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Federer-Blake exho report from C. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on November 18, 2008


Just thought of sharing with everyone that Federer’s exho was a blast. I was one of the many thousands who manage to catch him with Blake, Borg and McE at Kuala Lumpur stop. He was much more animated compared to last year’s exho against Sampras. He was goofing around with the balls and attempting cricket as well. Spectators were with oooo and aaahs on his shot makings and antics. He acknowledges the crowd when one of the spectators scream ‘Roger I Love You’ while Blake was serving. He got a winning point after that LOL. McE was the darling of the crowd with his ‘tantrums’, racquet throwing and disputing line calls. Blake was smiling a lot and Borg….well he is still the Ice-Man after so many years leaving the prof tour. I would think Borg would try to do something goofy…nah, it won’t be Borg.

I am one of the many who thinks Federer should stop playing exho if he wants to break more records and getting back his No1 ranking. After seeing him playing against Blake and teaming up with Borg for doubles, you can actually see genuine smile him face. It’s almost satisfaction and happiness to be on court with 2 great tennis legends playing tennis. I concluded that his love for the game coupled by thoughts of promoting tennis for masses is probably one of the reasons why he is keen to play exho. Sometimes it clouds his judgement that his body needs rest and regroup for next year, I really feel like smashing his head with wok for this. Thank god he won’t be playing any exho for 2009. Perhaps Mirka might have already used the wok.

During 2 months break, I will replay all my dvds of Federer’s match coz this is a good as it gets and there is no one like him. Until next November, I am considering if I should risk my poor ears by watching Shrieking Sharapova playing exho in Kuala Lumpur. She doesn’t shrieks while playing exho does she?

14 Responses to “Federer-Blake exho report from C. Thanks.”

  1. Sergeant said

    Very nice report, C. Tank you.

  2. Sarah said

    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like everyone had a good time!

  3. C said

    Its a pity I am not able to share any pictures, too busy watching the match. Good thing TP manage to get hold of some nice pictures. He

  4. Jenny said

    C, I posted appreciation on the previous thread – thanks again.

  5. Dee said

    Great! Thanks for giving us details.
    Sharapova ? not shrieking? Just stay home.On the other hand she might get in to the groove and do Djokovic!

  6. Deep South Girl said

    C, how lucky you are to have seen this! I would LOVE to see Federer playing and smiling!I know I sound like a broken record—but-what would life be without Federer and Nadal???

  7. bigfish said

    Thank you for the report C.

  8. ricke said

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. C said

    I wouldn’t be able share this if it wasn’t for TP coming up with this site to express his love-hate relationship with Federer/Tennis/Politics/Other Issues he has underneath his basement. TP, you are one in a million just like Federer, visiting your site has become my daily ritual.

    I forgot to mention I was also at Federer’s fan meeting session earlier. My office is located inside Twin Towers. Honestly Federer looked like he just got out of bed, grab the nearest t-shirt he can find and whoosh off to meet his fans. Sorry guys didn’t queue up and catch him close up coz tummy tookover my willpower

  10. cf said

    yeah thanks for that great report C!!
    the exo was quite awesome right??-especially the doubles match with roger and borg, blake and mcenroe..
    i was laughing almost the whole time!!!

    dont you think it is a bit weird that roger got a flat plate for winning the singles match and blake got a trophy?? borg lost the match and He got a flat plate and mcenroe got the trophy…
    I thought the winners should get the trophy not a flat plate like roger did…
    never mind no one probably understands what i just typed..

  11. Sol said

    “I really feel like smashing his head with wok for this”… LOL.

    Thanks for the report C

  12. chieko said

    Thank you so very much C. I share the same sentiment about him should rest but ..ok. no more exos Federer san.

  13. C said

    CF, I think to organisers got it wrong. Plate is normally for r/up. But nothing worse then ‘sleeping’ umpire if you get I what mean.

  14. Claire said

    I saw an interview with Federer on tennis channel and Federer said he likes to sleep in.

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