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Fed , Blake, Borg, McEnroe exho highlights. From Dee. Good work. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on November 19, 2008

Fed , Blake, Borg, Mcenroe ( This one is something)


7 Responses to “Fed , Blake, Borg, McEnroe exho highlights. From Dee. Good work. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    Many thanks, Dee.

  2. stella said

    that was great. Thanks Dee

  3. Deep South Girl said

    Thanks so much, Dee—I really enjoyed this!

  4. imaginaryband said


  5. ricke said

    Wow, what fun to watch. Too bad Tennis Channel, ESPN didn’t cover it. What a surprise….NOT!!!

  6. chieko said

    Thank you so much !!

  7. Deep South Girl said

    I saw the doubles match last nite on Tennis Channel…I wish they had presented all the matches because the one I saw was full of really good shots and lots of laughter. I adore seeing Federer smile and laugh during his games.

    Gosh! It was great seeing Borg and McEnroe again. I always enjoy McEnroe’s commentary. He has mellowed so much and seems like a lot of fun.But when he was playing the circuit he was a real Tasmanian Devil (but very entertaining even then).
    I hope to see more of Bjorn Borg…it was so nice seeing him at Wimbledon. I love his cool demeanor.

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