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Who is this? First correct answer = Wall Of Fame (WOF) listing.

Posted by tennisplanet on November 5, 2008


65 Responses to “Who is this? First correct answer = Wall Of Fame (WOF) listing.”

  1. stella said


  2. Adrian said


  3. BHARA99 said

    greg rusedski?

  4. talented27 said

    Greg Rusedski

  5. Ch said

    Andy Roddick?

  6. rogermustwin said

    Greg Rusedski

  7. bigfish said

    Lefty!! Greg Rudsedski?? or Serena Williams.. 🙂

  8. Jenny said

    lol Grass, Stella Artois [Queens]? or it could be Halle or Nottingham. Don’t recognise the legs or the head, in other words, I haven’t a clue!

  9. MGO said

    Greg Rusedski!!

  10. M&M said

    that is the one and only Greg Rusedski right??? tell me i got it right!!!!!!

  11. Bjornino said

    Greg Rusedski.

  12. raf said

    Greg Rusedski

  13. Deep South Girl said

    Damyrch, Simon, or Gulbis?

  14. Banti said

    Hrbaty.. ?Not clear on phone…

  15. chieko said

    Jenny san you are so funny!!

  16. Jenny said

    On second thoughts… could it be Tommy Robredo?

  17. TuckerP said

    I don’t know…Greg Rudeski?

  18. Rock said

    Andy Murray ?

  19. Oneinall6 said

    Greg Rusedski??

  20. Anant said

    Goran Ivanisevic

  21. m said

    Iker Casillas.


    But I think Jenny’s right.
    (Which means she gets Wall of Fame instead of me. Gosh darn Daylight Savings Time.)

  22. serene said

    Andy Roddick?

  23. Barbara said

    I think it is Queens and the guy is left handed -Lopez?

  24. Dalia said

    hey tp how about a hint??!!!

  25. Dee said

    Is that Greg Rusedski?

  26. Roddick's Girl (aka Fatma) said

    Andy Murray ?

  27. cheesycheesecake said

    it’s andy roddick.

  28. ClayBuster said

    This is in Queens, 2006 I think – and indeed, it’s Tommy Robredo.

  29. ScotsLady said

    Radek Stepanek? Looks like something he would do.

  30. Logansan said

    Looks like Rudsedski.

  31. Kitu said

    greg rudeski

  32. lucy said

    is it greg rusedski?

  33. jennifur said

    It’s Mahut?

  34. jennifur said

    no, rudeski?

  35. Dragan said

    Greg Rusedski?

  36. Rock said

    Ok, second and last chance. Greg Rusedski ?

  37. carolpatricio said

    Philipp Kohlschreiber?!

  38. carolpatricio said

    i’ll try Rusedski, but I don’t think it’s him..

  39. cms said


  40. TheHumbleOne said

    Wow, toughy…
    I WOULD have said Serena, but I think she prefers wearing a bit more of a “masculine” outfit, showing off her muscular-build, biceps, etc..
    Nahhhh, WTH, go with my first instinct: SERENA WILLIAMS

  41. stella said

    so who is it TP. Please tell us

  42. imaginaryband said


  43. Deep South Girl said

    Dear Humble:

    You are BAD!!!!!

    (but you really make me laugh)

  44. Fedrinka said

    ain’t that Greg Rusedski !????

  45. TuckerP said

    Hey! Where’s my post?

  46. JennyL said

    greg rusedski

  47. JZ said

    Bob Bryan – too close to the net and fell over to the otehr side…

  48. stella said

    on second thoughts Roddick

  49. lucy said

    it’s greg rusedski isn’t it?

  50. Jennifer said

    Okay, so this is a random guess. Nicholas Mahut? I vaguely remember seeing a video of this on YouTube or whatnot.

  51. Jennifer said

    I take it back. My answer is completely wrong! I took a closer look at his face; no way that is Nicholas Mahut. So my next guess is John McEnroe. It kinda looks like him (another random guess). The picture might not be old enough though. Hmmm…

  52. Roger Federer said

    that’s non other than Greg Rusedski

  53. Ryan said

    Greg Rusedski

  54. Arjun said

    damn… i forgot about the WOF question.. ofcourse its greg rusedski..
    TP, when is the next question????
    when is the next question????
    when is the next question????
    when is the next question????

  55. Stroopwaffle said

    It’s Greg Rusedski! BUT, not too fast!!! Knowing TP might switch things around and make this trickier, I’m sure TP is all too clever to REVERSE the image to make us believe that this is a left handed player when actually it’s a right handed player. I’m sure TP is snickering with his GOATS pointing at all of our attempts.

    So, my dear TP, these photos are of (drum roll…) Tim Henman, 2006, Stella Artois, in practice. In fact, he’s practicing how to fall over a net…just in case. Needed to practice more so he can fall a bit more gracefully just for the ladies or gentlemen (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

    Oooh, TP…you’re so sneaky.

  56. Adrian said

    yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! I WON!!! jaja i feel so honored to now be part of such “elite” group! love you guys! and TP, you really know how to build a community… you are awesome.

  57. Bento said

    Douche Tsonga.

  58. Anonymous said

    I definitely know who this is! It’s Sarah Palin. She enjoys tumbling,doggone it!

  59. TheHumbleOne said

    I am very impressed by all those Rusedski answers—
    but I think Adrian got it right first, no?
    May I be the first to offer my most respectful congratulations to you, Adrian! Will look on with envy & amazement at your plaque on the Wall…

  60. Sergeant said

    Well done Adrian, and everybody else who got this one. I did not recognize Rusedski when I saw the pictures.

  61. Jenny said

    Hey Adrian – Congratuations!

  62. Dee said

    No way,When I posted my answer it didn’t have any comments. So I expect my name ( if it’s the correct answer) On that wall.

  63. Dee said

    along with who ever posted after 8pm Nov 5th – next day(Till the hour TP started posting.)

  64. Deep South Girl said

    Know ye all people by these presents that Deep South Girl KNOWS that she has been run over by all attempts to silence her.

    My point is this:

    Who do you think is “Anonymous # 58”?

    “It is I,” said the spider.

  65. Deep South Girl said


    Here I am!!

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