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Be a winner every freaking time.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 22, 2008

ALWAYS, within reason, take the high road.

Don’t demean and debase yourself to the ones who stoop to any level.

It’s one of the sweetest kind of wins you will ever register, despite losing.

If you have never experienced what I am barking about, don’t even try to pass judgement. You have no freaking idea.

Remember when Ljubicic berated Nadal in his presser after the match? You think Nadal, the ultra competitor he is, was furious and wanted to get even? You bet!!!!

So what did he do?

This is what Nadal said “I have a very good relationship with Ljubicic. I don’t want to ruin it over this”.

Who do you think won?

7 Responses to “Be a winner every freaking time.”

  1. zihwye said

    and i agree with it wholeheartedly. except sometimes anger gets the better of us.

  2. Rock said

    It’s easy. Nadal, no ?

  3. Tony de Castro SJ said

    At some point I thought that Ljubicic was doing what Federer, ever the gentleman, could not do: thrash Nadal, and that he thought, Federer bootlicker that he was, that he was doing Federer a favor…

  4. Manon said

    That’s what I love about Nadal. He doesn’t allow himself to get trapped or cornered into a sound byte. Everyone talks about how young Djokovic is, but Nadal is just as young, and has taken the high road whenever he’s encountered a sticky situation.

    If Djokovic had said, “Good game, Andy” instead of letting his emotions take over at the US Open, he would have certainly endeared himself to fans so much more.

    This has been Nadal’s m.o. from the get go and of course he’ll be the winner in these kinds of situations.

    A lesson for all of us who sometimes have to bite our lip before we let stuff out of our mouths. I’m certainly guilty of this, as I’m sure are many others!!!!

  5. grendel said

    Ljubicic liked and respected Federer, so naturally he was a bootlicker. Thus the Nadal campfollower.

    In a situation like the one posited, if you are declared a winner, then, logically, you become the loser – for motives are unmasked. And it’s worse – because you are shown to be an exceptionally sly winner. If, on the other hand, Nadal was being honest, then that is an end of the matter, and it does Nadal no service to pursue it.

  6. Dee said

    Very clever Nadal very clever!

  7. Lolita said

    If the comment is meant to be sarcastic, I’m with Dee.

    Nadal is so known for gamesmanship on court, his cute and humble attitude off court could just be a neutralizer. Fairness and courtesy ON COURT should be the real measure for sportsmanlike conduct, not PR.

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