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Who said this at this year’s US Open? Prize: Two tickets for the final, if you agree to visit the basement first, just once, please.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 2, 2008

“This year I have complimented McEnroe more than his wife”.


24 Responses to “Who said this at this year’s US Open? Prize: Two tickets for the final, if you agree to visit the basement first, just once, please.”

  1. jennifur said

    Djokovic. What do i win?

  2. jewessnewton said


  3. jennifur said

    wait a sec. what’s the basement, i’m new here.

  4. MIKE__ said


  5. bigfish said

    Novak said that.. Could I get the tickets without visiting your basement? I wouldn’t want Chaulk to get wrong idea..

  6. TuckerP said

    It was actually “I give him more compliments in the last two years than his wife.” and Djokovic said it. I was literally on the floor after that one. I’m not even a Djokovic fan, but that was just too funny.

  7. m said

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC. A/K/A the Djoker.
    Post-Cilic-match on-court interview.

    *smiles Catwoman smile*

    Other permutations (so no fair saying I didn’t get it exactly right):
    “I’ve complimented John McEnroe more than his wife has”
    “I’ve given him more compliments in the last two years than his wife has”
    “I gave him more compliments in the last two years than his wife”
    “I give him more compliments than his wife”

    Now give me my tickets please, TP.
    I’m already in New York, so that will make it easy for you.

    (P.S. The tickets are the only requisite. If they also come with drinks with Rogi or ice cream with Rafa that would be an exquisite perq, but the tickets are the only requisite.)

  8. TheHumbleOne said

    I’d tell you NOVAK DJOKOVIC said that after his win over Cilic, but I don’t want to visit your basement. That scares me. Are you still walking around in the nude? Have you properly sterilized your remote control yet? I hope you have thrown away that blow-up Chakvetadze doll by now. Do your goats have fleas?

    On second thought, I don’t want the prize; Forget I ever wrote anything down. And you can kindly delete my email from your files. I think I’d like to be anonymous for a little while…

    [Running away] 🙂

  9. Anonymous said

    Twas Novak Djokovic during his on court interview after defeating Marin Cilic last round.

  10. Len said

    Twas Novak Djokovic in his on court interview after defeating Marin Čilić

  11. Bento said


  12. Leo said


  13. Jenny said


    It’s where TP lives – underground!

  14. ET said


  15. Bettyjane said

    Welcome Jennifur,
    The basement is TP’s abode. He wants us to believe he lives in the basement of his parents house with some goats but personally I think he has a plush pad around Sutton Place.

    Was it Djokovic TP???

  16. Tennis_Nut said

    Djokovic. Now send me the tickets please. NOW.

  17. jewessnewton said

    Why do the correct answers to questions like this one remain in moderation. Djokovic! Now I have one for you. What song have they been playing after Federer’s victories on Ashe? Have any clue? No you don’t! It’s “Still The One” by Orleans! Lyrics:


  18. Claire said


    The “basement” is where TP lives with his goats and inflatables! Welcome to the site – sure you want to stay??

    PS Please read to the left- “About me”;right under US open schedule; TP tells us a bit about himself!!

    “About You” is where visitors to the site tell about themselves! (Mine is goofy – was in a weird mood that day!)

  19. jennifur said

    oh i live in a basement too – sure TP I’ll come and get those FINALS tickets durr!

  20. chieko said

    Dear Jennifur san, I do not think it is a good idea for you to visit TP san’s basement. Trust us.

  21. jennifur said

    even for FINALs tickets? okay – i’ll skulk back to my own hovel, on your more TP-savvy advice.

  22. Schop said

    Jewessnewton, many thanks for posting that one!

    I very much like the lyrics: “Still The One”.

    They do a great job, to play that song after Roger’s wins!

    Yeah Roger, YOU are still the one!

  23. TheHumbleOne said

    I’m just curious: Does your advice to Jennifur-san come from experience??

  24. MIKE__ said

    Those who answered “Djokovic”, you’re ALL winners of a date with TP in his basement!! Here’s a snapshot of him hard at work on this website!! …

    You handsome devil you TP!! LoL!!

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