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I have a huge crush on this actress. If I hadn’t discovered the goats first, this is where I would have been.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 4, 2008

Wonder why she did not make it big. She is certainly better than that ‘pretty girl’ actress, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, you name it.

13 Responses to “I have a huge crush on this actress. If I hadn’t discovered the goats first, this is where I would have been.”

  1. Schop said

    TP, that wasn’t hard. She is Julie Anne Smith, aka Julianne Moore! 😉

  2. Adrian said

    Julianne Moore? She’s HUGE, TP! What are you talking about???!?

  3. Bettyjane said

    Julianne Moore is big enough. Oscar nomination—-appeared with the great Bill Nighy on Broadway not too long ago (where he “wiped the floor with her” as she’s not a seasoned stage actress yet.)

    Your taste is impeccable TP. But what of Chakvetadze?? This news could devastate her—as I know it would me, if I were in her place. (snicker!)

  4. srikandi said

    She’s my favorite too. I think she’s very selective in choosing her movies, and she would rather play a supporting role in a good movie than a leading role in a mediocre one, so she never made it big like the “Jens”.

  5. jennifur said

    cinnamon girl. she’s great because she’s SMART too. i’m not bi or anything (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but i can see why you would have picked ms. moore over goats, had the opportunity presented itself TP.

    ps she did make it big. but it depends on your definition of big. she’s considered not only a beauty but a brilliant actress in the field; isnt that better than aniston or lopez who make dumb movies like pretty (whore) woman or maid (whore) in manhattan which basically retell the cinderella story to gullible viewers.

    getting political now – best go.

    dream on TP

  6. jennifur said

    sorry is was big smile roberts who made the dumb pretty woman movie. anitson busted her chops on friends – hahahahahaha!

  7. Rick said

    Moore has done some exceptionally fine work over the years but simply keeps getting passed over at (American) awards time — she’s been nominated for an Oscar four times and also for a Golden Globe four times, but never won. Now, sadly enough, she’s probably past the age where she’ll get any recognition, aside from some kind of lifetime achievement award toward the end of her career. Very sad. She does have a very solid reputation among her peers, however.

  8. MIKE__ said

    Julianne Moore … mmmmmm. I’ve got a boner right now.

    • kato said

      Oh, Mike. You do say the sweetest things. You must have LOTS of girlfriends as evidenced by the wonderful way you have with words. 😳

  9. Jill said

    Good grief TP

    So you do have taste!

  10. Banti said

    No complaints here. 1000% better than your russian girl TP.

  11. bunnee said

    pretty? jennifer aniston looks too mannish to me. julianne moore has real charm & acting chops. & unlike jennifer lopez, she oozes sensuality, not sexuality. if ms moore were 10 years younger, she’d be in even greater contention against the current crop of sexpot actors — tho really, she’s in a class of her own.

  12. e said

    Just saw your new crush on TV, she is such a class, talking about conservation and saving the environment. She looks like a good example few could match.

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