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Wall of Fame.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 15, 2008

This is the list of winners of all the stupid contests that are run on this weird site. Click on the name to view the contest won.

Start date: October 22, 2008.





Rein / Chris




Tennisplanet freaks who have met – in person.


Space for Grand Slam winners – five and more.

-Your name here.

-Your name here.


Space for multiple winners – upto 4. Click the number to view the contest won.

VASSY: 1, 2.

STELLA: 1, 2, 3.

-CH: 1, 2, 3.

-BETTYJANE: 1, 2, 3.

-JENNY: 1, 2.

-CLAIRE: 1, 2.

-BARBARA: 1, 2.


-Your name here.









-Peter Bodo






Somebody Else









Honorable mention (suggested by The Humble One):







John Z


Auxdeuxcharlots, Mary and Gerard





15 Responses to “Wall of Fame.”

  1. Deep South Girl said

    Why is DSG not listed already for the MYRIAD contests I’ve won?

    Just remember to list my name 20 times and all will be forgiven.

  2. Sergeant said


  3. Sergeant said

    I have started leaving comments just recently, but I have been reading this site for a while.

    I believe that the most difficult contest ever won in this site is the following:

    I thought that if we want that TP lists previous winners, then the least we can do is saving him the time of going through this maze and do it ourselves.

  4. bluechyll said

    Is it lame that I actually feel really proud to have my name on here??? 🙂

  5. Barbara said

    What a select company I have found myself in. And the Wall looks so impressive – thank you TP.

  6. Adrian said

    wow! i feel so honored! this is the first time i try and i got it! 100% accuracy rate! jaja can i give a speech? jaja i’ve never won anything! ajjaja

  7. cf said

    hey u know that on the last wall of fame ques, i clicked on the wall of fame link below it and went to another website’s wall of fame?

    the link goes to instead of the tennis planet one…

  8. banti said

    !!! I always get the right answers, just not in time. Cant i get honorable mention or something?

  9. Claire said

    can you tell us what question the person answered to have the honor of being a member on the wall of fame?

  10. Claire said

    T,shouldn’t the grand slam winner have answered 4 questions?
    Anything more than 4 should be the “goat”

  11. Claire said

    Sorry TP, should have known you already thought of it! If you click on the above winner of Wall of Fame, you will find out what question they answered right to have the privilege of being on the “Wall of Fame”.
    I’m so excited that I have finally made it to the Wall of Fame. I really did know the answer without researching! I am interested in the personal lives of those players so I perk up my ears when announcers are telling personal things!! 🙂

  12. Ch said

    Woo hoo!!!!! I don’t believe it, I made it to the hallowed Wall of Fame 😀 Unfortunately I beat the others by 1 minute. Just lucky, I guess. Thanks TP!

  13. veronicaromm said

    How about a sports Wall of Shame?

  14. RaiulBaztepo said

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  15. Alex said

    your are leaving these answers to be approved by you and then revealed days later, right?
    you should!

    cause if not, you take the fun right out …yeah! I said fun

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