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Who on the tour needs ‘how to look presentable’ expert, like yesterday, and who doesn’t?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 3, 2008


-Sam Querrey: Maybe a surgeon too.

-Bartoli: You to need comb your hair, wash face, brush teeth, change clothes and more.

-Murray: Dentist. If you don’t have a full beard at age 22, you generally try to hide it, like you are doing with other places.

-Federer: Is trying. But goes overboard. Need stabilizing influence.

-Davydenko: Too late. Actually never mind.

-Chakvetadze: Just leave it at that. Don’t push it, you freaks.

-Davenport: Serious blunders there!!!






-Serena: I think she strike the right balance, without going overboard, too often.

-Chris Evert: For her age, she is doing well, aesthetically, that is.


11 Responses to “Who on the tour needs ‘how to look presentable’ expert, like yesterday, and who doesn’t?”

  1. Sol said

    Loved it.

    “-Serena: I think she strike the right balance, without going overboard, too often.”

    “-Bartoli: You to need comb your hair, wash face, brush teeth, change clothes and more.”
    Very very true.

  2. bunnee said

    federer – natural class & style but should fire the nike & vogue styling teams & concentrate on tennis, or at least stop attending their dinner parties

    serena – spicy, unique, she’ alright!

    djoker – formula dressing, imitates well but have you ever heard about how “the clothes wear YOU? lacks the ease that nadal & federer possess. smells of new money. won’t last.

    nadal – does his own thing. small town boy claims he doesn’t care.

    tommy haas – needs a face lift to hide the scowling. needs a psychiatrist to temper the nastiness

    robredo – ok we’ve seen yer butt & it’s nice n all but stop flaunting the bod & get/keep on your roll

    jelena – so desperate for the camera, get rid of the day-glo colours. & your severe hairstyles give you that freshly botoxed look

    andy – nice off court but those ultra baggy polos need updating. can’t shut down the sarcasm. wears it all on his sleeve

    sharapova – doesn’t need the tennis stats to keep the $$$ from rolling in

    ferrer – a hair trim would be a great improvement

    monfils – ditto

    gasquet – nice understated style

    nalbandian – someone hide his ponytail elastics!

    martina hingis – we miss you

    chris evert – tone down the polyester jewel tones chrissy.

    your press watch team, a & m

  3. Jenny said

    To be honest TP, I think they all look pretty good on court and are appropriately dressed. imo Murray isn’t attractive in the looks department, his teeth are big, but why would he need a dentist, they’re healthy and natural, even if not aesthetically pleasing. He’s not modelling for Mens Vogue for goodness sake, he’s playing tennis! My only crticism is the red facial fuzz, it’s not even sculptured or tidy. Best leave the Pirates of the Caribbean look to David Ferrer, Andy. Thank goodness he chooses to wear a cap rather than a bandana.

  4. Deep South Girl said

    Blake?? Roddick?? Djokovic?? Serena?????
    Are you serious?

    Federer’s look is always proper, neat, and good looking,—never goes overboard and always looks great—- Davydenko is just fine, I am liking Andy Murray so I don’t think any change is needed.

  5. Brooke said

    What, not adding your man crush, Safin, to the “Doesn’t” category, TP?

    Djokovic is a “doesn’t?” Have you seen the man’s hair?!

  6. m said

    Everyone looks fine.

    Except A-Rod – national heroes should not go on court — or to an opening ceremony, for that matter — looking like unmade beds.
    And Murray – he seems to be loving doing the dour Scot thing, and his girl doesn’t seem to mind, and perhaps I’m just too Americanized, but – get a stylist. Please.

    Rogi and Rafa would look good in well-wrapped burlap.

    No comments for Venus’ EleVen line, TP? I think it’s smashing.

  7. Anonymous said

    Bunnee, I think Federer is required to attend Nike events. I loved your list–I just REALLY disagree about Serena. She is one pushy, rude woman.
    The ugly American thing.

    M-I think you are so right on the 2 Rs.They would look well in ANYTHING you put on them.
    BTW, are you married to a man named Caith?

  8. m said

    “BTW, are you married to a man named Caith?”

    Don’t think so – not last time I looked.

    *looks around*
    Should I be?

  9. Anonymous said

    Thanks M—he’s taken but he and his very talented wife whose last name begins with M live in NYC. Caith used to live here. He is one of those smart in all areas (Renaissance Man)
    types and his wife is just as accompolished
    You seem to be accompolished so I thot…..

  10. Anonymous said

    M: Probably.

  11. Deep South Girl said

    M: Who the hell is A-Rod? What’s with all these odd pet names?
    Brangelina–Tomkat–delpo,Fedrinka. P-Diddy (who the hell came up with that and thot it was cute??

    Can’t we be a bit more polite and call people by the name they were christened with—with the name their parents gave them at birth.
    This is a fad that is so tired.

    #10 Anonymous-lol.

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