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Who’s the guy with his hand on Nadal? First correct answer = Wall of Fame listing.

Posted by tennisplanet on November 22, 2008

79 Responses to “Who’s the guy with his hand on Nadal? First correct answer = Wall of Fame listing.”

  1. banti said

    antonio banderas

  2. banti said

    I better be on this wall:(

  3. Sam said

    Federer, with pony tail hair!

  4. Jenny said

    Feliciano Lopez?

  5. srikandi said

    Antonio Banderas?

  6. peony said

    Antonio Banderas, I believe 🙂

  7. Stella said

    Malisse ?

  8. cms said

    F-Lo. This one is too easy, esp after today.

  9. Stella said

    or Robredo perhaps?

  10. Claire said

    Emillio Sanchez Vicario?

  11. RafaGirl21 said

    Antonio Banderas

  12. sonya said

    antonio banderas.

  13. Tony said

    Antonio Banderas!!!

  14. Raphael said

    Antonio Banderas

  15. Kitu said

    Antonio Banderas (sp)

  16. vassy said

    maybe Feliciano Lopez

  17. Martine said

    Antonio Banderas

  18. kaka-fabregas said

    its antonio banderas

  19. Bjornino said

    Carlos Moya

  20. Miffy said

    Feliciano Lopez?

  21. Dina said

    Antonio Banderas?

  22. TuckerP said

    Lol, that’s Antonio Banderas…at first I thought it looked like Lopez, but no-Lopez shaves his arms…

  23. pachango said

    Antonio Banderas

  24. Chris Robert said


  25. tokikot said

    antonio banderas. 🙂

  26. Deep South Girl said

    I’ve got this one! It’s Feliciano Lopez

  27. rasberry said

    antonio banderas

  28. mas said

    Antonio Banderas

  29. bluechyll said

    Is it that Diego Hartfield guy? 🙂

  30. Schop said

    TP, this was an easy one: the other guy is ANTONIO BANDERAS!!!

  31. khai said

    Antonio Banderas?

  32. Ch said

    Federer????? in the long hair days

    Or, Antonio Banderas. I think he was at RG once.

  33. Rollin said

    Antonio Banderas. Do i finally win?

  34. zihwye said

    ROGER –cough– FEDERER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  35. Dalia said

    Antonio Banderas…dead sure!!! plz let me be 1st

  36. tee said

    hi is antonio banderas

  37. Samael said

    Antonio Banderas

  38. Anonymous said

    Antonio Banderas

  39. lucy said

    antonio banderas

  40. Roger Federer said

    Antonio Banderas.

  41. Marley said

    Antonio Banderas

  42. Michael said

    Roger Federer!!!

  43. Lolita said

    Antonio Banderas at the FO.

  44. halimzin said

    it’s antonio banderas.

  45. aey said


  46. Lola said

    Antonio Banderas, clearly.

  47. Roddick's Girl (aka Fatma) said

    Antonio Banderas

  48. Roddick's Girl (aka Fatma) said

    isn’t it Antonio Banderas ?

  49. @ndy said


  50. oneinall6 said

    It’s Federer.

  51. clifford said

    antonio banderas!

  52. Shades of Grey said


  53. Scotslady said

    Dr Jekyl?

  54. HOOPLA said


  55. ails said

    carlos moya?

  56. Serran said

    Federer… yeah , I know, same as always… just gimme a break, will ya?

  57. agile said

    Gaston Gaudio

  58. Susan Florence said

    It looks like Feliciano Lopez

  59. Flamestodust said

    it’s Antonio Banderas. I’ve seen the clip on youtube 🙂

  60. Just Me said

    That would be Roger before haircut:)

  61. Veglia said

    antonio banderas

  62. djul said

    Antonio Banderas

  63. Steph said

    Looks like Antonio Banderas. I believe he is from Spain.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  64. Kristian said

    Antonio Banderas!?

  65. Nadia said

    The Raja!!!

  66. ricke said


  67. katya said


  68. m said

    That’s Antonio Banderas.

  69. Blake said

    antonio banderas, at the french open.

  70. Chris said


  71. Andy said

    Antonio Banderas

  72. banti said

    na na na na na na na nana
    na na na na nana
    gettin jiggy wit it

  73. Deep South Girl said

    Lopez shaves his ARMS?????

    How do you all know this? ….I mean knowing it’s Antonio Banderas?
    I LOVE him!

  74. TuckerP said

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure Lopez gets a regular Brazilian wax.

  75. chieko said

    It is Banderas san.

  76. bigfish said

    Congrat Banti!!

  77. Deep South Girl said

    Umm…Tucker, I take it you know what a brazilian wax is???
    SURELY, you don’t mean Lopez subjects himself to THAT!!

  78. Deep South Girl said

    Banti—I am THRILLED for you. Isn’t this a fun site? I am so grateful to TP for going to all this work to make such a great site. Hey! Maybe he (or she) has an office full of little workers who carry the load while he traipses the world taking beautiful, stunning photos.

    TP would you give a teeny hint once a week about yourself?

  79. Deep South Girl said

    TP—I think it’s high time you put Banti on the Wall of Fame.
    Oh, is he already on there?

    Great win Banti!!

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