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Answer this puzzle correctly for two, OK one pass , to the nearest petting zoo.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 16, 2008

Five heavy set, OK fat men, are travelling in a car to Las Vegas. The car has a flat tire, but none of them seem to notice. How come?

12 Responses to “Answer this puzzle correctly for two, OK one pass , to the nearest petting zoo.”

  1. Sergeant said

    The flat tire is the extra tire?

  2. Sergeant,

    You got it. Will wait to see if anyone else qualifies to go with you to the zoo.

  3. Prasad said

    The flat tire need not be on the tires on 4 wheels that they are riding on. It may be the spare one.

  4. Deep South Girl said

    I agree with Sergeant.

  5. Sergeant said

    😀 Great! I haven’t been to the zoo in more than a year. Thanks for the passes, TP!

  6. TheHumbleOne said

    Is it ’cause of all their cushion, they don’t seem to notice the bumpy ride?

    BTW, I’m quite worried about the one pictured on the far right…!

  7. Dee said

    Have a great time @ the Zoo, Sergeant and DSG!

  8. Dee said

    Is the flat tire in the boot?

  9. Gracie said

    Where DO you get these photos, TP?
    I’d better think twice before I answer the phone next time with: “Hey baby, what’re you wearin’?” If the answer could look like this, I might not want to know! lol.

  10. Jenny said

    lol Gracie, I’ve had those calls too!!!

  11. Sergeant said

    Thank you, Dee. You and everybody have a great weekend.

  12. Sol said

    What’s the answer TP?

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