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Should tie-break be scrapped all together?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 3, 2008

The two tie breaks at Federer-Andreev and Murray-Del Potro makes you wonder if the better player really won.

There’s always that possibility of match extending beyond 10 hours if you are playing someone like Karlovic, but won’t the player with better conditioning and overall tennis skills eventually come on top? Granted Karlovic’s game doesn’t expend much energy, but sooner or later the better player will win – whether it’s based on physical superiority or better shot making.

Isn’t that a better way to advance than this crapshoot, where loss of just one point can effectively make you lose the whole freaking championship, even if you are a better player overall?


10 Responses to “Should tie-break be scrapped all together?”

  1. Sudhir said

    Very True. I thought that Elf will take the first tie break atleast..

  2. TheHumbleOne said

    Yes, good point, but what about the networks? You wanna make people wait longer to see “Raw” and “Monk”? Heaven forbid!

  3. arbit said

    I disagree with you (TP) on this. Because you can consider a tie break very much like any other GAME but with more parity thrown in as both players are given opportunity to serve. You will see many games/matches won/lost just because someone played one game better than the other player (eg. Federer vs. Nadal wimbledon final of 2007). So in whole notion that tie break is a crapshoot, craps doesnt’ stick no where.

  4. Anonymous said

    I agree with Arbit. The thing I would like to see is:

    1. Eliminate the let

    2. Never allow women’s tennis to push men’s tennis out of the way. For example: tonite Serena and Venus would not do as requested and move to the Armstrong stadium. So Nadal and Fish have just started theie match at 11:40 p.m.

    Men’s tennis is the machine that runs professional tennis. I cannot fathom why women are paid as much as in mens’ tennis. The quality of the game is not there as compared to the men. They don’t have to play a possible 5 sets. I heard one blogger on this site saying people don’t judge how much they pay for the price of a movie ticket-all they are intertestd in is the quality of the movie

    It was very annoying to keep changing channels back and forth so I would be sure to see Nadal/Fish.

  5. Ash said

    Don’t think so TP. Think that the only way Federer managed to take a set from Nadal in the Wimbledon final was via tie-breaks. Also think that he probably would have won the match had the fifth set gone to a tie-break also. Personally, I support them and some matches would be interminable without them. If players reach 6 games all then a tie break is a perfectly fair way to end the deadlock.

  6. XFan said

    Not really. I consider a TB one more element of the game that a player must cope once in a while; it’s like a condensed version of the match that helps it not to be eternized. I don’t mind long matches at all, but even with TBs and the occasional rain delay (remember Wimby this year) it could last forever. After all, this is not cricket, not even baseball, for Crissakes… it’s TENNIS.

  7. Bettyjane said

    Hey TP, leave it alone—as a purist, I have to agree, but as a Federer fan, keep in mind how his tie-breaks against Nadal have gone this year.

  8. boxingary said

    How about a compromise?

    If playing 3-out-of-5 sets, use the tie-breaker system except for the 5th and final set.

    If playing 2-out-of-3 sets, scrap tie-breakers altogether.

  9. Katie said

    Apparently nobody remembers the time before the tie-breaker was instituted. AAGGHH! Besides, people’s attention spans have waned considerably–how about if they stop having to win by 2? That oughtta liven things up.

  10. Deep South Girl said

    Hey!! Deep South Girl was anonymous #4!!

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