  8. Bento said

    Who the hell is Andy Roddick??

  9. Sarah said

    Congrats Andy, great match. Now go beat Novak!

  10. Ash said

    He was amazing! It is great to see him so strong and focussed again. You never know what might happen against Djokovic. With the crowd on his side I really hope Roddick comes through.

  11. luchenbach said

    Let’s hear it for P-Mac!

  12. djb said

    Roddick hasn’t faced a top quality opponent, so don’t get too excited. He ain’t winning anything!!! I’ll bet money on that.

  13. Brooke said


    No he hasn’t faced top quality opponents, but he’s definitely faced quality opponents: Santoro, Gulbis, Gonzalez. They weren’t exactly freebies and he came out without much difficulty, which is more than the top three can say!

    Roddick, 2008 U.S. Open champ. One can only hope.

  14. m said

    So, a recap of what Federer-Roddick looked like in 2007 in the quarters?

    What might we see this year in the semis?

  15. Michael said

    Gunna, Sarah – out of touch, no tennis knowledge

    Djb – congratulation – very good remark

    Rodick’s big serve against Djokovic natural talent and shot making diversity, didn’t have achance!

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