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ONLY way I can agree that Federer’s current woes are due to mono.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 3, 2008

If someone can provide proof that Federer was affected by this disease before the Canas 1 happened, I am willing to give him the benefit of doubt. Or how about after he turned 26? That will work too.

But to my knowledge, there’s just speculation. This year’s Australian Open seems to be the actual beginning linked to contaminated bottles or Wawrinka or both. If that really is the truth, then how do you explain the slide from Aug 8, 2007 to January 2008?

Here are the numbers that clearly point to Federer starting his decline right after he turned 26.


7 Responses to “ONLY way I can agree that Federer’s current woes are due to mono.”

  1. Claire said

    How about Canas and Federer match #3 after Canas won the 1st two? Federer came out on fire to show Canas who’s #1!

    Just wish Federer would do more of that these days; maybe when Federer plays either Roddick or Djokovic in the semi’s. I’m betting Federer will be playing Roddick in semi’s! Of course that’s assuming Federer will beat ? (what’s his name)!

    Actually TP didn’t you post after Federer beat Canas – where is that post?

    PS Did any of you see Roddick’s interview after Djokovic played? It was great! Roddick kept listing all possible ailiments Djokovic could have – right thigh, left thigh, right ankle, anthrix, bad common cold, etc.,etc.!! It was really funny!

  2. Sol said

    Innocent until proven guilty, isn’t that the way it should be?
    Until someone proves that he’s NOT affected by mono, it’s good enough for me since no one seems to be able to prove otherwise or just give a good enough explanation as for why he would suddenly and mysteriously start to lose his consistency.
    I’m not saying it’s the only reason, but it’s what triggered the domino effect.
    Are you saying mono is not the reason he’s been slidding or are you doubting he ever had mono at all, TP ??
    And I’m sick of hearing how decline started after his 26th b-day. He won the USO, Basel, MC Shanghai after that. What kind of decline is that? Numbers at the end of the season mean s***, he still won all these titles when supposedly “in decline”. Decline is what we’re seeing today, when we’re scared he might not reach QF of GS.

  3. Bento said

    Canas 1 was because that was a boring (boring) and insignificant tournament. By then, masters series didn’t mean much to Federer. You could actually see him bored. At around age 26, Federer won wimbledon and the us open. No one but Federer could beat freaking Nadal anywhere, and he was bageled on clay. The us open was won convincingly, and tennis masters cup was boring as well, and the other players were even more tired than him.

    The decline started at AO 2008. There’s no such thing as old Federer losing in straight sets in a best of five match.

  4. Frances said

    I’ve known two people who’ve had mono and it lasts a long long time. It is definitely possible that Federer could still be feeling the effects. Check out Courier’s comments below:

    USA Network analyst Jim Courier remains convinced that Federer is not operating at anything close to 100 percent.

    “Let’s all step back, take a deep breath and admit that Federer is still sick,” he said Wednesday. “It’s pretty clear to me he’s still not right.”

    How does Courier know this?

    “Watch him move,” Courier said immediately. “Watch a tape from last year. You don’t lose a step at 27 years old — but he’s lost a good half-step.

    “If I were him, I wouldn’t talk about it, either.”

  5. m said

    Hmmm. Thought we did this already. But ok. We can do it again. (Someday soon I’ll quit falling for it.)

    1) 2007: Basically, what Claire said. Cañas whipped in match #3. 3 Slams, Masters cup. Is that only a good year for people not named Rogi (or Rafa)?

    2) Catching mono: Ancic got it twice. Have we seen him on tour at all?
    When Justine got it, how long before we saw her again?
    Rogi gets it. He plays through it. (Giving those of us who know a bit about the disease a huge case of agita in the process.) He doesn’t complain about it to the press — IDK, because some good writer could charge him with using it as an excuse?

    3) Getting rid of mono: Virologists I have known – with personal empirical observation to back it up – claim that even once the actual virus clears your system, it can take up to ten months for the body to fully recover from its effects on strength, stamina, and systems contributing to sense clarity (all of which, least time I looked, were needed to play good tennis).

    Ten. Months.

    Last I looked, it was the 4th of September.
    If back-to-back defeats are always to be coded as signaling inevitable professional decline, I’m not sure I ever want to do anything in front of anyone here.

    I don’t think we’ll ever know the depth of what Rogi’s done this season because I think he’s deliberately kept some details from us. I don’t think he wants us to know.

    But one of he reasons I cheer him is because from what I know, coupled with what I sense, it borders on the heroic.

    That’s inspiring for little bitty me.
    (As well as, I’m sure, for the UNICEF kids he goes to see in his ambassadorial role instead of going on vacay.)
    (And no matter how much I would have preferred his Wimbledon racquet bag to just have been edged with gold, and otherwise all white. :D)

  6. Jenny said

    I think you said it all, Claire, Sol, Bento, Frances, M. I’m glad you threw in the virologists’ take, M.

    Only point I would add, Juan Carlos Ferrero contracted the chicken pox virus as an adult, he took ages to recover and he didn’t play.

  7. Deep South Girl said

    Frances, John MacEnroe has said several times practically the same thing.
    M, I agree with everything you wrote and Sol,you said it well.
    It must be killing him to hear and read all the negative comments that have been written about him.
    He deserves better than that. How do you think his parents feel when they read the trash about their boy.

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