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Posted by tennisplanet on October 10, 2008,0.jpg

Hi, everyone!

Thanks so much to everybody for making me feel like a part of the Tennis Planet family. Some of you all are like the brothers and sisters I never had – they thump you on the head and push you around at home, but whenever you go out into the Real World, you can hang and tussle with anyone.

(I’ve done some major RL beatdowns on trash-talking tennis peeps with just Jenny’s analyses alone. Hee.)

Most who read my comments know:
– I live in New York (U.S. Open, yay!)
– I’m a hardcore Roger and Rafa fan (their finals are, IMHO, the Platinum Standard of tennis – although this last DC final runs a close second)
– I also love El Armada, Les Mousquetaires, “Stone Hand” Gonzalez, and Polito del Potro
– I hope when Roger gets his 15th slam that the GOAT debate will die a well-deserved death
– I wish Pete and A-Rod would follow in Andre’s footsteps and either open their own schools or help him recruit for his, so we don’t look up one of these days in men’s tennis and say “Where did the Americans gooooo ..?”
– I love Venus and Serena
– I think TP should just go on and propose to JM and leave those goats alone!!! D D

Hope everyone is having a great opening to their holiday season!


230 Responses to “M”

  1. Claire said

    Hi M,

    Don’t look at “mail boxes” often enough. Congrads on receiving a mail box! 🙂
    How about telling us a bit about yourself – or have you already on “About You” thread??
    TP usually puts your bio at top of our mail boxes!

  2. Jenny said

    Hi M, I left you a vid and answers you requested on the previous thread.

  3. m said

    Hi, everyone!

    Thanks so much to everybody for making me feel like a part of the Tennis Planet family. Some of you all are like the brothers and sisters I never had – they thump you on the head and push you around at home, but whenever you go out into the Real World, you can hang and tussle with anyone.

    (I’ve done some major RL beatdowns on trash-talking tennis peeps with just Jenny’s analyses alone. Hee.)

    Most who read my comments know:
    – I live in New York (U.S. Open, yay!)
    – I’m a hardcore Roger and Rafa fan (their finals are, IMHO, the Platinum Standard of tennis – although this last DC final runs a close second)
    – I also love El Armada, Les Mousquetaires, “Stone Hand” Gonzalez, and Polito del Potro
    – I hope when Roger gets his 15th slam that the GOAT debate will die a well-deserved death
    – I wish Pete and A-Rod would follow in Andre’s footsteps and either open their own schools or help him recruit for his, so we don’t look up one of these days in men’s tennis and say “Where did the Americans gooooo ..?”
    – I love Venus and Serena
    – I think TP should just go on and propose to JM and leave those goats alone!!! 😀 😀

    Hope everyone is having a great opening to their holiday season!

  4. Deep South Girl said

    Well, hello there! I REALLY enjoy your posts. Yes, M,please tell us a bit about you.
    Here’s what I think you look like: shoulder length dark brown hair–medium height–sometimes you wear glasses but they are cool glasses—slim —and very clever

  5. Deep South Girl said

    Hello M—

    We want MORE. (I’ll find the post that explains all this as soon as I can—-but be guaranteed you’ll love it. Some of you may already know it I’m sure. Hint (which is more than I should give-is bubble wrap)

    We had a few snow flurries today. Yay! But we had to gwet up at 5 a.m. to see it… of the downsides of living in the South.

  6. M said

    “Here’s what I think you look like: shoulder length dark brown hair–medium height–sometimes you wear glasses but they are cool glasses—slim —and very clever”
    DSG, you would think I know how this works. I’m going to answer here and leave you a note in your box that I did.

    Here’s one of the things.

    My glasses are slim. 😀
    Now as for me — here in NYC I would never be mistaken for Christy Turlington. Ever. But I was down South for the holiday and, as usual, I got called “skinny” at least twice. So I guess I am sort of in the middle.

    I carry a fair amount of it on the bottom (genetics — men in my family tend to be built like Rafa, including my dad — and some muscle left over from dance days) but thank Jeebus I have shoulders to balance it out. I guess I’m built a little like Mirka before she stopped playing (any rationale to have a shot at Roger, right? 😀 ).

  7. Deep South Girl said

    Hey M! muchas thanks for your mail–I LOVE getting mail esp. since snail mail is out of whatever it’s called.

    HTH did I happen to mention slim eyeglasses?? Very cosmic.

    Re: favorite tennis players: My two very favorites are Nadal and Federer (I am more like Mirka post tennis career–but any rationale as you say…), I like all the others you mentioned with the exception of Serena–I just think she is way too arrogant and rude but she might be fine in her personal life. I DO like her sister, tho. I don’t understand how they can be so different.) I liked del Potro’s hair better when it was longish but now that he’s started to let it grow, it’s much better.
    Now, I ADORE Gonzalez. When he and Nadal were playing last night I wanted both to win. I also ADORE the Armada with the exception of Verdasco for some reason. Maybe, IMHO he’s sort of uncharismatic. Their games seem to have such energy. J’adore tambien les Mousquetaires especially Simon and Monfils. Alors, this blog seems to be pointing out to me that I’m more caught up in personalities (and I must say, looks) than game. But in defense, that they are genius players is a given. To me,at least.


  8. Jenny said

    lol M, Thanks. Don’t you worry, saw every point, until 8am here! Had a personal [not actual] bet going on this.

  9. Jenny said

    Hi M, Thanks for the thoughtful post. Saw the final in all it’s glory [gory]. Poor Chucho.

  10. Jenny said

    lol M, I do it all the time, especially with world time differences when I have problems knowing what day of the week it is here! Let’s say I’m okay with the 1hr rest of Europe and New York time, as for the far flung other nations, forget it!

  11. Jenny said

    You could be right about Peter, M. A double whammy really, given he coached Safin to the AO trophy in 05, so two different slam winners in two years. I have the highest respect for him as a coach, if anyone can get this kid to a slam final, imo it’s Lundgren.

  12. Deep South Girl said

    M! Love! WTH have you been?? I just read your (as always) funny comments on the saga-length post about Wimbledon!! But I was afreaid to say hello to those posts as I thought I’d only be helping to morph the blog into a never ending comment section. When will it END, Pee????

    • M said

      It will never end. USO – part two mind you – already has something like 1070 comments.

      And if it comes to that — definitely missing you this time around.

  13. Jenny said

    Dear M,

    Thank you SO much for taking time to write with your kind offer. Right now, I don’t have one of those accounts you mention, but when I do, I’ll get back to you. Maybe TP would publish for us all to see? I guessed you were there up close and personal while we were all pulling our hair out. It was good to see Fena getting some easy points on his serve which has improved so much.

    What dreadful conditions these two great players had to endure, we all felt for them, It just wasn’t fair, they’re doing their very best for us and are indeed titans of the game. We all tried to stay occupied through those endless replays which were driving us completely bonkers, Gracie was on the Tequilas having watched replays of the Williams sisters doubles, and me watching the Rogi Robin show countless times, so I was on the Trini rum and Coke [much nicer than Bacardi btw]. Alex raised the question about the Chilean fans, were they there supporting Fena? [Love the Chilean fans]. I didn’t hear too much of them either, they’re usually so vocal. Anyway if you get to meet Fena, lol tell him one of his longterm fans since 2002 stayed up through the night to support him, win or lose this match, we here in the UK expect to see him at the O2 Arena in London for the year end Masters, not negotiable, and I will allow you to give him a hug! I bet you’re loving seeing Rafa, steady on, M, don’t get carried away or they might escort you from the stadium and we might have to disassociate ourselves from you!

    May the best man win, but I’m NOT happy about the winner’s disadvantage going into the semis when their opponent has been well rested up. No answer to it unfortunately, they say luck favours the brave, or does it.


  14. Bettyjane said

    Dearest M,
    Just an incredibly belated (not-so-private) email to let you know that I find your posts incredibly endearing. You wear your emotions on your sleeve and I felt your pain when Rafa lost this weekend. I look forward to reading something you publish one of these days as I have a feeling you are a writer of sorts!!

    Your fan,

  15. Jenny said

    Hi M,

    As promised, herewith a list of players booked for Valencia 500, Feli’s there as 16th seed. Good quallies too, but I haven’t listed those, Ginepri and Kendrick are there for the US.

    1 Murray, Andy GBR 3
    2 Roddick, Andy USA 6
    3 Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried FRA 7
    4 Davydenko, Nikolay RUS 8
    5 Verdasco, Fernando ESP 9
    6 Simon, Gilles FRA 10
    7 Soderling, Robin SWE 11
    8 Monfils, Gael FRA 13
    9 Berdych, Tomas CZE 16
    10 Robredo, Tommy ESP 18
    11 Ferrer, David ESP 19
    12 Ferrero, Juan Carlos ESP 21
    13 Mathieu, Paul-Henri FRA 27
    14 Hanescu, Victor ROU 28
    15 Almagro, Nicolas ESP 30
    16 Lopez, Feliciano ESP 34
    17 Monaco, Juan ARG 37
    18 Andreev, Igor RUS 43
    19 Kunitsyn, Igor RUS 45
    20 Vassallo Arguello, Martin ARG 48
    21 Acasuso, Jose ARG 50
    22 Youzhny, Mikhail RUS 51
    23 Montanes, Albert ESP 53
    24 Garcia-Lopez, Guillermo ESP 54
    25 Tipsarevic, Janko SRB 55

  16. Jenny said

    Hi M,

    Feli competing in Valencia is seeded #16. Roddick seeded #2.

  17. Jenny said

    For you, M!

    • M said

      Jenny – I’m on my way to Thanksgiving family potluck and had just finished a “slaving in the kitchen” stint. I have to tell you that was *just* the pick-me-up I needed to make the extra effort to clean up the image.

      That kind of panorama is the real reason Thanksgiving was invented, I think.

      Vamos!!! ❤

    • jett09 said

      Jenny–> wow I thought the video was all about Tommy Robredo..the rest of the matadors were there too! They all have lovely eyes and bodies. Thanks.
      M–> thanks for allowing me to write here in your mailbox, as previously mentioned to Jenny I’m new here and still trying to find my way around the site. I’m a fan of Roger and most esp Rafa and all the Spaniards and also Juan Martin del Potro and Fernando Gonzalez (he’s very funny). It’s my dream to see Rafa in person. I thought it was going to be at the Australian Open 2010, but sadly I couldn’t. One day… it will happen. Hey have you guys seen Rafa or Roger in person?

      • Jenny said

        LOL Yes, Jett. They all have lovely eyes and fit bods!! David has the same eye colour of a cat. LOL I know, I’ve been a real cat owner for years and that guy is feline! Of course M and I love Fena, he has amazing eyes too. Be careful, or M might starting fan screaming, I reckon that caused the problem with her hard drive, you know like an opera singer breaking a glass!

        Go to the general mailbox thread, Jett, and put in your request to TP. Don’t forget your birthday request too, he’s kind and has given us our picture requests as well. Mine were Fena and David. I couldn’t be greedy ‘cos I would have asked for Roger and Nalby too.

  18. Jenny said

    Hi M,

    I think you might enjoy this.

    • jett09 said

      Jenny thanks for this I really enjoyed it. They boys looked extremely happy!

      • Jenny said

        Glad you enjoyed it, Jett. I know M’s a hugh Rafa fan and why I posted it, and I’ve been a die hard fan of David for many reasons for years. All great guys and players, the true spirit of tennis and DC. Kudos to the Czech team too.

      • M said

        Welcome, Jett09!

        As I mentioned to Jenny, you’d be welcome to hang out here until TP has a minute to get your personal box in any event, but also it’s good to know the space is “occupied” until such time as I have two working hard drives again (long story). Isn’t this a fabulous celebration?

      • jett09 said

        Thanks “M”. Will try and apply for mail box. Cheers.

    • jett09 said

      I’m a huge fan of the Spaniards too (most esp Rafa because he’s lovely) and the other night I watched a game between Rafael and David Ferrer on Youtube (the one where David beat Rafa on hard surface). I didn’t realise that David was such a good player too! It was my first time to see David play and I thought his shots were really huge and much stronger than Rafa’s. I’ve seen Feliciano play and he’s good too however I found him inconsistent. The DC celebration, it’s amazing how sweet they were towards one another, cuddling up, hugging etc. Nice to see.

      • Jenny said

        David is a great player and a lovely guy too. He’s regarded as one of the hard core clay elite. He beat Rafa in the year end Masters in Shanghai 2007, he never lost an RR and it took Roger to beat him in the final. Before that at the US Open Quarters, he beat Rafa, he was then beaten by Novak in the semis. He was ranked #5 then. He’s also taken sets off Rafa on clay. In 2008 Rafa won at Wimbledon and David won the grass court tournament in Holland, the only two Spaniards to win on grass. David has won titles on hard, grass and clay [7]. I like them all, Tommy and JC too, used to follow Moya. Feliciano is a talented underachiever and so is Fernando imo. Yes, I like all the hugging, cuddling, total support, they inspire each other, and as you say, it’s nice to see.

        Sorry to hi-jack your box M, but I guessing you won’t mind too much as a fellow Armada fan.

        Jett, have you asked TP for a mail box?

      • jett09 said

        Jenny when I get the chance I will apply for a mailbox (too busy enjoying reading old articles/stories and looking at photos). Cheers.

    • M said

      Thanks, Jenny –

      You are my heroine forever!

      And of course I don’t mind if you guys hang out here – I mean, first, we all have to have somewhere to have coffee until we get our very own mailbox, right?

      And second, did you get my message from a couple of days ago about my first HD refusing to boot and my backup making funny noises even when I asked it nicely to do stuff? This is the first time I’ve been online since then!

      So it’s great to have this to cheer me up. 🙂

      • Jenny said

        You’te welcome, M and thanks for the use of your box. This vid was great, I found it by chance, lol after the presentation. Can’t get enough of these boys! I did get your message, glad the computer is behaving itself now, so frustrating. I had a different problem, a dodgy frisge/freezer!

  19. Jenny said

    Hi M,

    I can’t speak for Northern Ireland, but here in London it’s freezing and below, the side roads where I am are pretty dangerous under foot. Central London isn’t so bad overall, but there are areas in the UK that have been badly affected. My friend who lives close by lost electricity last night. We had no snow today, nothing thawing either, it’s set to kick into London again on Sat evening [according to the forecast] and getting worse on Sunday. I hear it’s pretty grim in most parts of Europe.

    Go to the BBC website, they do have weather updates for the whole of the UK including Northern Ireland. They have updates on the airports too.

  20. Jenny said

    Sorry I couldn’t be with you for Rafa’s match. Saw a couple of Murray’s games and was half asleep by that time and had to go to bed. I was determined to see Fena so I achieved my goal first round and was happy. Anyway, congrats to Rafa.

  21. Jenny said

    Here we go, posting this to myself!

    M, I did read the comments in the chat thread this morning and I could see you were going through a few dodgy times, we all know the feeling so well, even a hardened campaigner like me. Honestly, I didn’t expect Rafa to lose, but it seems Peter was playing well. I would expect him to play himself into form, he doesn’t want to peak too early though. Fena’s different, he’s more instinctive, mercurial, so he needs to keep the momentum going.

    I heard about the Fena article from a friend, but never managed to find it, so many thanks, I’ll go check my box. Hear you on the thread later.

  22. Jenny said

    Hi M!

    The Fena article has been released. Thank you. Lovely genuine man, imo. I just wish he could get that elusive slam, he has the ability.

  23. Jenny said

    The thing is, Fena is 29yrs old so the window of opportunity is closing fast, maybe, sadly, it’s closed already, he’s lost so many promising opportunities over the years which I put down to his temperament more than anything. Fer is 26 and imo should be holding far more titles than he already has in his cabinet, he is more the hardcourt player than Rafa, again I think it’s been between the ears. Thus far, Fena has been the more successful of these two colourful struts!

  24. Jenny said

    Hi again M, Reason I queried Rafa’s dialect was because I don’t think the Balearics are part of Catalonia, I could of course be wrong. I did post a link giving the areas of that region, if you want me to post again, I’m happy to do so.

    • M said

      Oh, Jenny, I saw the links, thank you! I know the language and geography don’t correspond.
      But I figured I wouldn’t disagree with what the ladies from Palma told me (I want to stay in good with them, I think 😉 ), and I’ve seen Rafa do some interviews in Catalán, and I was kind of mad because I didn’t understand nearly as much as I understood of his Spanish interviews.

  25. Jenny said

    Hi M, I see Fena has a new girlfriend, Daniela. See front page of the ATP site. I didn’t think he’d be on his own for too long. He was with Gisela Dulko for a long time, weren’t they engaged? Despite his obvious charm, and looks, I don’t see him as an outrageous playboy either.

  26. Jenny said

    You’re just too slow, M. My fault, I should have tipped you off before!

    • Jenny said

      I’ve just had a look at more pics of the happy couple on ATP. Don’t look M, I don’t want you more upset, this girl’s in love!

  27. Somebody Else said

    M said
    January 25, 2010 at 7:15 pm
    Yes. I think it’s very manly when men aren’t afraid to show emotion.

    Did you see Rafa at his ceremony when he was receiving the Principe de Asturias, when Ingrid Betancourt talked about how his victories inspired her when she was imprisoned by FARC?

    Somebody Else said
    January 25, 2010 at 9:56 pm
    Is there an extended clip of Rafa’s reaction to her addressing his inspiration? All I’ve gotten is a clip of him licking his lips and staring in her direction. I never saw a live broadcast of this award ceremony.

    • jett09 said

      M would love to see this too.

    • M said

      SE, I used to have one in my YouTube favorites, and for the life of me I don’t know where it’s got too.

      (There is also the possibility I’m just searching badly because I’m distressed.)

      I will continue to look.

      • Somebody Else said

        M, I know that distressed feeling you’re talking about. 2008 was triumphant for Rafa, and bless him for his hard work, but MAN OH MAN! was it rough for a guy like me wanting to see Federer go further than anyone with a sixth consecutive Open-era Wimbledon title. As well as Rafa stayed with Fed in that match, particularly the fifth set, I thought Fed’s level was significantly lower than it should have been. I can’t believe he bounced back from two sets down like that to make it the match it became. A straight-sets loss would have been less painful and more understandable, given Fed’s moderately depleted physical condition leading up to the summer slams — The severity of the score in the French final said it all.

        These are the consequences of this modern era of men’s tennis. Players at times have to pull back in some places.

        Rafa’s current situation begs for a consideration of priority scheduling. The ranking is not important at this point in his career. He’s been number one, everyone knows he’s a legend, and now more than ever his focus should be similar to Federer’s: focus on the slams (starting now), and rack up the odd MS1000 title at the venues of his choice when possible, leaving plenty of breathing room in between tournaments to let his knees and mind recharge. The tomato cans of the world can fight amongst each other for the smaller paychecks, which is the reason they’re playing 30 tournaments per season.

        His knee situation can be kept at bay if he eliminates cuts back on warm-up tournaments and sticks to the practice court.

        Can players get shots in the legs/knees area to reduce pain, as Agassi had done for his back pain in 2004-2005? Apparently it was an acceptable treatment at the time.

      • Somebody Else said

        part of this is wishful speculation, as I don’t really know for sure.

  28. jett09 said

    Hi M, not sure if TP will allow me to post this. In case you haven’t been to Rafa’s FB account, here it is.

  29. ymd said

    Sorry if you feel that way and I didn’t realize this board is now about critiquing other posters. This is not the first time you’ve done this to one of my posts.
    I don’t leave passive aggressive replies to others, stop doing it to me. You did not take the time to read what I actually posted; instead, you reacted like a fangirl.

    • M said

      “I don’t leave passive aggressive replies to others, stop doing it to me.”

      Rolling my eyes at you really hard now because if this statement of yours isn’t passive-aggressive, I don’t know what else it would be called — other than unnecessarily noxious.

      If you’d read what I wrote at all you’d notice I was critiquing what you said, not you. Really not my fault if you took it personally.

      “you reacted like a fangirl.”
      Your bilious personal attacks aren’t doing your public profile any favors either, not that you strike me as the type that cares. I just thought I’d mention how odious and ad hominem they are in addition.

      But if you think attempting to chastise me is going to intimidate me into backing off what you say if I have a problem with your facts, or your tone, or your inaccurate description of what someone I admire (whom, I might add, is doing you *no harm whatsoever*) is doing, or any of your other “bs”, you can forget about it.

      I don’t see what’s passive-aggressive about that at all, but in keeping with my previous statement, I won’t be engaging with you again on that topic. No point in aiding and abetting your attempts to poison the atmosphere.

  30. Jenny said

    M, You do know El Bombadero will be playing in Santiago next week?

  31. Jenny said

    For your delight, M.

  32. Jenny said

    Hi M,

    Did you know Juanqui lost his mother, Rosario, to breast cancer when he was just 17yrs old? You may notice after his wins, he looks skyward, that’s dedicated to his mother. Air signs have the ability to move on quietly after bereavement and adversity.

    • M said

      Jenny, I did not know that. It’s a little more poignant for me because my mom is a survivor.
      I think that’s a lovely gesture the boys do. Polito has one for his sister.

      Maybe that explains a little more, even, about how mature Juanqui has always seemed.
      Having my moon in Aquarius, I have to admit to having a soft spot for a lot of the Aquarian boys (not that you wouldn’t have known that!).

      • Jenny said

        He..he.. I’m no astrologer, but I am interested in numerology linking astrology.

      • M said

        I feel kind of dumb because I actually studied astrology (they have schools in Washington and here in New York where you can do that), and did decently, even! — but don’t know squat-all about numerology. Sad, isn’t it?

      • Jenny said

        Sad, isn’t it?

        Not at all, some folk here think I’m sad just following tennis as I do! Just remember there are 9 numbers, eg 12 = 3, 23 = 5. 1 – Sun, 2 – Moon, 3 – Jupiter, 4 – Uranus, 5 – Mercury, 6 – Venus, 7 – Neptune, 8 – Saturn, 9 – Mars. There is more to it of course, but it’s a start for you.

      • M said

        So how does one link the numbers together? And what do they mean? In formal astrology, for example, the angles between the planets, in their places in the sky when we were born, can be personality indicators – Roger’s Sun and Mercury together in Leo contributing to his confident manner of speaking (mischaracterized so often as arrogance) and his leadership skills (Hit for Haiti, anyone)? 🙂

        Does it work the same for numerology?

      • Jenny said

        I’ve invented my own simple method with numo/astrology by studying serious and old books on the subjects and I use human guinea pigs to prove a theory. I only use formal teaching as a basis until it takes me no further so I don’t stop there. In numerology, you have to put formal astrology and the natal chart to one side, I was never any good at calculating a natal chart. For a simplistic overall analysis of a birthdate, add all the numbers of a birthdate together, reduce it to a single number and that gives the ruling planet, study the qualities of the planets, positive and negatives. Then see what you come up with, no?!!

      • M said

        Okay, here’s one of the places I always got confused. Let’s use Juanqui’s birthday as an example. Do you add 2 (birth month) plus 1 plus 2, or plus 12, to get the first set of numbers?
        And whatever you get, do you add that to 18 (1980) or do you add it to 9 (1 + 9 + 8+ 0 == 18 reduced to 1+8)?

      • Jenny said

        Eg Juanqui 12 reduced to 3 + 2 = 5 + 1 = 6 + 9 = 15 reduced to 6 + 8 = 14 = reduced to 5 overall. Check my calculations.

      • M said

        Okay, I warned you I was bad at this … 😉

        Are you adding

        2 (month) + 3 (day) + 18 (1 + 9 + 8 + 0) = 23 reduces to 5?

  33. M said

    Okay, I warned you I was bad at this. 😉

    Are you adding

    2 (month) + 3 (day) + 18 (1 + 9 + 8 + 0) = 23 reduces to 5?

    • Jenny said

      LOL! 12 [day] is 3. Feb is 2. 1980 is 18 reduces to 9. So it’s 3 + 2 + 9 = 14 reduces to 5.

      • M said

        This is why I used to get points taken off for “show your work” problems.
        I would’ve had a “100” and not a “99” on the Algebra Regents in high school if it hadn’t been for one of these.

        So how do we interpret the ‘5’?

      • Jenny said

        It gets more complicated than using a quick 5, but the overall 5 = Mercury. Positives: Speed, communication, language. A Jupiter 3 in numerology is considered lucky.

  34. Jenny said

    Thank you SO much, M. As you gather I totally agree, ‘Copa David’! Still el Rey David there I suspect. I’m rather proud of him myself. Please pass on my best wishes.

  35. Jenny said

    Hi M, IMO Brilliant! I’ll pass it on to friends and we like Chilean red too. Are you going to post a link?

    • M said

      *claps hands* I’m so happy you think it’s a good idea. I actually put in a link in the second reply to the comment i sent you; it must still be in moderation. I’ll put it up as well in “Wanna Post”.

  36. Jenny said

    It’s all about networking, spreading the word and anything to help. Well done you, M. Many of our friends don’t watch tennis, but they do drink wine, and Chilean is more than acceptable.

    • M said

      Well, you know, we’ve all talked here about the vintages we enjoy at our watching parties, and the lovely Chileans (both wine and participants! Hee hee) come up so often in conversation, it just hit me this might be a natural “cross promotion”, if you will.

      And as you say, you don’t *have* to watch tennis to enjoy a wonderful bottle. I was chatting with a friend last night who loves Chile and used to visit frequently, and we were talking about wine — a Chilean recommendation I’d sent her reminded her that vineyard might’ve been one of the hardest ones hit, and there was an NPR feature about the country’s concern for the industry’s recovery, and … and …

      *bounces a little* I’m so glad you think it’s a good idea.
      (And any friends who prefer their chardonnay to the beautiful Chilean reds might enjoy the Errazuriz Wild Ferment 2007, for those thinking ahead … 🙂 )

      • Jenny said

        M, I’ve checked out the site, sadly it doesn’t cover the UK. What a pain, I would have been more than happy to pass onto friends here. I’m sorry, but you have my backing anyway.

      • M said

        Oh no! That’s what I get for getting overexcited.
        I’ll get in touch with them and see whether they’re planning on international shipping partners.

        I mean, their winemaking partners are in Chile; you’d think they’d have thought that part through. Eek.

  37. Claire said

    Thanks for your suggestion – I’m off to the Westminster site. We watch the Westminster kennel club dog show – I’m always amazed at the number of breeds of dogs!

  38. Sol said

    Hi M,

    I saw your message in my mailbox yesterday but had no time to reply. Unfortunately, they don’t ship to anywhere else but the States. I did however forward the link to some friends living in the US who are wine amateurs and, trust me, they will buy some if it’s for a good cause. My former “in-laws” (my ex bf’s parents) are also big wine amateurs and I told them about this yesterday and they said they’ll check it out. They lived in South america for a while and are very touched by these recent earthquakes. So, thank you. You are sure though that it’s a legit site right? I don’t mean to question your research but after the 2004 tsunamis, many internet sites were using the catastrophe to advertise their products and it was later discovered that they didn’t give away the donation money.
    I admire your involvment in these things. I remember you said you participated in the post-Katrina efforts and, I don’t know what you do in life, but I salute you my friend ; )
    All in all, a great idea and I can only encourage this kind of initiative 🙂

    • M said

      Thank you, Sol!

      I’ve ordered myself from previously, and asked a friend who lives in Argentina to double-check on the charities. I read this this morning and per your suggestion have also asked another friend who works in wine and hospitality and knows the company to keep an eye on the money’s trajectory.

      >>Unfortunately, they don’t ship to anywhere else but the States.
      This is the point at which I *facepalm*. Seems strange for an international effort but sometimes we don’t think things through beyond our borders in the States, I think.
      I added a note about this in comments in TP’s post when he put it up, and thank you for reminding me I need to call their CS today to find out if they’ve made arrangements with international distributors. Their brick-and-mortar stores are in Berkeley, CA and East Hampton, CT, so I don’t think these are the types of guys who are *not* sensitive to public opinion.

      >>I don’t know what you do in life
      I may PM/mailbox you about that at some point.

      >>but I salute you my friend ; )

  39. Jenny said

    M, Here is the first comment intended for you.

    I have posted THE pic and an article on the same page. Next comment coming up, no doubt it will go into moderation.

    The moderated pic and article has gone into ‘Individual Mailboxes too’, my error, keep an eye open. Do you want me to post again?

    • M said

      Squee! I will keep my eyes open. There’s not usually that much of a time lag in moderation.
      Gives me something to look forward to.

      Thanks, Jenny!

  40. Jenny said

    Your photo has been released on the general mailbox thread. Enjoy!

  41. Jenny said

    I’m so glad you liked it, M! It’s always a pleasure to share my treasure chest with similar tastes. I agree, the shot is artistic, but I think he’s an ‘arty’ guy anyway. LOL I overlooked the pale lavender shirt, which looked white until you brought it up, now I see it! Like Rafa, David can wear pink, lavender, pastels and get away with it. That suit doesn’t look like ‘off the peg’ to me, but to be fair, he can afford to go handmade bespoke. Even my son coveted that suit and he tends to wear smart casual. Actually, we bought him as a Christmas present, a cheaper replica of David’s brown leather jacket which he couldn’t keep his eyes off when he saw it on the net. I remember seeing those photo suits on our stars at end of last year’s Masters promo. I personally thought some of the guys looked just awful in them, I cringed, so ill fitting were they. Very different from the lovely French blue suits in Shanghai 2007, they all looked so good with slightly different jacket lapels trimmed in velvet or silk, loved their different shirts too. I’m sure you noticed in this pic, how well fitting the trouser legs are in movement, more important on a guy with big muscular legs, where they could ride up if not measured by a tailor. The jacket to my eye is a perfect fit, no jacket pull across the chest, and which doesn’t swamp his smaller torso. BTW, I’ve seen a fabulous pic of Nalby in a suit and tie! I’ll try and find it for you.

    I would love for TP to replace one of my David pics in my birthday wish with this one, if it isn’t a pain for him to do so of course. Hey, we’re a footie nation too!

  42. jett09 said

    M you’re a Honey! I’m so spoilt. Thanks. It was late when I saw it last night. I’m looking forward to watching it later today. Another exciting game today M, are you ready? I’m a bit nervous about this one.

  43. jett09 said

    “and of course will be looking for revenge for the butt-beating Rafa gave him during Davis Cup earlier this season”.

    Oh dear!!! Noooo!!! Okay okay positive thinking M.

    “Let’s keep our fingers crossed and send Rafa good energy”

    Not only I’m keeping fingers crossed M…toes, legs and eyes too!! 😉 Vamos!!! Right I better have breakfast first so I can concentrate. Back soon.

  44. Liz said

    Haven’t found the Fed video yet but here’s something else you might like

    • M said

      Liz, you amaze me. I’m not sure the ballgirl should’ve posted it to YouTube, though — she might have people trying to take cellular samples of her cheek tissue. 🙂

      (P.S. Don’t forget to ask TP for your mailbox!)

      • Liz said

        LOL she better be careful.

        I’ve been holding off on asking for a mailbox cause I think I’ve been spending far too much time on this site already. I’m supposed to be working right now…

      • M said

        “I’m supposed to be working right now…”

        LOL you and me both. It can be addictive. Just think of it as Training in Multitasking, maybe? 😀

      • Chieko said

        Liz san I totally understand. My parents are complaining about the time I spend not doing what I am supposed to do ( like studying and house work and tidying up my own area) and I like to do ( like coming here) also.

  45. Liz said

    Ok here it is. Watching him try to control his laughter is half the fun.

    • Chieko said

      Thank you so very much. He is absolutely adorable. So relaxed and so happy. Very different from the very focused and serioius Federer san on court. Very witty like Roddick san.

  46. Jenny said

    Thanks, M. He’s right, and not only about him either!

  47. jett09 said

    Oh M talk about Keratin Treatment. I went to the Hairdresser yesterday and he told me that if I have my hair slightly shortened it wouldn’t cost too much to get the Keratin Treatment (from $600.00 to $400.00). So I decided to get my hair shortened and layered to be followed by Keratin treatment. I instructed the Hairdresser not to cut too much. While he was doing my hair I was busy texting. After a while, I looked up and was shocked when I realised that he cut off about 5 inches. I was so upset and closed to tears. I told him how I felt and that I’ve decided not to get the Keratin Treatment. Hubby was very supportive. Won’t be going back to that hairdresser again. $65.00 just for a trim no extras (wash, blowdry & iron). Anyway M, after that episode I decided to do some retail therapy…very very naughty. I feel better now 😉

  48. jett09 said

    Thanks M. I got over it now (back to my happy self) after looking at the positive side…that it will grow back, hair looks healthier, shortens my ironing time and saves $ on hair products.

    M, as I was scrolling down your mailbox, I watched the video of Roger posted to you by it was super hilarious!!! Roger was sooo good, he tried to contain himself! I’ll watch it again!;)

  49. jett09 said

    M this is for you, from Rafa…

    I am already in Miami after a few days almost “missing”. I practice today at 5.30 pm for two hours. As many of you know I arrived with an infection in my mouth caused by the wisdom tooth (?). I am feeling better now. Thanks for all your messages during Indian Wells. I was a bit sad to be honest!

  50. jett09 said

    You’re so most welcome M. You always make me smile and laugh too. I love your sense of humour! I always appreciate your effort in posting videos, definitely brightens up my day. 😉

  51. jett09 said

    M, not sure if you have read this, might go to moderation.

  52. jett09 said

    Oh shoot, this is supposed to be here….sorry.

    OH M, can’t wait thank you. All of a sudden I’m wide anticipation 😉

    Good evening TP dear hurry up please……..waiting…waiting……

  53. jett09 said

    Thanks M for the tip. I shall do that 😉 Gosh I need another external drive just exclusively for saving photos of the Armada 😉

    Hey M there was a video that was posted here a while back and it was like an after party and in that club were Rafa (showing arriving), Verdasco all alone in one corner and Feli surrounded by gorgeous people then Verdasco went to see Feli and they kinda hug or something. It was a short clip but I missed saving it, by any chance you’ve save it? Thanks.

    It’s another hour before TP starts work…waiting…waiting…

  54. jett09 said

    Yesterday I sent you a link which didn’t go through, the title was….

    Miami Masters 2004 Rewind: Birthplace of the Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal Rivalry

  55. jett09 said

    Hey M that link I sent to you yesterday went through, scroll up.

    Your photos have arrived!!! Their Royal Hotness!! I continued on looking and saving the rest of the photos…there were about 15!!

  56. Jenny said

    Thank you so much for the Nalby clip, M. LOL Fena with his orange and black do go well together. Great to see The Bomber with a first round victory and to hear his lovely ‘army’ again. Fena and his fans are part of the tennis scene for me and long may it continue. Did you see him kissing the dolphin? Total empathy with nature and it’s creatures. Apparently David kissed a dolphin too, didn’t see it, but he’s another one of that ilk, spiritual. A pair of natural Dr Doolittles.

  57. Jenny said

    I wish we could have been dolphins that day! It was nice of TP to post that pic.

  58. Jenny said

    Thank you, M. I know they are friendly and have the highest regard for each other, I think they kept in touch when Nalby was recovering from surgery, he did have his op in Barcelona. Nice honest comment from Rafa.

  59. Jenny said

    As always, thank you for that, M. I think Rafa expresses so well what all the other players, media and fans feel about Nalbandian. A precious gem, but also a tennis travesty. I don’t often use the term genius, but……! When I see his angles and backhand, finesse touches, even an old die hard cynic like me still watches with awe, there’s a smooth beauty about it to me. I have noticed certain players inpire him to play his greatest tennis, Roger and Rafa certainly do, they have to play their best tennis to beat him. I’m sure it hasn’t always been about injury when he loses to players he should be beating in straights, bagels and breadsticks. As I said before, the enigma of El Rey David.

  60. Jenny said

    Thank you very much, M. I hadn’t realised Fena was playing there.

  61. Jenny said

    I’ve posted the Champions for Chile highlights I found on the ATP site, not a lot to see, it has gone into moderation.

  62. Somebody Else said

    (from tennis . com)

    Nadal to wear $525,000 watch during matches
    Ticker – Sunday, April 4, 2010

    Rafael Nadal has signed a deal with Richard Mille watches that will see him wear a $525,000 watch during matches.
    Nadal will wear the company’s new 20 gram ‘RM 027 Tourbillon’ watch, described as one of the lightest watches ever produced.


  63. Jenny said

    As from 5.4.10 Rafa is back to #3, he leads Murray by approx 1100 points.

  64. Jenny said

    Awful? Good grief no!! Actually I was checking out David’s ranking, he hasn’t lost out either, I knew he defended his points and he hasn’t been easy leap frogged. Then I checked out Rafa for you. I’m really pleased about this, of course he deserves it, no question in my mind.

  65. Jenny said

    I should have said, you are not a terrible person to be happy for your player. I would feel the same.

  66. Jenny said

    LOL There’s definately a Tiger in there with those eyes! I’m really glad I cheered you up.

  67. Jenny said

    For you, M. The tennis world was deprived of Guillermo far too quickly and it still makes me want to weep. I never felt like that about a player and I still don’t understand why, go figure!

  68. Jenny said

    I think you hit the nail on the head, M. Genius yes, folk often said that at the time, but a flawed one, bless him. Many great artists and composers were that way, no?

  69. Jenny said

    Some did go over the top, others just walked the tightrope their whole lives. I don’t know, but sometimes I think there is a price to pay for being a genius which doesn’t always equate to the real success they deserve, it makes me sad.

  70. jett09 said

    M, a message for you from Rafa (14 hours ago)

    “At home resting, calm and preparing the Monte Carlo tournament. I am arriving there on Friday already. Too bad in Miami since I was playing great. I take the opportunity to thanks again the support over there (and at Indian wells). I am posting a picture of the dinner we took at the restaurant the night after I lost and before I traveled back to Spain.”

    Sorry M, not sure how to paste the photo here.

  71. jett09 said

    You’re most welcome M. Not sure whether you’ve read it before but I thought of you so I sent it anyway 😉

    M, my guests left last night. Thank God the weather was good to us yesterday for the first time in 16 days of nonstop rain so we made the most of it. We went to a beautiful restaurant just across this beautiful white sand beach, we just relaxed and enjoyed the moment. We also walked along the beach. It was a lovely day.

    I’ve planned a lovely itinerary for them but we didn’t get to follow it all because of the rain (it’s a good excuse for them to come back 😉 ), but we still had a lovely time. We ate and ate, drank(we all put on weight, me about 4lbs, hubby almost 6lbs…he’s R & R’s height *sighs*), played Nintendo Wii (we were all very competitive), drove around in the rain, checked out the water falls (really beautiful!), went shopping (my fave)…. so overall it was a blast. I love entertaining friends and I enjoy cooking so I really had a good time. My guests said they will definitely come back. Now I’m going to be a very busy girl..have to tidy up the mess LOL 😉

  72. Jenny said

    I know TP posted this vid a couple of years ago, in case you didn’t get to see it, here it is again. LOL I wonder what the significance of the other guy’s blond wig is!!

  73. UM17 said

    Hmm, I don’t know… you shouldn’t have to sign in or anything. What happens, the page comes up but the pictures don’t load? Have you tried a different browser?

  74. Jenny said

    I did see UM17’s pics of Fena, LOL! I think David should stick to tennis, no!

  75. UM17 said

    Thanks dear, glad you like them. The more the merrier, I’m just sad that a lot of them are so small. I thought I’d shrink them for easier embedding/faster loading but they’re a little toooo small now, I think. Hope you get the site to work!

  76. jett09 said

    This is for you M and Jenny. I thought this was rather nice, it will be a sad day when Roger finally decides to quit..for good.

    His one regret about Wimbledon is that he did not make a pilgrimage there during the ATP World Championships at the O2 Arena last November.
    ‘I went there once in December a few years back and it was beautiful to see the Centre Court empty when the nets were down and they have that little fence around the grass to keep the foxes off.
    ‘I just sat there for a few minutes on my own in the quiet and took it all in.’

  77. Liz said

    Hi M!

    Since TP let you down with the Fedal pics, how’s this one for you?

  78. jett09 said

    M, for you from case you haven’t read this….

    Viendo el Masters de Golf y animando a Fred Couples. Vamos Fred! antes de viajar mañana a Monte Carlo | Watching the Masters (Golf) and supporting Fred Couples!!!. Tomorrow I travel to Monte Carlo for the tournament.

  79. Jenny said

    Hi M. Thank you for that, yes I did read it. The position sounds like a poisoned chalice to me, good luck to him! Don’t start me on Murray and DC.

  80. Jenny said

    Thank you so much for the vid, M. I remember that run Fena made at the AO so well – amazing tennis. Last night I knew Fena was in trouble when he dropped the first set from the livscores, his form doesn’t look good thus far knowing what he’s capable of. Horacio is a new talent, a single hander from Argentina and certainly one to watch on clay, but Fena should have got himself through that one. Not being able to see the match, it was almost impossible to know what went wrong for him, in some ways I’m glad I couldn’t see it, almost like a Nalby situation of mercurial and underachievement at it’s ‘best’. Plus the scoreboard froze at 30 all at 5-4 second set, and it’s still stuck, but I assumed he might have got the second to a breaker and level it at a set apiece. I found out this morning that he couldn’t manage it, very frustrating, I hope he’s fit. By the same token, he could go on a real tear at the French. I seem to be attracted to these characters, Nalby, Fena, Ferru. Would you have guessed Ferru leads Nalby H2H 6-4?! He’s beaten him on clay and hardcourts.

    Thanks again for your thoughts.

  81. Chieko said

    Hi M san yes very helpful indeed and I just used it and saved on one seasick pill ( smile)!!
    One more question, how do you get those smiling face picture ( happy face) next to the words?? ( I hope you know what I mean, those yellow happy faces )
    Thank you for talking to me .

  82. Jenny said

    Thanks M. I bow to your knowledge and others as far as the creation of smilies etc are concerned. I will try it out.

    Love ginger, rhubarb and ginger is nice, but you need to cook the rhubarb first and don’t eat the leaves.

  83. jett09 said

    Thanks for that M, I shall wait for the link. That’s a cool name “not just a pretty face”

    M, when….you know who…. gets irritated, what does he/she do?? Does…you know who…emails us personally and tells us off? Just curious coz I’ve stuffed up a few times here.

  84. jett09 said

    Thanks M, much appreciated.

  85. Chieko said

    M san thank you so much for teaching me about the smiley faces. I answered yours in my mailbox and it works 😛 ;P !! Lately I saw Rafafan san with one face with rolling eyes. Do you know how to do that??? Thank you in advance from Chieko 😛

  86. Jenny said

    That’s an interesting one, M. But then tennis has the big Rolex court clocks. I think Roger’s wise scheduling. Lung infections aren’t shifted so quickly.

  87. Jenny said

    Aw M, Thank you for your thoughts. Actually I had seen it before, but always nice to see it again. He’s a hoot, the face and rolling eyes, but one very bright deep thinker, imo. Great dinner party, love Moya, Lapentti and Safin his choices, and I would not be hiding in the kitchen 👿 😛

  88. Jenny said

    I read today, the cloud is heading towards Spain and Barcelona, some airports there have been closed.

  89. UM17 said

    Please, no need for embarrassment! I don’t even remember mentioning it, so you’re definitely off the hook. The only reason I ever get into the whole business is that I just never really know what to say when people ask what my background is, and if I get into the language thing I get so tangled up in Soviet ethnicity and politics that people end up with majorly blank stares. I’ve been in the US since I was a toddler so speaking English isn’t a big deal – it’s a credit to my parents, though, that my Russian progressed beyond that of a 3 year old! What is a dialect of Russian? Where is your friend from? (I learned my Spanish through about 8 years of school, and am finally getting to use it for something! What about you?) And I know nothing about where you came from…

  90. Sol said

    Thanks for the link in my mailbox, M. Unfortunately I can’t find the article you’re refering to. There is one about Nadal winning Barcelona in 2005 though (!)
    About my comment, I get that an athlete can be in the zone, I just think that players shouldn’t be made holier than saints. He knew what he was doing, it’s tennis, they have changeovers and enough time to realise what’s happening. He heard Fer’s (multiple) swears from the other side of the net. He celebrated his break at 6-0; 2-1; with the fist pumping and the vamos! after Fer made 2 doubles in that service game to level up to deuce.
    In short, he beat Fer’s butt and it’s ok, it’s a competitive sport, that’s what he’s supposed to do, but to say he felt uneasy afterwards is too much. Just mho.

  91. Sol said

    M, my original comment was in reply to your post where you said Rafa didn’t want to bite the trophy but was forced to do so by the press, which implies that Rafa was so uncomfortable that he didn’t want to celebrate his win (it is, after all, his trademark). I was reacting to that.
    Anyway, I don’t mean to ruin this moment for Rafa fans so feel totally free to change subjects, I don’t really need to make any point here.

  92. Sol said

    Lol, M. I didn’t realise I was working on words or trying to distort yours. Occupational hazard, maybe.
    I feel you’re taking this personally and the last thing I want is to upset you. Like I said, I don’t mean to ruin this moment by making Rafa look bad or anything, I don’t feel strongly about anything we’re talking about here… so tell me, what’s the weather like in NY today? 🙂

  93. Jenny said

    Thank you SO much M. 😛 I didn’t know, loved it and well deserved.

  94. Jenny said

    M, I’m just speculating here. I think Rafa fully intended to play in Barca, why sign up for it in the first place? Why would he give Albert the hassle of calling upon Lapentti at the last minute? Albert is influential. Don’t forget he had the tendon tear behind his knee not too long ago, which as you know takes time to heal, as with David. Tendinitis is chronic, but he wasn’t wearing supports and was moving well. Rafa played in Monte Carlo, maybe at the back of his mind, he wasn’t sure he would go as deep and win the tournament, this is also a confidence issue. I understand him withdrawing as a preventative measure which should imo should have been said in the first place, then there was the difficult travel do you agree? Verdasco is playing. That article in Marca was very misleading. We don’t know if he was suffering discomfort, we DON’T KNOW if he was taking pain relief. If he were, you don’t take pain relief for nothing.

    • Jenny said

      As you know Rafa came over to Queens last year to test his knees, he practiced, wasn’t comfortable and withdrew from Queens and Wimbledon. Only the player knows how they feel and if there is any discomfort, they are quite right to withdrew. No player harps on about injury or sends out messages alluding to problems they might have.

  95. Jenny said

    Hi again, M. I think we’re both reading from the same page here. Can you imagine Rafa waiting for the last minute just to let his Spanish fans and Albert down without good reason?! For goodness sake, the draw had already been made. LOL I wonder where Lapentti was when he got the call?!

    I feel the same about Marca, but it was all we had to work with at first.

  96. Jenny said

    At the end of the day I think we’re basically talking about integrity, no?! I know David was gutted when he had to withdraw from his second match with injury in Valencia last year, he lost a lot of points for that. He tried his hardest to recover and his team and doctor said no, so he was forced to take their advice or he might have ended up really damaging himself.

  97. Jenny said

    I knew JC had a tatt, I can’t even remember where it is now, but I have seen it. I’ve posted the Elle mag clip which has gone into mod. I have seen Fer ones from the same shoot, you know the kind, standing and dripping in water wearing a chunky necklace, strangely enough, his pics don’t do anything for me, but you enjoy!

  98. Jenny said

    M, The Elle pics have been released in live match thread.

  99. Sol said

    I’m not anyone’s spokesperson so I’m not going to speak in anyone’s name.
    I do, however, feel for people who don’t dare speak their minds because other people have stronger characters. And I dislike that, whether it was intentional or not, and I’m sure it wasn’t.

    Thanks for Roger. And yes, I do like Gulbis and his tennis and would like him to go deep in the tourney, even though he beat my man.

  100. Sol said

    I have no idea what you just said there, M. Which is why I’m not answering you. it’s not that I disrespect your opinion.

    I’m going to move on and enjoy the tennis right now if that’s ok with you. I have no interest in having this little quarrel with you and I hope you won’t resent me for it.

  101. Sol said

    Oh, M. That makes no sense. If you realise my comment was directed at more than one person, why would you take it personally? And accuse me of instigating whatever you think I instigated?

    My day is pretty much over, it’s 10 pm here. But thank you. Enjoy the tennis too.

  102. Sol said

    M, the “I dont know what you’re talking about” was in answer to the second comment you left in my box about who said what to who and when, along with quotes and all. I didn’t get it. But I admit, I didn’t really try to.

    Obviously I know what the whole issue is about, I don’t go around saying stuff for no reason. So the “disingenuous” remark on your part is a little “meh”. I have many flaws but that’s not one of them.

  103. Jenny said

    LOL Is this a picture you’re seeing that I’m being deprived of?!

  104. Jenny said

    Got it M, many thanks 😛 He looks so small against these taller guys!

  105. chieko said

    Hi M san. How are you ?! I am getting ok with Un Bel Di Vedremo. My professor said I have to improve on rolling my tip of tongue for r more than back of tongue. So I am focusing in improving all the words with r. It is funny that I find Te Io Prometto hardest of all. But it is such a beautiful aria. I love learning and singing it. My dog is tolerent with it now even the ending L’aspetto… and the tricky un po per non morire al primo incontro… he even continue to sleep with the high notes. ( I should let Jenny san know that :smile:) So it is getting more acceptable I think.

    Thank you for your interest. I shall continue to work harder.


  106. chieko said

    Hi M san, I have a reply for you in my own mailbox. Frankly I do not know why I just put my reply to you right after your note to me. So I come here instead so that you can receive it properly. If you have time it is over there in my box. ::

    I want you to know that you are a wonderful lady. We all love you!!

  107. chieko said

    Hello M san. I thank you to remind me to take care of myself . Yes I need to for I do not want to get injury again like Nadal san .

    I thank you for the information. No I did not get to watch the whole match. Thank you for the post.

    You are a very special lady M san. Please continue to post for all of us. I am very sure we all love your posts. That is why you get responses from a lot of people. They all love to talk to you M san, for you are so interesting and sincere.

    Let us all pray that our favourite players continue to take care and be healthy too.

    Thank you so much again for the information.

    Love from Chieko

  108. jett09 said

    M thank you so much! I will definitely watch it right after this. It will definitely make me feel better. I had a minor mishap at work 😦 ….I was just about to take a seat when my elbow banged on to the chair and was pushed away and I landed on my left butt…legs up in the air 😡 I was in so much pain and closed to tears. Just as well I only worked half a day today.

    Thanks again M, you’re such a honey 😉 I’m feeling much better now 😉

  109. jett09 said

    Oppsss sorry, I confused you. I was finding my way to the Live Thread Rome to watch the video you posted when I got distracted by the Rafa/Gonzo match so I ended up watching that first. I thought it was one of those matches where Rafa recovered (like the matches against Nalby and against Lubes you posted where I was on the edge of my seat). It was still worth watching M, coz he looked super HOT 😳 and perky 😳 okay okay I’ll stop. Right I will watch the Rafa/Hanescu match now. Thanks M xox

  110. jett09 said

    M sorry I did it again, I posted my reply to myself 😳 😕

  111. Jill said

    M, thanks so much for showing me how to post, thought I was going to remain anonymous forever!

  112. Claire said

    1. In the post about Federer wearing a scarf, all I did was use a quote to show that Federer turned down $60M in endorsements in the last 18 months so obliviously he is now not looking at things as a marketing opportunity. I regret that I didn’t realize you were talking about years ago! Maybe you should have been more clear of the period of time you were talking about!

    Regarding it’s “bad” thing that Federer is a good business man – where did I ever comment on that – I didn’t see that in the quote????

    2. “is anyone here reading looking to see who swooped down to our conversation – that she wasn’t even it – with a unsolicited attack!” I guess TP didn’t make it clear that you can’t get into a conversation once it has started.
    In the past I have never been told to not post if a “conversation” has already started!

    “…with a unsolicited attack” – first it wasn’t an attack – you have often used quotes to correct someone! Also do people usually “solicit” attacks? – that’s a new one to me!

    In the future you are more than welcome to correct me – I don’t want others to believe what I say is true if in fact it isn’t. Please leave out the unnecessary questions back having nothing to do with your correction! I know everyone makes mistakes and I for one am happy when someone corrects me! I have found in the past posters usually correct other’s in a nice way – you using a video to correct my mistake when I said Federer is not the king of clay and saying nothing to me – I took as saying – Claire you were wrong and let me prove it, so there!
    Also, statements like – I can’t wait to hear what you have to say – I don’t think you mean that in a nice way – I felt you couldn’t wait to attack and tear apart my next statement.
    I have learned my lesson, in the future I will not state facts that I think are true and I will say “please correct me if I’m wrong!” Also I realize my saying Federer is not the King of Clay was a pretty strong statement – I will google my (strong) statements to see if they are true – then I will quote where I found the statement to be correct!

    I find it quite interesting that you had to go back and respond to my quote in 2 places – conversation on Federer’s scarf and “… Half full/half empty..” post! WOW

    So, in the future I will welcome your corrections but will totally ignore your questions – I think correcting me is quite enough! Maybe I’ll even thank you for the correction – like I said I don’t want to give out information that is not true.

    Have a great week-end!!

  113. Claire said

    Correction “…my saying Federer is not King of CLAY…” Please remove “CLAY” and insert “GRASS”

  114. Claire said

    Also, notice that I didn’t respond to your comment on my quote – you will find I won’t respond to your questions to me in the future. In advance I thank you for making and proving I am wrong when in fact I was wrong!

  115. jett09 said

    Oh M, you’re such a honey. Just got home from work and then lunch with hubby at the Sushi Train…yum! I’m so busy packing… we’re going to spend a romantic weekend at the “Thala Beach Lodge” (it’s between Cairns and Port Douglas – google it it’s a beautiful place, I recommended Dee to go there and she really liked the place). Thought I’d check my email before leaving and read your messages. Oh I’m so so happy for Rafa. Sorry Pimples 😦 (Bjornino’s fault – I’m still laughing everytime I remember that Dimples vs Pimples 😆 ). I think I might (just) have a chance to watch tonight’s match coz I think the place has Foxtel. Might have to get up in the middle of the night. Goodluck Rafa, Vamos! It’s going to be tough for you tonight!

    Golly the Broccoli Cheese Soup outfit was soo hilarious M!! 😆 (I”m having a giggle now!). I will have to watch the 9 clips (wow) when I get back on Monday (Sunday there). Anyway have fun watching the matches M 😉 Take care xox

    P.S. You’re right M, there were “two smoking HOT men” on court 😎 phew

  116. Dee said

    Hi M, I just got a message from Jett. Thala doesn’t have Foxtel. Do you want to know how desperate she is?I am going to tell you any way because she asked me to let you know.
    1.She asked me for the match time so she can ring USA to get a match report from her sis.(Well I told her what Fox sports doing.)So she is not going to miss much.
    2.Jett actually tried to activate her phone to watch it but it takes 24 hrs.( She spoke to her provider for half an hour)

    So remember Two people relying on you for high lights.
    Enjoy the match
    Just got another message. She’s almost crying. She could have watched it free on line if she was home. I better send some comfort hugs. poor thing.

  117. Jenny said

    Fantastic match by both players, I couldn’t see all of the last set. Have to give lots of credit to Gulbis 😛

    Anyway, this is for you.

  118. Jenny said

    M, Thank you so much for posting this interview 😆 I wouldn’t have expected any less from him, seriously. He rarely over-celebrates or talks himself up, doesn’t seek limelight, always credits his opponents, is loyal to his compatriots and his fans, and known for his humility. Our comms said yesterday, he’s all that’s good in the sport, a role model, these are ex pros who said it. Yeah, he can be feisty on court occasionally, go into the dramatics but what the heck, dare I say, sometimes it can be funny, but then I’m not looking for angels, you have to weigh up the pros and cons. He’s a great admirer of Lleyton Hewitt, no surprise!

  119. jett09 said

    HI M, just using the Lodge’s internet, wow so nice to know that our Rafa won!!! yipeeeee. Dee told me off last night via text (I texted her to find out about the time Rafa was playing) to forget Rome and concentrate on my romantic getaway and I replied “nice to have a bit on the side” 😆 anyway, gotta go! cheers.

    I had to ring my niece in USA to find out the result coz my mobile phone news was very late with the news.

  120. jett09 said

    Hi M!! Thank you, we had a fabulous time..we even wished it would never end 😉 We hoped for a beautiful weather and we got it…considering it has been raining on and off. Just what we needed to get away from stress at work. Now…so many things to catch up on, I spent all morning reading posts and watching vids although I’m not done yet but I have to take a break…my eyes are hurting 😆

    Thanks again M 😉 you’re a trooper!

    P.S. Very happy for Rafa’s win… sad for Ferrer and his fans.

  121. jett09 said

    M, reading all these delicious desserts (creme brulee, tiramisu, triple choc cake, profiteroles..) made me crave for something sweet right now…yum. One time Hub and I tried this Chocolate Chilli Creme Brulee and my golly it was soooo yummy. Chocolate and Chilli together is divine.

    Anyway did you celebrate your Cinco de Mayo?? Did you have a tequila with the girls? 😉

  122. Jenny said

    Thank you, M!

  123. jett09 said

    ‘Chocolate Chilli Creme Brulee’
    “Boy, if there’s ever a recipe to get that sounds like the one. Chocolate and chili is a favorite combination of mine too!”

    Here we go M, I found the recipe. Now I have a good excuse to buy a blow torch 😆 😉

    “Chocolate Creme Brulee with Ancho Chili”
    2½ cups Heavy Cream
    2 Cinnamon Sticks
    1 (7-10g) Ancho Chili (de-veined and de-seeded)
    200g Bittersweet Chocolate (broken into small pieces)
    1/3 cup Sugar, chopped fine
    6 Egg Yolks

    1. Preheat your oven to 120ºC

    2. Combine the cream, cinammon and Ancho chili in a stainless steel pot, cover and bring to a very gentle simmer. Allow it to simmer for 10 minutes, turn off the heat and let it rest for some 5 minutes more.

    3. Meanwhile, whisk the egg yolks in a bowl until they take on a light, lemony color. Slowly and gradually add the sugar, all the while beating the yolks. Beat until the mix thickens and “ribbons” when you lift the beater and swirl over the mix.

    4. Getting back to the cream: extract the cinammon and chili. Now add the chocolate, stirring gently until it all melts. Now, very gently stir this into the egg yolk mixture, taking care not to do so too quickly, lest you aereate the mix. (We don’t want bubbles in the cream.) Pour into 3 or 4 ounce ramekins (6-8) that are heat resistant. Bake in a banmarie for some 15 minutes. Rather than inserting a thermometer to test for doneness, use the timehonored “wiggle” method: gently wiggle or tap the ramekins…when done, the cream should merely tremble a bit in the center. Remove from oven, cover with a sheet of parchment paper and allow to cool. (Do not plastic-wrap them, as this will create condensation that will then settle on the surface.)
    Note: This can be served as a ‘Pot de Crème’—with a tuille or biscuit, or if you’d like the burnt sugar crust (the “Brulee” part), sprinkle sugar over the cold custards and place under the flame of Ha broiler, salamander or handy plumbers’ torch. Just don’t get carried away with the flame thrower, so that the custard won’t over-cook under the sugared surface.

  124. Jenny said

    I read the following on Tennis X, M.

    Former No. 1 Serena Williams’ troubles continued when she blew a one-set lead to Nadia Petrova, losing in three to the Russian in a clay cloud of 41 errors, then afterwards ripped the tournament.

    “I wasn’t moving my fastest but all I could do was try and do the best I could. I don’t know. I definitely wasn’t at my best,” Williams said, going on to criticize the tournament for its scheduling. “This isn’t a player-favorite tournament, just to be honest. None of the players are really gung-ho about playing here.”

    • Jenny said

      Obviously I had no intention to upset you, I wasn’t sure whether you had already seen it on your travels. I wonder why she was so upset?

  125. Jenny said

    Let’s face it, these guys are only human. I know if I get a flare up with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which manifests in pain and flu like symptoms, together with my fingers swelling up and looking like sausages, I can be very cranky. I’m lucky, it doesn’t happen too often. It will all be forgotten, don’t let it upset you too much. We have a saying here, today’s news ends up as tomorrows fish and chip paper. People used to eat fish and chip out of the wrapping paper.

  126. Jenny said

    I had heard of Giraldo, he played mostly challengers and it was only when I saw him out buzz el mosquito, Juan Carlos, lol I sat up opened my eyes! It was a great exciting performance, but I think Juan Carlos was very sub par and had to withdraw from Rome because of Tendinitis which tells me a lot. I may have seen Giraldo play in Chile, or thought I had, because something sticks in my mind, Santiago playing in Chile, thinks he must be a Chilean, when infact he’s Colombian, Fena playing in Santiago and he’s from Santiago. Then we have Maximo Gonzalez from Argentina, that one caught me out. Linked into a stream very late one night to Movistar, and wondered why I didn’t recognise this Gonzalez, I thought Fena had gone through a complete identity change when infact he wasn’t playing! That Latin combo nearly does my head in!

    LOL I just posted to myself because of it. ha..ha..

  127. Jenny said

    Thank you very much, M. Always appreciated. Sorry you didn’t get to see those great matches yeaterday. I’m so happy for all the semi finalists who thoroughly deserve their place at this stage in Madrid by beating tough opponents on the way. 😛

  128. Jenny said

    Hola M! Found you! Glad you liked the vid, sent to me by e-mail today, I hope our other friends enjoy it too.. It appeals to my sense of humour!

    Btw, David is playing an exho Thursday and Friday in Paris. I don’t know how true it is, Roger’s going to be part of it also.

    • Jenny said

      I’ve seen Gaudio in the quallies. No sign of Giraldo and he won’t be seeded either. I wonder why he isn’t part of it. Shame.

  129. Jenny said

    M, it’s the Mary Cohr Exhibition in Paris, Thursday and Friday this week. I found the 2010 site, no point in posting to be held in moderation, no real news, just pics of Roger, David, the two Andys, *Fena, Fish, Youzhny. No Rafa. It’s a two day event of one setters I believe.


  130. Jenny said

    Bless you for thinking of me. I spotted something special in him around 5 years ago, so I had to go with my intuition.

    Forgive the love fest, here’s what Robbie Koenig said from Madrid.

    Posted by WTM on Jun 15, 2010

    For Those of You Who read my last blog, Friday’s evening session is Exactly what I’m talking about! It’s Almost 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning as I arrive back from commentating the David Ferrer / Andy Murray match. Ferrer will not get to sleep till around 4:00 a.m. and he’s gotta come back and play Roger Saturday night. Sporting contests I Thought Were supposed to be fair! That’s BS as far as I’m Concerned Ferrer at a massive disadvantage is Having a lot less time to recover, never mind the fact-he’s gotta take on Federer! Get rid of two singles matches evening session.

    Some good matches today … Nic Almagro is looking really hungry and it’s good to see the young man playing tennis again inspired Some Because he’s rough on this network stuff. He plays with a lot of passion and I love that!

    Roger is Slowly getting back to historical best and I Thought it Was a good contest this evening Between him and Ernests Gulbis. Some Great volleys I hit!

    Rafa is looking impenetrable. Can not see him beating Anyone!

    But for me, today belonger to David Ferrer. His tussle with Murray Was vintage stuff and proved again “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog!” David is Probably the player I admire most … Listen, I love watching Federer he’s a genius, period. And Nadal is phenomenal With his attitude, fighting spirit and the way I Carries Himself. Ferrer is cut from the same cloth as Rafa, he’s only 5’9 (I can retell!) And Does not Have The Luxury of Being a lefty! But it’s the ATTITUDE of the guy that’s so Impressive … the way I relishes the battle and the process of working out His opponent is matched only by Nadal. Rarely have a poor shot lets bother him for more Than the 25 Seconds Before the next point. When I historical vents frustration, I does That to the max, he’ll destroy historical racket, grab a new one, Then crack on with the match. No “hangover” from the previous point. He’s got this Ability to concentrate for long periods of time Such and keep the intensity high … Sometimes for 3,4,5 hours. Remember the Davis Cup Final Against Radek Stepanek?? Enough said!

    If tennis coaches / etc Federations. want a player to reference, this is the guy. He’s a mortal, Roger and Rafa Operate in a Different atmosphere. Let’s be realistic here, very FEW will ever Reach the heights of Those two guys. I think it’s Easier to Relate to the nuggety Spaniard. He’s not 6’4 with a massive serve. He Does not Have bulging biceps or a forehand like Federer, But he’s a very well-rounded player. Well you might say there’s tons of well-rounded players. Yes, true, But very FEW with the attitude, heart, desire AND wheels of David Ferrer! The Greatest Compliment You Can Pay an athlete is to say they’ve maximized Their Ability and Talent, and Ferrer’ve Done That Better than most!

    Sorry for the peculiar grammar, but it was from translation when I found it. Actually our comms have similar feelings.

  131. Jenny said

    M, I gather Fer has apologised to the tournament and Richard for that bizarre, unsporting behaviour in Nice. Seriously, he was waving his arms awaiting serve, sitting on his chair calling Richard and the French all sorts using expletives. I’m surprised he wasn’t warned as others have been warned for bad language, let alone insults to boot. I know David has had warnings for far less, he never insults anyone other than himself!

  132. Jenny said

    Thank you very much M! I like watching Robert play, but then I enjoy serve/volley. He was very popular here last year, a bit of a showman, the crowd loved it, and I might add, an underchiever!

  133. Jenny said

    M, Apologies, I discovered I hadn’t thanked you for Robbie Kendrick’s interview you posted me some time ago, I do like him, an old fashioned serve/vollyer who imo should have done better. Stuff tends to get buried and I try to keep up to speed. Thanks again.

  134. Dee said

    Dear M,
    I would love to come to states regardless my teeth problem.You would be surprised but from all countries that’s my dream country to visit. Hopefully with all my teeth 😆 My dentist Julie is not bad.Numbness went away but No pain at all.Didn’t bleed much either.I felt a bit weak last night( probably because only had soup) that’s all.

  135. Dee said

    Thanks M.You make me laugh. I am trying to think how I would look without teeth.
    Take care lovely girl

  136. Jenny said

    Right now I’m watching David/Fognini in Sweden. Juanqui should prevail if he’s fit, I won’t underestimate Simon though.

  137. jett09 said

    You’re most welcome M. I thought of you when I posted it 😉

  138. Jenny said

    Hi M, Just to say, I did have one eye on the TV last night too. They were showing a documentary about Robert Ressler, the renowned FBI profiler [now retired] and author, I believe he was a Colonel in the army before he worked for the FBI. An interesting, quiet and gifted family man who coined the phrase ‘serial killer’. It was said last night, [not by Ressler himself] that John Wayne Gacy invited him to witness his execution, Ressler refused, but apparently awoke with breathing difficulties the moment the evil Gacy died. One other ghastly creep who escaped the death penalty, paid him the ‘compliment’ by saying Ressler could ‘see’ things as they saw them.

  139. D.S.G. said

    Hola, M!! When I got home yesterday, on the kitchen counter was a bottle of Powerade Zero. How random is that? It was aqua blue so I am not looking forward to drinking it…but I must. Thanks so much for the advice. I don’t want to shrivel up and die…

    • M said

      LOL, D.S.G.

      If you like, you can put one of the fruit-punch-flavored 4C packets in there to turn it a nice berry-purple. (Or lemonade, if you like it green! 😛 )

      Also, you can do half-and-half with water, and there are also grape, orange, and strawberry flavors.
      (They usually run out of strawberry very fast at my market, though, so I tend to buy them in multiples and store. 🙂 )

      I hope you see this — I don’t see a mailbox for you!

      • D.S.G. said

        M, I went for a couple of days sans electrolyte drink and I became saggy again. Now I’m back on thr juice. It’s funny but I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem avec dehydration in my LIFE !!!

  140. Somebody Else said

    a shout-out to you, Ms. Berry…


  141. Chieko said

    Thank you so much M san. I really enjoyed watching the videos you sent me.

  142. Jenny said

    Have you seen the new photos on David’s site? There’s one with those eyes, and some of today’s match which wasn’t televised.

  143. Jenny said

    You’re welcome, M. I’m sure you know where to find those pics, they’re not on Diary. I’m sorry to hear about your mum, wish her well from me.

  144. jett09 said

    “Jett, I saw on the main USO thread what time you plan to get up.
    That is truly impressive. When AO 09 was happening on your side of the world, I got up at 4:30, but only for Rafa and Fer’s semi, and for the final. There’s no way I would’ve been able to manage that the first week.”

    Lol M, I was very tired at work though, I felt like a walking zombie 😆 not a good idea.

    Wow 4:30!! that is truly impressive too!! I probably would do that too if there’s no work the following day. I will miss Rafa’s match tomorrow coz I will be at work 😦 I’m going to teach Hubby again on how to check the score. Lol the last time I phoned him to ask the score, he went 647 and 466 😕 😆 what the??? I nearly fell off my chair! He’s just not getting it!! 😆 😆 Anyway Vamos Rafa ♥ I’m happy Roger got through 😉

  145. Stella said

    Hi M.
    I found how to get the Photobucket pics in time order and not reversed.
    Bring up your album on the screen. At the top of the page one of the choices is “organise”. Click on that.
    You then get a drop down menu above your pics that says ” sort current album by” and you chose “oldest first “

  146. Stella said

    also on Photobucket if you go to ” My Home” and click on account settings there is an option there that says

    Sort all my NEW albums by Newest upload first
    Oldest upload first
    Alphabetical by filename
    Sort all existing albums this way too.

    I have a password to sign in but it doesn’t seem to need a password for others to see my stuff if I give the url of the slideshow.

  147. chieko said

    Hi M san, so nice for you to spend time visiting me and let me know. I went to 103 of wanna post and somehow did not know where to put guest past word. So I use the word said Password but it did not accept. I am sorry. Thank you the same anyway. Love Chieko

  148. Jenny said

    Thank you SO much, M. We’re all [his registered fans, others too] gutted for him. We have sent him messages of support, lol the boy needs some Trini rum and coke and paella! He looked so upset walking off the court, I hate that. All credit to Fer for fighting back, but I honestly think David ran out of steam in the fourth set.

    A nice quote from Rafa on Tennisdotcom

    “I’m happy for Fernando, but at the same time sorry for David, because he deserved to win, too, no?” Nadal said. In another article, he said they were both great players.

    No false praise there, because it’s absolutely true.

  149. Somebody Else said

    Hi, M! Please forgive me for not replying to your messages in a more timely manner. Sometimes lengthy intervals go by without checking my mailbox, and I almost never spot box messages in the “recent comments” column. But I like getting messages from you, so don’t be deterred or feel discouraged. I’m becoming more involved with the features on this site. 🙂

    Concerning that last post in the chat thread, I just like it when criticism is backed by reasonable argument to support one’s observation. Some people don’t like it when others take a position which is counter to their particular zeal. As we’ve no doubt noticed, it can go both ways. I’ve learned the uselessness of this, as it’s tantamount to “preaching to the choir because there is not a shred of hope of gaining a convert” — not that people’s minds should be changed concerning their appreciation for a player. They like them for a reason, right? Why try to mess with that? (Answer: Ego boost. The player in whom you’re emotionally invested is garnering favor, yippee!!! We’ve come a long way as a species, right?) 😉

    In the case of Arbit’s comment, he offered up some info which was not privy to him alone as a spectator, making me think “You know what, I noticed that too when I was watching. Is something going on there?” I think most players, in one form or another, have “played around” with on-court rules. Not that it’s fair. It isn’t. It shouldn’t go on unless the rules are officially changed. I’m sure Federer (my fave) in his own is no exception, as in the questionable point awarded to him during the first set of the match with Soderling. Fed didn’t argue to replay the point as a gesture of fairness. He took the point. Soderling replied “You want it???” Was Fed at fault for accepting the umpire’s judgment? If Rafa and Toni do have a secret communication going on during a match, how can anyone confirm it as anything other than a nose-pick or a hat adjustment or an arm cross or a hand to chin or whatever? Should all eyes be on them whenever Rafa is facing getting broken, etc.?

  150. Jenny said

    Be good to yourself, M. 🙂

    In the meantime, here’s what’s going on in Marbella.


    The group Global planning and Tennis Club El Casco organize a tennis tournament , which will become one of sports most important and beneficial Marbella year and will take place on the premises of Club de Tenis El Casco days 11 and September 12, 2010. Players Current members of the Davis Cup championship team , Spanish David Ferrer and former World Number 1 Juan Carlos Ferrero will be the highlights of the tournament

  151. Somebody Else said

    I saw the pictures. Thanks for gathering up that visual data. It’s interesting, I don’t often try to experience a tennis match from that position/perspective. I’m usually there, trying to figure a way get a spot in or near the seats behind the baseline somewhere to get a better look at the shotmaking angles. That’s a good series of pics. Makes me think that you could arrange some of them into a “zoopraxiscopic” (kinetoscopic) record of a tennis player’s motion, a la Edweard Muybridge, you know what I mean? And who better than Rafa to serve as a model of tennis physicality? 😉 Come to think of it, Fed would be quite an elegant subject for motion analysis. 💡

  152. Jenny said

    LOL Moving to Valencia, we’ll see about that! 😈 My chariot is awaiting! 🙂

    I’m sure it will be an annual event. Juan Carlos and David are becoming regular entrepreneurs behind the scenes. David also sponsor’s a kids tennis event in Valencia. Love it – this is giving back rather than just taking.

    “For the fifth consecutive year, David sponsor the tennis tournament that bears his name and that will be played in the magnificent facilities Valencia Tennis Club over the next October”

    I didn’t make this public on the main thread, neither do I want it to be, I just mentioned it to our friend Bettyjane who was so kind. We lost our beloved cat, Star, on 5th August with bone cancer, he was only 8, had been slightly unwell for just a short while, and then his elbow swelled up like a golf ball and he couldn’t weight bear, so we had to let him go before waking up after X-Ray and it had spread to his chest. We’re still gutted about the whole situation, nothing could be done. We will rescue another cat, but not emotionally ready yet.

  153. Jenny said

    Thank you so much, M. We’re getting there with the bereavement process, which is normal. My husband and son are tough nuts, but it got to them.

    We are involved with cat rescue societies so we’re okay with that, but thank you for the kind thought. Actually, I went to see a sweetheart of a boy at our vet’s the other week, [he was the victim of an rta, the owner couldn’t afford the fee for his soft palate repair, so the vet did it for free and agreed to find him a home] I know he could have got under our skin and fitted in, but I wasn’t ready. Thank goodness, he has found a new home.

  154. bluechyll said

    Hey M!!
    Thanks so much for directing me to your photos, I haven’t been on much lately so I missed them.

    Really good stuff, with some excellent action shots 🙂

    Makes me want to go back to the AO again! Don’t you just absolutely adore the atmosphere at these big events!! …It must be love 😆

  155. Jenny said

    Hi again Birthday Girl!

    Of course you know why I was laughing at your last pic and also what I think about beautifully fitting bespoke suits. Unlike those efforts in London last year 😈 Imo, the mark of a personally tailored suit on a gent, is how good it looks when on the move and of course the shirt.

  156. Jenny said

    The pleasure was mine, M, I’m so glad you enjoyed them. Btw, I sent Fena a mnessage to his site on behalf of his UK fans, you don’t have to register. David has come on a bundle with his formal wear, the FC Valencia pic is my favourite suit. I would imagine Juan Carlos and Roger could buy ‘off the peg’ at a pinch and get away with it, but I think Rafa and Ferru will need to be properly measured up by a tailor, eg legs not fitting properly, picture the scene 😈 tight trousers flying at half mast and riding up the thigh, not a pretty or elegant sight! LOL I’m sure you’ve seen it on some thigh leg muscled gents.

    I haven’t seen the Rafa jacket you mention, I’ll need to cast my critical eye? 🙂

  157. bluechyll said

    M, no worries at all!!

    Hehe, I’ve been adding to my collection gradually for what must be close to 3 or 4 years now, so I’m glad it’s been able to come of some use! But shhhh…. that’s a secret 😉 😉

    The one of the statue is interesting isn’t is 😀

    Hope those cocktails were extra-special!!

  158. Jenny said

    Dear M,

    Thank you so much for both messages, Hello magazine, eh! I must look it up and check out Rafa’s formal wear.

    I am concerned about Fena, not a good situation. Thank you for the link. Over here we call consultant surgeons ‘Mr’, ‘Mrs’ ‘Miss’, physicians as ‘doctor’. Unfortuately, I don’t know too many Orthopods to converse with, so it’s good to know Fena is in safe hands. LOL Let’s hope he’s an obedient patient and does as he’s told! 🙂

  159. Bettyjane said

    Dearest of M’s,
    Thank you so very much for the well-wishes. They mean alot and I will pass them along to my brother

  160. Jenny said

    Many thanks for the Valencia Open 500 promo with dear Senor Ferrero. It is a beautiful venue. The boys from Valencia are working on their second tourney as co-owners. Murray [def champ], Davydenko, Tsonga, Ferrer and Ferrero and many other fine players have committed, and hopefully the addition of a surprise player! I’d love to know who it could be, still at the negotiation stage I think. David had to withdraw injured after the first round last year, he was upset about that, but was forced to retire on medical advice.

  161. Jenny said

    LOL M, I’m very curious! Not sure about Carlos M or Rafa though. Maybe Nalby? I’ll let you know when it’s official. As you know, Valencia moved to it’s current location last year with higher status when it became hard court and the boys announced co-ownership. I could be wrong, but I think Juan Carlos had business interests before then. Hey, M – save your pennies, indulge yourself and stay in that special hotel, even just for a couple of days, obviously it would be cheaper if you took a friend, single room supplements are awful. Go check out the tariff. Unfortunately, we don’t get to travel outside the UK these days because of our dog who is elderly.

    Have a great day 🙂

  162. xeres said

    Hi M, could you be more specific as to what disease.. Parkinson’s/Alzheimer’s/migraine ?
    It’ll be more helpful if you can let me know.

    You’re so lucky M… you can head to the beautiful St.Patrick’s Cathedral,Manhattan whenever you want 🙂

  163. Jenny said

    Most of this is Zabaleta and Chucho, but near the end is a quick flash of Ferru guarding his modesty with a towel.

  164. jett09 said

    Hi M

    Thanks for answering my query re Roger’s next match, much appreciated 😉 It feels ages since we last saw him. That’s next week right? Can’t wait!

    Anyway I just found this clip. These guys are super cool and gorgeous. And those eyes…

  165. Jenny said


    We’re very excited, we collect our new cat next weekend from breed rescue. He is 6yrs old and is a fawn Oriental Shorthair, a big boy and used to living in. We are calling him ‘Che’.

    • Jenny said

      LOL M, thank you! I thought about the Chi Chi sentiment too! Actually we named him after Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, many of us wore the iconic headstudy t-shirt way back when, it was more of a romantic sentiment rather than a political one. Btw, they are about to get those miners out, isn’t that just great news!

  166. Jenny said

    What a relief for those miners and their families in Chile. I’m so happy for them. I cannot imagine how it must have been for them to be buried alive hundreds of feet down in rock. It puts everything into perspective. I just wish folk didn’t have to do these dangerous jobs. As you know, we’ve had our share of mining disasters, eg Aberfan [1966] when a coal waste mountain collapsed on top of a junior school. It killed 144, 116 of them children.

  167. Bjornino said

    M, I only saw your post at
    now, but I’ve answered you.
    Good post, thanks!

  168. Jenny said

    Hi M

    He’s here! We have called him Teddy which he recognises also, too complicated to explain. He and Rob have formed an alliance already. I guess it’s the long narrow heads and almond eyes! Fantastic cat, absolutely right! So intelligent, it’s scary, and also very dog like.

  169. Jenny said

    Thank you for asking, M. I’ve copied my answer to Bettyjane.

    LOL Hidden!! This boy doesn’t do hiding – he marched out of his basket, explored and familiarised himself within an hour, followed by Rob who couldn’t believe how bold he was! I tend to throw them in at the deep end anyway and I guessed this one could take it and I knew Rob wouldn’t hurt him. The first night, we awoke at dawn to find him sleeping between us IN the bed!! Actually out of our 11 cats, I’ve only had two that initially hid, my late Star and my late semi feral female, but they were the most nervy of all mine. Teddy explored under the bed but didn’t stay there. The only thing, he’s a faddy eater, although I was told he wasn’t fussy, he loves French garlic sausage! Mind you, he tends to graze, a little and often type of guy, so I have to keep his bowls on the work surface because he’d starve to death if Rob had his way!

    He has taken over! Talk about big things coming in little packages! We’re laughing at his string bean tail which goes to a point and carried over his back, unlike regular breeds.

  170. Jenny said

    The Chilean president is in London and has met with our Queen and David Cameron. He brought gifts, some rock from the mine and a copy of I believe, the first note written by one of the guys. He has been made most welcome here.

  171. chieko said

    Dearest M san, I forgot to check my mail until today and was so happy to see you have sent me a video …wow what a treat!! Yes I enjoy this announcer sooo much. He is so enthusiastic. I wish I understand every word but it does not matter what I sort of can guess what he is saying. Thank you again. Please enjoy the last season of our favourite sport … I always read comments from you M san,, please post frequently.. love and regards from Chieko

  172. Jenny said

    It doesn’t look as if Delpo is competing in Valencia as previously stated. It was initially confirmed, but I read on another site, he isn’t competing until 2011, so he can’t be feeling 1005. Apart from the obvious seeds, here are some other players for the 500 event. Juan Carlos must be on his feet, he and David will be holding a tennis clinic for kids in Javea at the weekend.

    1 Clement, Arnaud FRA 62
    2 Giraldo, Santiago COL 67
    3 Kubot, Lukasz POL 65
    4 Granollers, Marcel ESP 66
    5 Cuevas, Pablo URU 71
    6 Falla, Alejandro COL 72
    7 Rochus, Olivier BEL 75
    8 Riba, Pere ESP 80
    9 Andreev, Igor RUS 85
    10 Russell, Michael USA 86
    11 Ramirez Hidalgo, Ruben ESP 87
    12 Przysiezny, Michal POL 90
    13 Gil, Frederico BY 96
    14 (WC)
    15 (WC)
    16 (WC)

  173. Jenny said

    Hi M

    Unfortunately, I don’t think D-Nal is playing Valencia, I’m sure he’s chosen another tourney. David is buzzing around like a bee sorting out and checking the facility and further improvements to the tourney in Valencia. JC and David are determined to make this another successful year for players [they well understand the players needs] and visitors alike.

  174. Jenny said

    I know they are working on free access to the main facilities [if I read David correctly], other than the courts of course. Unlike Wimby where one has to buy a ground pass, or used to, plus the cost of watching a match. I totally approve of this entrepreneur spirit and why I so admire these two guys. Did you know the restaurant is called Maset-Ferrero?! Fabulous building.

    LOL I think if we visited, we might need to dress up and I have some good bling too!

    I’ll keep you updated. 🙂

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