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Who is this player? First correct answer = Wall of Fame listing. And it’s not Federer. Geeezzzz!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on November 19, 2008

In 2008, asked tennis analysts, writers, and former players to build the perfect open era player. ‘Blank’ was the only player mentioned in five categories — defense, footwork, intangibles, fitness and mental toughness — with his mental game and footwork singled-out as the best in open era history.

78 Responses to “Who is this player? First correct answer = Wall of Fame listing. And it’s not Federer. Geeezzzz!!!!”

  1. Claire said

    Has to be Roger Federer, right?? Who else could it possibly be?? 🙂 🙂

  2. Jenny said

    If it isn’t Roger. Rafa Nadal?

  3. ails said

    federer, I think…

  4. Anonymous said

    nadal…but it shud be roger

  5. vassy said

    It could be Bjorn Borg…

  6. Claire said

    borg – I found the article – so there TP!!!! 🙂
    I’m sure I wouldn’t make the “Wall of Fame” list but I know I’m right!

  7. ricke said


  8. Mordecai said

    Marat Safin 😆 wall of fame here I come!

  9. jennifur said


    TP said it’s “NOT” federer.

  10. jennifur said

    but geeeeezzzzzz tp do u ever give the answers to these things? be nice to know you know.

  11. Deep South Girl said


  12. clifford said


  13. Bjornino said

    Rafael Nadal.

  14. boxingary said

    TP wrote:

    “‘Blank’ was the only player mentioned in five categories — defense, footwork, intangibles, and mental toughness”


    Not sure which player, but thanks for letting us all know
    that the 1980s Washington-based power-pop band
    FOUR OUT OF FIVE DOCTORS has reconstituted under the name

    Or, if you prefer my sans-smartass version,
    Uhhhhh…..WHAT’S THE FIFTH CATEGORY, TP?…………. :->

  15. Ch said

    Um, I am guessing Agassi or Connors. But I didn’t even watch tennis when they played much. 😦 yeah, wild guess.

  16. Ch said

    Wait, no! Borg. probably Borg. Okay my three answers probably won’t count

  17. Rock said

    Bjorn Borg ?

  18. claire said

    I said this before but I don’t see my post in “comment awaiting approval” or something like that.
    Anyway, the answer is Borg
    I found the article TP – so there – but finding the answer probably makes me about the last one with the correct answer,right?

  19. Dragan said


  20. Blake said

    Rod laver?

    Or connors/agassi

  21. Blake said

    maybe lendl 😉

  22. Blake said

    Ok ok fine, it’s Bjorn Borg.

    even if i don’t agree!!

  23. Louise said

    andy murray

  24. C said

    Rod Laver or maybe Pete Sampras, Nadal could be in the category as well.

  25. bunnee said


  26. Blue said

    Bjorn Borg:)

  27. TheHumbleOne said

    Long shot here, but how ’bout…
    …Guillermo Coria?

  28. Shantal said


  29. Kathleen said

    Without a doubt it can only be Rafael Nadal.

  30. Kathleen said

    If it wasn’t Nadal then it had to be Borg.

  31. felix said


  32. Dalia said


  33. DK said


  34. imaginaryband said

    Nadal – in 2008, it’s got to be!

  35. Michael said

    It’s the One-and-only Ice-Borg!!!

  36. Raj said

    If it is not Federer it must be Rafa!

  37. aey said

    Roger , Roger , and Roger

  38. tokikot said

    serena williams. 🙂

  39. lucy said

    since the article states it wasn’t Federer i’m guessing Sampras or Borg

  40. HOOPLA said


  41. Logansan said

    Michael Chang

  42. Deep South Girl said

    No, It’s Ivan Lendl

  43. Steph said

    Steffi or Venus…or, was this supposed to be a dude?

  44. banti said


  45. mateo said

    Donknow, guessing MCenroe?

  46. ladyjulia said

    Bjorn Borg.

  47. Stella said

    has to be Borg

  48. djul said


  49. ScotsLady said

    Bet you it was Nadal – though it should be Federer!! 🙂

  50. Veglia said


  51. Tommy said

    No, not Laver?

  52. Claire said


    I found the article when I googled -“perfect open era tennis player”! They are defense,footwork,intangibles,physical fitness and mental toughness!

    TP, I better be on “Wall of Fame” for this one!! Looks like I was the 1st one plus I knew to 5th category!!!

    Of course I don’t agree with article – it should be Federer!

  53. Carolee said


  54. haha said

    I bet it is Bjorn Borg!

  55. YY said

    It is Bjorn Borg… duh!!!!!

  56. cms said

    Well, if it’s not Federer, it must be Nadal.

    (though really, I disagree with the constant pundit reference to his great fitness — yes, he can run a court down like no one else, but he is injured a LOT. That’s a fitness weakness, not strength.)

  57. Missy said


  58. clay said


  59. jennifur said

    holy crow what a bunch of federer cronies at this site…he shud hv y’all working for him.

    anyhow, it wasn’t borg, the answer is BORG!! TP you’re busted….i googled the freaking answer. so put me on the wall of fame pretty plllllleeeeeeeezzzzze?

    ” In 2008, asked tennis analysts, writers, and former players to build the perfect Open era player. Borg was the only player mentioned in all five categories — defense, footwork, intangibles, physical fitness, and mental toughness — with his mental game and footwork singled-out as the best in Open era history.”

  60. jennifur said

    blah! i meant it wasn’t connors (my first guess)….it WAS BORG.

  61. ET said

    Borg…or is it Jesus (seriously, did that guy ever pick up racquet? he may have been good) Anyway, Borg is a poohead!

  62. Kathleen said

    My first thought was that it had to be Nadal. He certainly fits the bill. If it isn’t him then it has to be Borg.

  63. Dee said

    Bjorn Borg

  64. coolio said

    Are you all dense? TP already said the player in question is not Federer. Sounds Nadal to me.

  65. Michael said

    Am I right or am I right?

  66. Kris said

    The Answer : Borg.

    This was published on JUly 2008.

    This is also before Federer won US OPen 2008.

    I think, Now it is Federer.

  67. Kris said

    If borg is mentally tough, Why he left playing tennis at the age of 26.
    He lacks one of the five. Means we cannot consider him as the Greatest.

  68. Blue said

    Hey TP, when will we know the result?

  69. Stella said

    i still think its Borg

  70. Deep South Girl said

    It is that cheesy Sarah Palin–and did you see her promo on t.v. which took place on a chicken (or turkey) slaughter house??Who the hell is her p.r. person? I’d get rid of that p.r. person. But she should have had enough common sense to know that wasn’t a very good idea.

  71. banti said

    Claire you missed it by 5 min:( Sorry about that…

  72. claire said

    #59 Jennifur,

    Boy, we are getting really picky about our answer. Sorry I didn’t type the capital “B”. Oh well, guess I would have lost if I was the 1st person! 😦

  73. chieko said

    I thought it should be either Federer san or Nadal san. But now I know it is him. Too bad.

  74. Just Me said

    Nastase Nasty

  75. TheHumbleOne said

    The ONE PLAYER who fits that description is:

    Jimmy Bjorn MacFederer

  76. Deep South Girl said

    Or, as he receives his mail

    Mr J.B. McFederer,Jnr

  77. Claire said

    I didn’t realize how close I was!! 😦
    Next time I’ll have my computer wiz son there with his laptop to look up the answer or I may actually know the answer my self.
    The wonderful clerk at the post office wouldn’t look a zip code I didn’t have so she was gonna make me go back to the end of very long line (and use their postal zip code book)! I told her my son could look it up himself quickly – she didn’t believe me. Before I turned to leave, my son had the zip code sooo he is really quick on that computer!!

  78. Claire said

    #5 Vassy – “It could be Borg” !! I said it WAS Borg!!!
    O.K, I’ll stop being a pain about wanting my name (and face if you could) on the wall of fame!
    Vassy, taking nothing from you – you got it, just being silly,
    congradulations 🙂

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