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Bad blood: Murray and Del Potro. From Arjun. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 3, 2008


Hey all,

This is a very interesting match clip between Murray and Del Potro. Must watch before the QF tomorrow. I did not know that they had such bad blood between them.


8 Responses to “Bad blood: Murray and Del Potro. From Arjun. Thanks.”

  1. m said

    All right.
    Full disclosure: I’m a little partial. (People here generally know that, and on which side of the fence I’m sitting.)

    But before everyone gets as bent out of shape as the British press seems to be on this one:
    1) Delpo is six feet six inches tall. Maybe if something he fires at you over the net looks like it was aimed at your head — I don’t know, it wasn’t intentional?

    2) There is also a rumor that Juan said nothing about Andy’s mom (su madre) but instead said something about his manners (sus maneras) — which, to me, would make much more sense.
    (Even if I didn’t think Andy’s manners sometimes border on the atrocious, it would still make much more sense.)

    After all — “Your mother, she is still/always the same”??

    Completely ignoring that it’s easy to misunderstand a language if you don’t speak it — who in the world would want to go there???

  2. Jenny said

    I saw that match. I didn’t hear what was said but it was pretty acrimonious. I would think Andy does understand Spanish, he did train in Barcelona.

  3. Brooke said

    And people are criticizing Nole’s gamesmanship?? There are times (granted, these times last less than half a second) when I wonder if Murray deserves the hatred I’ve shown him…..then something like this happens and I realize he DOESN’T deserve it. He deserves much worse! Poor Juan (Even though he’s Argentinian).

  4. banti said

    I’m with Juan on this one. Andy should have been penalized for instigating the whole thing.

  5. Anonymous said

    Andy’s a good boy. If he THOUGHT Juan had said something about his mom, it was good to hear him defend her.

    That’s all moot, tho. At the end af the match at the net today they apparently made up and I was happy to see it

  6. Anonymous said

    Andy’s such a cry baby: “oh he aimed at me at the net”, “oh he talks about my mummy”… well boohoo. He got pissed at nothing, he was losing and needed to take his anger out at something. period. Like the commentators and the umpire said, Juan has the right to aim at him, it’s a shot often done by players who try to get the ball back in by aiming at the opponent’s body.

  7. zihwye said

    i’ve yet to watch the QF match (recorded it but yet to watch).
    but its not very nice knowing such things happen. 😦

  8. Lucy said

    what does he say?

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