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Who said this? First with the right answer goes on the Wall Of Fame.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 28, 2008

“All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. I’d give myself almost 10 out of 10.

“This was by far the best and most important match of the week.”

53 Responses to “Who said this? First with the right answer goes on the Wall Of Fame.”

  1. Barbara said

    It was Federer. Easy!

  2. srikandi said


  3. Jennifer said

    Federer said this after this win against Nalbandian in Basel :D.

  4. ladyjulia said

    Roger Federer, after winning ATP Basel 2008.

  5. ails said


  6. Kelly Talcott said

    The Fed. Who else?

  7. Lisa said

    Federer…of course!!!

  8. Michael said

    Andy Roddick

  9. bluechyll said

    It sounds like something Roger Federer would say…
    Maybe after he beat Nalbandian???

  10. Michael said

    Shoulda known better – Federer!!!

  11. Deep South Girl said

    I KNOW this one!!It’s Serena Williams.

  12. bigfish said


  13. TuckerP said

    Easy…Roger Federer…

  14. Claire said

    Roger Federer – TP, I already said this on the site – check it out! I’ll look for me on the wall of fame!!!!!

  15. Claire said

    Look on post of pictures of Federer’s win in Basil, comment #3
    I WIN!

  16. Jennifer said

    Roger Federer said this after his win against Nalbandian in the Basel final.

  17. Tony said

    Roger federer

    post-interview after winning the swiss indoor finals in basel

  18. GG said


  19. Claire said

    TP, BTW Nalbandian said Federer wasn’t perfect,, he missed a point!! L8R.

  20. Schop said

    Roger Federer!

  21. Angie said


  22. June said

    I think this is said by Roger Federer after his match against David Nalbandian in Basel.

  23. Jennifer said

    Roger Federer said this after his win over Nalbandian in Basel.

  24. isabelle said

    Federer Basel after his win over Nalbandian last Sunday

  25. Ch said

    I’m almost certain it’s Roger… Federer hahaha

  26. TheHumbleOne said

    😦 */#$%*(!!~+<?*!! 😦

  27. TheHumbleOne said

    Actually, I know this one: that was THE MOST MODEST & HUMBLE Roger Federer on his way to winning his hometown Basel tournament last week! Way to go, Rog.

    BTW, who else’s picture is up on your wall TP?

  28. Barbara said

    Federer, after beating Nalbandian, Basel final. It is my second response!

  29. Sol said

    Roger, at the final in Basel. He was asked how much he’d give himself for his performance on a scale of 10 and he said that since he won, he would give himself 10.

  30. krumplicukor said

    Federer after the match with Nalby in Basel.

  31. Barbara said

    Federer, after beating Nalbandian in Basel final. I really want to be on the Wall Of Fame. It will be the highlight of my CV!

  32. cf said


  33. Dorota said


  34. kevin said

    Murray :p

  35. Jimmy_Jump said

    It’s the mighty Federer!

  36. padmini said

    roger federer

  37. Bento said


  38. serene said

    It’s Roger Federer after his Basel finals with David Nalbandian

  39. Rollin said

    Federer at Davidoff Indoors, aka Basel.

  40. Anonymous said

    its Roger Federer

  41. arbit said

    this has to be Fed!

  42. ricke said

    That would be the “Mighty Fed” after he beat Nalbandian in Basel.

  43. m said

    “All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place”
    This sounds like Roger, but the rest of it doesn’t.
    Are you playing with us, TP?

  44. Jill said


  45. Dom Guy said

    Roger Federer.

  46. Claire said

    I’m MAD at you!!! I said this First. I said it way back when Federer won at Basil!!! These people probably got it right cuz they remembered what I said on the pictures post (after Federer won at Basil)
    I want to be on “The Wall of Fame”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Kimmi said

    federer who sounds like serena

  48. Deep South Girl said

    Barbara–just go ahead and add it to your c.v.–nobody will know.


  49. TheHumbleOne said

    All: Sorry about the profanity– You can take me off the Wall of Fame & put me up on the Wall of Shame. 😦

  50. ET said


  51. Deep South Girl said

    Humble–you’d better watch your LANGUAGE!!!

  52. GG said

    what hall of fame are you guys talking about? i have no clue…lol

  53. Stroopwaffle said

    THO-always looking forward to your comments… maybe I’ll see you at the next tennis tournament if you identify yourself with a TP tshirt. Hey TP, do you think we can have a gathering of fellow TP bloggers?

    Hey Humble One, perhaps many of us, including tennis celebrities will recognize you if you identify yourself as The Humble One.

    🙂 Love your comments.

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