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Posted by tennisplanet on November 23, 2008


Ok Blake. Fair is fair.
I’ll tell you more about me (or just the less boring parts) and you tell me an embarassing story about yourself. Deal? :)

I’m 28, live in Switzerland, grew up in the Middle East, travel alot but don’t see alot (work), talk 7 languages and am a complete control freak (can fly planes but can’t stand being in one, you know). Contrary to popular belief (or swedish belief), have never dated anyone who likes Fed or who cares enough about tennis to have an opinion. I myself got interested in tennis only 3+ years ago. Saw Roddick play and thought he looked goofy. Then saw Fed and I was hooked. Didn’t even know he was Swiss until I heard him speak swiss-german on the news. I have two brothers, called George and Michael (no kidding). Love dogs, hate cats.

Ok, when you start talking about cats and dogs, that’s when you know you have to stop. So that’s basically it.

So are you one of those snow globes collectors? You should come to Switzerland, those little things are everywhere.


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  1. Deep South Girl said

    Hey Sol!–I’m so glad you now have a mail box.Please write about yourself.—I always look forward to your posts.

  2. Jenny said

    Hi Sol,

    I thought this clip might amuse you! What a hoot!

    • Somebody Else said

      Hahahaha, the cat’s out of the bag! Sharapova! haha

      I think he forgot to mention ketchup when explaining his spaghetti prep. 😉

  3. Jenny said

    Hi Sol, I thought you would approve and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I bet he understands more than he lets on! We all got together and presented him with a tribute video from some of his registered fans earlier this year, it’s on YouTube. Despite all his bluster and temper on court, he really is very gentle and shy, cultured, a sweet generous guy with humility. LOL I’ve never received a reply from him, no matter, the point is, he writes and gives of himself to his fans, but he does have problems with heavy written English!

  4. Jenny said

    LOL Sol, Sharapova? No way! – if he of all people meant that, no disrespect to Maria, but I’d be seriously falling off my sofa or choking on my coffee! He has never given me the impression of being the ‘trophy’ escort type. No, I think this was the first thing that rolled off his tongue and a bid to move on, a bit like the Tursunov invite. Yes, that would be a good and interesting dinner party, maybe we could crash it?!

  5. Jenny said

    LOL She looked nothing like Maria, small, dark, understated. Here’s the vid link. [You Tube] Para Nuestro Campeon…David Ferrer.

    Lol I know nothing about Tursunov, David’s never mentioned him. He trained with Marat in Valencia, so that would figure, and he is great friends with Juan Carlos. They all regard Moya as a ‘father’ figure. I would imagine that dinner party would be quite ‘heady’, deep, a bit avante garde in the broader sense, fun too!

  6. Jenny said

    As promised. Click on the right arrow, there’s a good write up on all of the guys. Comments are good too.

  7. Jenny said

    You’re welcome. I like Feli’s game, but I don’t warm to him so much either, he’s has an impeccable demeanour though. Actually I don’t mind metrosexual. David’s playing on Tues, Centre court, 3pm CET. That should be noisy and he can be very explosive! I must check out Basel to see what Gonzo’s up to. I expected Roger to come through, unfortunately I couldn’t see any of it today. I have the week off, that’s the good thing about being part-time, I can indulge!

  8. Jenny said

    In case you didn’t get a chance to see it.

  9. Jenny said

    As you can guess, I too was/am a Freddie fan, I actually cried when he died, but then I like passionate intensity anyway, in tennis, the great actors/singers, the deep stuff. LOL For goodness sake I listen to Wagner!

  10. Jenny said

    Hi Sol

    Did you see this one – I think parts of it will make you laugh. Enjoy your day in Bssel!

  11. Jenny said

    Hi Sol

    Hope you had a good time in Basel too.

  12. Jenny said

    Hi again Sol,

    I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself. I will be rooting for Youzhny, again because I prefer his game. Have you seen him play? That backhand is to die for, he’s a sweetie too. Fer got himself into a funk, he was perfectly capable of pulling it off.

  13. Jenny said

    Did you check out the lastest vid I sent you, play it through!!

  14. Jenny said

    Glad you liked it, Sol. Jelena was flirting with him too! As you know, I’m an animal lover and to me there’s something very special when a man reacts so tenderly, especially with wild animals, he was actually communicating with that cub on a deep level without being sickly gooey. Gonz is the same. LOL Dr. Doolittles, that comes from within and not staged posing, as far as he was concerned those cameras weren’t there.. Roger and David, special guys, mutual respect too. I first saw Roger at Wimbledon, in 2001, I was there, and when he won that title first time, I spotted his inner qualities then. I guess we all see different things in people.

  15. monique said

    FYI…..Andy is staying with Lacoste after all……they love each other.Moving to Babolat was only a rumor.

  16. Jenny said

    Here you go, another! The previous I posted kept freezing when I replayed it.

  17. Jenny said

    Glad you enjoyed them, Sol. I could never disagree about Ferru and Tommy being class acts, I like sophisticated. Tommy’s calm on the court of course, whereas Ferru can explode like Vesuvius with his self berating artistic temperament, it’s almost like watching a Shakespearian tragedy on the court! Olivier performing Henry V?! LOL I know what you mean about Feli, ‘precious’ lol that would be about right!! His mannerisms make me smile though, and I do enjoy his s/v tennis. I hope your day goes well. I felt for Roger last night, btw, but he gets another chance.

  18. Jenny said

    Go to David’s site, the Davis Cup page – you’ll see the Radek hug pic there.

  19. Jenny said

    Sol, they are there, but not on Mi Diario where you have been looking. Go into Mi Diario, cursor down to the bottom right of the page to get the menu, then choose Davis Cup among other threads, voila! You will also see vids too. He always opens that Diary thread, I know about the Diary discussions, he’s just very comfortable and not above actually addresssing his fans like a friend, as you gather he’s a foodie too, the thing he allows fans to ‘touch’ him. Too busy celebrating to write now I suspect, can you imagine how that lot will feel in the morning!!

  20. Jenny said

    Thank YOU for the prompt re new message, Sol. I’m surprised he wrote so soon and dedicating a bit of the Cup to us fans too. LOL He sure is addictive, and so natural with it, that’s the ‘problem’. He would hate to be regarded as ‘dangerous’, but it’s all there. Glad you found everything.

  21. Jenny said

    Hi Sol,

    David’s last message from the other night, you may have read it. I always like to believe if you give love, you get it back.. As you might say, addictive.

    ‘I’m still reading and I’m amazed at your posts. Greetings to all, we have some interviews now, and live TV appearances. Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you enjoyed this Davis Cup Take care’

  22. Jenny said

    Ferru has been awarded a gold medal for sportsmanship in Valencia, Juan Carlos got his some years ago. Go to Ferru’s site.

  23. Jenny said

    LOL Sol, I know about that incident. I know exactly what he said too! This was around the time he was having problems of the heart, it was a horrible time for him and everything just built up inside. He apologised to us, and to just about everyone after it, he felt terrible and was very upset.. So glad it only made you mad for a short time, Sol, as you know it can happen to anyone.

    Yes JC is from Valencia, he has his academy there. Ferru was born in Javea, the Alicante region on the Costa Blanca, he lives in Valencia.

  24. Jenny said

    Sol, Did you get to see that match? Ferru was down two sets to Nishikori a good player who was on a bit of a roll. After the outburst he started fighting back, levelled the match, got it to 5 sets. Nishikori started cramping in his leg, med time and cream applied, [see new rules about cramping] and he went on to win. Ferru should have won that match really, he beat himself, Nishikori was knocked out easily in straights by Del Potro in the next round. At the time he was ranked in the 60’s, he’s now ranked #420 which says a lot.

    Btw, LOL I think the lady umpire had a bit of a snigger on the side!

  25. Jenny said

    It was truly Shakespearean wasn’t it! Whilst I was very upset for him because he was so frustrated with himself, because he is a perfectionist and nothing but his best will do, I did find it very funny too! I tried to find the thread for you, but his 2008 diary has been removed, they just show the current year.. However, just from recall, he basically said how sorry he was that he lost his temper in frustration, he didn’t mean to offend anyone and basically asked our forgiveness. Big man to do that, I admire that quality in a person. We all posted supportive messages at the time, poor ‘old’ sausage, but as far as I was concerned there was nothing to forgive. I understand the warning, although as you say he didn’t swear at anyone in person, he was addressing an invisible force, I can’t even remember him smashing a racquet! I’ve never heard him swear directly to anyone on the courts, ever. He also gave credit to Kei after the match, but then he always credits his opponents win or lose. You do know he holds Roger in high esteem and he said it gave him great joy when Roger won the French, despite coveting that title himself. If he says something like that, you can take it to the bank.

    Nice pictures of the gold medal presentation in his lovely suit on the Davis Cup thread. He’s on his cloud right now and we love it!

    Have a great day.

  26. Jenny said

    Hi Sol,

    In answer to your question – I’m not sure, obviously I’ve seen Su-Bo, but not too much. LOL I’m going to watch a programme about her at 21.30 tonight! I’ll get back to you!

  27. Jenny said

    I’m back, Sol! It was a good show, Susan performed a number of songs, one being with Elaine Page ‘I Know Him So Well’ from Chess, and the cast of Les Miserables were there too.. She loves Donny Osmond who surprised her with a big bouquet of flowers in an hotel room, it was really nice. Of course Simon was part of it. An inspirational story at 47yrs old and now apparently a big hit in America where some of the ladies presented her with a beautiful hand made quilt.

    Ferru’s been interacting with his fans again! This weekend he’s been devoting time to helping Downs Syndrome kids with their tennis, I think he’s been involved with that cause for some time. He lost to Almagro in the exo in Bilbao. LOL I don’t know how he’s managing to stand up!

    • Jenny said

      PS. I think Susan was discovered on X Factor but with obvious raw talent, you should see some of the ‘rejects’ trying to make a name for themselves in the auditions which are televised, it’s just like bad Karaoke, absolutely hilarious and embarrassing, I don’t know why they put themselves through it! They really think they have talent until Simon brings them back down to reality. Simon is tough straight talker who won’t take BS, but there is a kindness about him. Obviously Simon is marketing her now and she is recording on his label. The show didn’t really talk about her previous ‘lonely’ life, apparently she lived with her mum and cat. I think the lonely spinster image has been somewhat exaggerated, she didn’t live in the middle of nowhere and a friend said she was very much part of the local community.

  28. Stella said

    can I add my thoughts on this. I believe she was discovered on a regional round of ” Britains got Talent ” and there are various youtube videos of the programe. The judges were rude and dismissive as she was chubby, bushy hair and eyebrows , and dreadful dress. Then she opened her mouth and sang ” I dreamed a dream” and they were amazed. I believe she made a CD a long time ago and sold a few copies, but sang in her local pub and church. Her You tube video of the show had several million hits in a few days and her picture was in the UK papers and on TV for several weeks till a lot of people got fed up. British people like to say that a British person is successful but they don’t like it if a person gets too famous as they then “want to take them down a peg or two” . At that stage it seemed that people started to criticise her with such remarks that she’d changed because she had new clothes or had had her eyebrows thinned etc. She had a breakdown after the finals of the show and seems to be having difficulty coping with the superstar status. Her original comment was that she entered the show because she just wanted to have a chance to sing in public.

  29. Jenny said

    Here is another vid, ‘Britain’s Got Talent, a previous series. I thought he was great too. Paul actually won the final whereas Susan was beaten by a group called Diversity. I hope you enjoy it!

  30. Stella said

    Sol. I think her background is genuine. While I’m not sure about the “incredulous” reactions of the judges — because someone connected to the programme must have heard her to allow her to go on stage in front of the 3 judges — it is possible that it was the first time the 3 main judges had heard her.

  31. Jenny said

    I don’t often watch these shows, so I didn’t see Connie, but I know she didn’t reach the final. The song is ‘Over the Rainbow’ from the Wizard of Oz. Apparently Paul Potts is a success which is good, great voice.

  32. Jenny said

    Just to update you, Sol. Ferru’s off to Kiev, no idea why or when, I think it’s before 2010, but he plans to do a tennis ‘clinic’ there with Downs Syndrome kids if I’ve read it correctly.

  33. Jenny said

    LOL Sol! Not a bad dream subject, no!. As long as you’re not driving at the time! Go to the site, the photo thread, more new drool fest pics. There’s also a new vid of the DC celebrations which feature him. If you need help finding it, let me know.

  34. Jenny said

    Compliments of the Season, Sol! I should have posted this to you as well as M, sorry about that. Enjoy!

  35. Jenny said

    Just ask for cooking tips any time, Sol. I’m just a plain cook really, but I haven’t had any complaints so far. You cook deserts?!

    Glad you enjoyed the vid. Ferru went to Kiev to play for charity with Tommy on 21 Dec, Downs Assoc I think. Kournakova and Azarenka were there and other male Russian players. Yes, Ferru’s smile is lovely, lol Rafa bites, Ferru kisses!

  36. Jenny said

    Hi Sol!

    I’m here! On Fromsport – Didn’t sub to Sky for this. Ferru looking good thus far. I’m surprised he chose to play.

  37. Jenny said

    Yess! What a good match! Did you see it all, Sol!

  38. Jenny said

    Back to mundane chores now, get properly dressed, I did have the strong coffee and a butter croissant though, but as a Ferru fan, I couldn’t miss that one, even if I was in my nightie and fleece gown. It’s so cold here.

    Have a good day, Sol.

  39. Bjornino said

    Hello Miss Sunshine,
    Next time let me know BEFORE you come to Sweden 😉
    I don’t live in Malmö, but who knows, maybe I would have popped by had I known.. I was in the country that weekend ^^
    I wrote you a longer answer in the Fed-Sister-Marriage-thread but it diappeared..well well.. Looking forward to you picking me up in the Mini-Cooper at Gare de Cornavin 🙂

  40. Bjornino said

    Hun, I meant I was in SWEDEN 🙂 “the country of Sweden ^^ – The Kingdom”. But no, I am not a member of the Swedish Royal Family, thank God 😉
    I think it’s cute that u have a Mini-Cooper ^^
    Regarding Malmö: I’ve worked there and it’s ok, but imho both Göteborg and Stockholm are much more beautiful cities. I am curious about your impressions of Malmö and Sweden, except that it’s darn cold (this past December was unusually cold though!), so U’ll have to tell me more while we do sightseeing in your Cooper 😛

  41. Jenny said

    Hi Sol! I couldn’t get to work this morning, the snow hit us during the night and even worse outside London, people have been trapped in their cars all night on some motorways. I live on hills and my bus was cancelled, a little too far to walk, and I wouldn’t take the car. My husband had to cancel his appointments so we’ve been in all day. I’m hardy, but it is grim here, the worst for 30yrs apparently. lol and they talk about mild winters and global warming!

    • Jenny said

      PS. Ferru is in line for Valencian Athlete of the Decade award, his nearest rival is JC, but David is well ahead in the poll. I voted of course! Go to the Fan Zone on the site if you want to check it out.

  42. Jenny said

    Hi Sol, Honestly, the UK falls down every time when it comes to snow, it’s embarrassing. I’m sure you don’t have such problems in Switzerland! They haven’t even gritted or salted our hill road! Folk are buying cat litter, all I can say is, there had better be some available for it’s true purpose when I need it or I’ll be spitting nails! No falling snow at the moment, more expected, nice and sunny now in London, but freezing. A colleague picked me up at 8am, so I managed to get some hours in. You should see me in my green heavy duty wellies, snug hat, socks, not a pretty sight! I’m sure footed, but not when it comes to snow and ice!

  43. Bjornino said

    Hello Miss Sunshine,

    Sorry for the delayed answer but have been knocked out by the flu and still had to travel for work this weekend :-/

    Thank u for the offer, but no thank you, I prefer to go by bike&train 😉

    I am sure there are lots of women who wanna buy it from u.
    Looking forward to your SEAT-pickup!

    So – how are we gonna do this, are we gonna post precise time/place/date here and then just describe ourselves?
    That would be like something out of a spy thriller. And maybe there will be TP paparazzis around to watch us then 😉

    Well, I know PARTS of CH well (Graubünden/Ticino/Zürich), but for Geneva I’ll let u be in charge. I’ll show you some nice spots when you come to visit me in Lugano though ^^

    I live in Sweden now, but I work a lot in Germany this year. Work is fine (except the flu).
    And no, I won’t give you a “pice” of info just yet – for now I remain Mr Secretive. I’ll tell you all when we meet 😉

    /B. Lawrence 😉

  44. Jenny said

    Hi Sol,

    It certainly looks like a recent picture on his front page, I would call that acqua blue/turquoise? Having said that, I don’t know what he’s going to be wearing. In Auckland he was wearing a dark blue number apparently with an orange trim, white shorts, but dark isn’t so good in the heat. He practices sleeveless.

  45. Jenny said

    Btw, are you going to be watching on Eurosport and are you getting some time off or you won’t cope.

  46. Jenny said

    I’m luckier, I only work 16 hours a week now. I get masses of annual leave and because I’ve been there over 10 years, full timers get an extra week per 5 years, so mine is pro rata. Yes, I’ve legally booked annual leave, which is 8 days, I don’t work Fridays. I won’t watch all the matches unless they interest me and I may have to find a stream for others.

    Good luck with it. I’m sure you will find a way to get some tennis in, I hope so.

  47. Jenny said

    Sol, go read my mailbox, I’m sure Joolz won’t mind!

  48. Jenny said

    I knew David and JC had donated. I posted the news here.

    Ferru plays the beach exo event in Spain every year, I’ll try and find a reference for you. They construct a court and stands on the beach, the sand is very flat and compacted by the tides.

    Watching Feli now on Channelsurfing. Rest day for Ferru.

  49. jett09 said

    Hi Sol, this is for you, just in case you haven’t seen Roger’s interview in the studio after his win at the AO.

  50. Bjornino said

    I’ve been away for a while…lots of work and travels… But tonight I am dropping by to send a Valentine’s Gruss&Kuss to Miss Sunshine 😉 Hope all is well with you.

    /Your Heisse Schoko-date from Schwedenland

  51. Jenny said

    Sol, Mi Diario, scroll down to bottom right, see menu….go to other materials, you will see Buenos Aires 2010, they are there…..

  52. Jenny said

    LOL! Sol, Sounds like you have been lured into his web too!

  53. Bjornino said

    You’re so verlockend, Sol 😉
    I suggest we start with getting ourselves up on TP’s “List of TP cheap lazy freaking freaks who managed to meet – personally.”
    And then – when and if we marry – we’ll have to invite TP and his goats.
    I think I’ll be in Switzerland in March… Still cold enough for Heisse Schoko then? ^^

  54. Jenny said

    Hi Sol!

    Guess who won the trophy in Acapulco!! I watched it all through ’till 6am here! I’m sure the pics will be coming to Ferru’s site and I’m hoping TP will post here too.

  55. Jenny said

    My husband likes Ferru so he got up and watched it with me, we went back to bed after the match. It was a great match, my kind of tennis, and played in great spirit. Those two didn’t really need an umpire, they trusted each other on calls.

  56. Jenny said

    Sol, When I said I agreed with Stan’s penalty point, I may have worded my response badly and obviously I wouldn’t want to offend you, but to say I agreed with you on this one. To be absolutely truthful, I didn’t see the discussion with the umpire, just the chair and broken racquet and why I asked if Costa had involved himself. It is very unlike David to instigate and get involved, he knows from bitter expertience about a player’s frustration and he is a kind, fair guy.

  57. M said

    Hey, Sol (I’m sending this note to Jenny too; I wanted advice from both you refined ladies) –

    I wanted to know if you thought this was a good idea or whether you thought it might be a little too ostentatious (even for tennis fans) to be so.

    As some of the principal wine-making regions in Chile have sustained significant trauma in the wake of the earthquake, it turns out the online seller has partnered with selected Chilean winemakers in a fundraising attempt to allay some of the damage.

    For every case of Chilean wine from a specific group that’s purchased, they’ll donate $100 to two national Chilean charities doing earthquake relief work till March 31st.

    I figured if some tennis fans were going to be throwing IW- and Miami- watching parties and ordering cases of wine to entertain friends in any event, they might as well have this as an option as they make their choices.

    (The direct link follows, or you can go to the banner at the top of the page at wine (dot) com. )

    What do you all think?

  58. M said

    Thank you, Sol!

    I’ve ordered myself from previously, and asked a friend who lives in Argentina to double-check on the charities. I read this this morning and per your suggestion have also asked another friend who works in wine and hospitality and knows the company to keep an eye on the money’s trajectory.

    >>Unfortunately, they don’t ship to anywhere else but the States.
    This is the point at which I *facepalm*. Seems strange for an international effort but sometimes we don’t think things through beyond our borders in the States, I think.
    I added a note about this in comments in TP’s post when he put it up, and thank you for reminding me I need to call their CS today to find out if they’ve made arrangements with international distributors. Their brick-and-mortar stores are in Berkeley, CA and East Hampton, CT, so I don’t think these are the types of guys who are *not* sensitive to public opinion.

    >>I don’t know what you do in life
    I may PM/mailbox you about that at some point.

    >>but I salute you my friend ; )

  59. M said

    Sol, I’m putting the original article from La Vanguardia here in your mailbox in the next reply (so the link should be there once clearing moderation).

    Rafa seems his usual diplomatic and somewhat oblique self, saying his body is telling him after MC he must rest.

    • M said

    • M said

      “I just think that players shouldn’t be made holier than saints.”
      Well, I certainly hope I’m not — and I don’t think I am — doing that.

      And again, I’ve seen, in person, people change almost from one personality to another.

      And again, it seems his own mom has witnessed something similar.

      And again, I’m sure you saw him say “Sorry for today” to Fer on the podium.

      “but to say he felt uneasy afterwards is too much. Just mho.”
      Like I said, I’ll try to find the source for you, if you like.

    • M said

      Sol, I’m well aware what your comment is in response to. (I’m wondering if I didn’t make that clear, because all my points are in direct response to *your* response.)
      And I’m well aware that the bite his trademark.

      “Rafa didn’t want to bite the trophy but was forced to do so by the press”

      I also didn’t say he was forced to do so, but that he was coaxed to do so. I know you work with words professionally, and like to think you’d agree the nuance — and an accurate quote, if you’re going to quote — is important.

      And I’ll reiterate — for a third time — that I’ll attempt to find the original source for you if you like.

      (It really seems like you believe I’m interpreting what I saw, rather than reporting what I’d heard.)

      “Anyway, I don’t mean to ruin this moment for Rafa fans”

      I’m not really sure what that’s supposed to mean.
      But if you believe a change of subject is in order, I’m sure it is. After all, no one’s world is going to change because it happened, is it? 🙂

  60. M said

    I wasn’t taking it personally at all till it went here

    “I just think that players shouldn’t be made holier than saints”

    — at which point I will admit I was, somewhat taken aback.
    (And at which point I’m wondering, if someone threw something like that at you in one of your discussions of Roger, whether you’d take it personally as well – or whether you’re so serene you just habitually rise above that sort of thing. 🙂 )

    I’m also still wondering why you chose to go there

    “I just think that players shouldn’t be made holier than saints”

    and disregard – which, strangely (and also surprisingly) you seem to be continuing to do – everything I said about the *event itself*, as opposed to (over?)interpreting fans’ reactions to peoples’ characters.

    (I will reiterate for the fourth time that I’ll attempt to find the original source, although I do find it – intriguing – that in all you’ve said, you haven’t asserted directly that it didn’t happen.

    It’s hard to tell what they’re saying in the video of the ceremony; the audio isn’t good, but if you’re going to continue to be, however obliquely, that adamant about it …)

    “I don’t feel strongly about anything we’re talking about here”

    You’ll forgive me if I tilt my head a little here. Insistence on replies – and, IIRC, yours was the first response; you didn’t *have* to say *anything* if you purportedly ‘don’t feel that strongly about it’ – tend to indicate someone’s taking something more seriously than not.

    “What’s the weather like in NY today?”

    Lovely spring day, the set of which I’d generally say won’t last long till it’s around 90, but in these days of global warming and volcanic ash, who knows …? 🙂

    And what’s it like where you are? What kind of static are you getting from the travel disruptions?

  61. M said

    “Don’t let anyone intimidate you.”

    I’d like to think that’s good advice for anyone.

    Sorry about Roger today – I got a quick furtive look at the second set, and he seemed to be struggling – but happy for you since you seem to be happy Ernests did well and seems to be living up to his potential.

    • M said

      Interesting read of the situation.

      Particularly given that the statement/action I’m guessing your parsing was actually a *response* to a statement attempting to restrict someone’s prowess to a particular surface, and said response was not only supported by other people, but intended to show that anyone can be called by any name without that person’s prowess being so restricted.

      And I thought the response to the resulting flounce was interesting. A lot to be said for numbers and longevity — irrespective of how mean-spirited an initial statement one makes, and how a situation might have *actually* fallen out, one can still be defended — by people who weren’t even in the conversation! — if one is packing certain things, I guess.

      • M said

        “you are parsing”
        *sigh* Long day. Already.

        Never let it be said I don’t own up to a mistake, though.

      • M said

        “I have no interest in having this little quarrel with you”

        Then I’m not sure why you would *instigate* one with a statement that was, by your own admission, clearly directed at more than one person, however obliquely.

        Enjoy the matches and your day.

      • M said

        To get plain about it, it was directed *to* Claire (“Don’t let anyone intimidate you”) and *at* me, since my remark – in response to hers, I’ll reiterate yet again – was apparently the first rock in the seemingly tragic avalanche that ultimately caused her to flounce (and everyone in response to ask her to return).

        And I find it somewhat disingenuous that you’d say “I don’t know what you’re talking about” to dimiss what I said – since you clearly knew enough to
        1) make a remark like “don’t let anyone intimidate you” in the first place and
        2) describe in your followup remarks to me in my box why you’d said it (“I do, however, feel for people who don’t dare speak their minds because other people have stronger characters. And I dislike that, whether it was intentional or not, and I’m sure it wasn’t”)

        Have a nice evening, then.

      • M said

        “Obviously I know what the whole issue is about”
        “So the “disingenuous” remark on your part is a little “meh”.”

        Everyone’s entitled to his/her opinion, of course.
        Personally, I’d be a little concerned about the juxtaposition of those two statements, if I made them both about the same subject, on a public board. Of course, YMMV.

        “I have no interest in having this little quarrel with you”

        Funny. In light of that statement, with all these subsequent comments of yours, you seem awfully invested in
        1) trying to put me in whatever you perceive as my place – especially as you finally admit half your comments were in fact directed *at* me, and
        2) having the “last word”.

        Again, have a nice evening.

      • M said

        I also notice you seem to have done very little review to determine whether what you *thought* happened is actually what did happen in the first place.

        (Especially since I did note the remark you admit to taking out of context was a *response* to the first person’s abrasive comment. You know, the person you felt was being so unjustly “intimidated”?)

        But I guess what actually did happen is irrelevant if you feel it’s your place to obliquely chide someone.

    • Blake said

      Haha, damn… I missed this little gem of a fight? awww 😦

  62. chieko said

    Hello Sol san I just want to say hi to you. Please post a lot. Chieko

  63. Claire said

    Hi Sol,

    I apologize for getting involved in your original conversation with M. That was wrong of me and won’t do it again!
    I really got carried away, you knew when to stop posting on the subject, I didn’t!

    Guess we need to accept people as they are and not end up looking foolish (me)!

    I’m real excited about watching Nadal/Gulbis match. If Gulbis wins, WOW what an upset that would me! At least I have a feeling it will be an exciting match. My impression of Gulbis is he doesn’t get intimidated by the player across the net!


  64. chieko said

    Thank you Sol san for visiting my mailbox. I am very happy that you did that. Please post a lot really. I think it is good to communicate. I always find your posting very interesting indeed/ see you soon Sol san.

    Love from Chieko

  65. Blake said

    Is Sol short for Solara? 🙂

    • bluechyll said

      Or perhaps Soleil? 🙂

    • Sol said

      Lol, Blake. “Solara” ?? Is that even a real name?

      It’s actually closer to what Bluechyll said. It just means sun in spanish. Someone gave me that nickname when I lived in Spain. It’s a very cheesy story so I’m not going to embarass myself by telling it. My real name is too boring.

      How come you have no mailbox Blake? I didn’t know where to answer you. Don’t know if you’re going to read this.

      • Blake said

        Hehe hey sunshine 🙂 (it’s my english twist on the spanish twist). Sorry, no mailbox here but I was going to come back n check so feel free to holler on here? Thought it kinda worked like a facebook wall until I noticed the lack of responses from you to everyone else, lol.

        Feel free to enlighten me on your ‘cheesy’ story anytime… You realise for someone living in Perth, Western Australia – hearing about a person getting a spanish nickname – any spanish nickname – while they were living in spain – sounds about as exotic as it can get 😛

      • Sol said

        Yeah, I’m not sure it’s that interesting. Wouldn’t want you to get your hopes up and then be really disppointed with my lame story.
        Let’s just say it involves an ex-boyfriend wanting to be romantic and failing. In public. Made alot of people laugh and the nickname stuck with me.

        Perth – now THAT sounds exotic.
        Hope you’re not too much of a soccer fan, Blake. Just saw the score of yesterday’s match and looks like the socceroos are not going to win the World Cup this year 🙂

      • RafaFan said

        “Let’s just say it involves an ex-boyfriend wanting to be romantic and failing. In public. Made a lot of people laugh and the nickname stuck with me.”

        Huh, it didn’t work for him! Poor guy! I know how it feels! You are so cruel! Your nickname could be as well as “El Atardecer” o “Sol Apagado”! Geeeeezzzzz!

        Could you please be more precise about the meaning of “wanted to be romantic”? Circumstances? He?

      • Tweedle-Dum said

        Yeah, Sol….come on…tell us the story!! It does sound wonderfully exotic. Spain….ahhhhhhhh.

      • Blake said

        Haha, see! Everyone wants to hear about it now… c’mon Solster 😉

        As for the Socceroos, yeah… it’s looking pretty grim 😉 But the only time I ever jumped on the soccer bandwagon was last world cup when Australia actually qualified for the first time in a gazillion years… So not too affected 😉

        Out of curiosity, does everyone know everyone elses ages around here? Not sure what sort of community posts we’ve had before… think I need to read the ‘about you’ page or something, but just curious – i’m 27.

      • Sol said

        Lol, and they say women love gossip. Looks like men are just as bad, huh? 😉 (Tweedle-Dum, I’m assuming you’re a man)

        About the story, the poor man has been humiliated enough, but use your imagination, guys: there were people, there was a mike, there was music…

        RafaFan, let’s just say my ex’s nickname is now “jilipollas”, so “Sol” is pretty ok, you know? 😉

        Blake, I never wrote about myself on the “about you” page. But I’ve read it once and it’s crazy how different we all are here on TP. You should write about yourself.

      • Blake said

        Ok Sol, I’ve taken on the challenge and written about myself on the ‘about you’ page… I think it’s your turn to do the same 😉

  66. RafaFan said

    Sol, “jilipollas”? The urban dictionary says for “jilipollas”: “a Spanish insult meaning one who suck ones penis after anal sex.” In public with a Mike! Disgusting! What a jerk! Sorry Sol I have not enough imagination on how your nickname relates to this mess. Sol is a very beautiful name! Hey you are the only lawyer I admire. If I’m in trouble I’ll call you! 😉

    • Sol said

      OMG! You’re kidding! Everyone uses it in Spain, to say jerk or moron, it’s not that much of a vulgar insult and it sure has nothing to do with, you know, weird sexual activities.
      Lol, ok so forget about the jilipollas with a mike (should’ve known it has something to do with penis considering the ending of that word). Yikes.

  67. Jenny said

    Hi Sol,

    I haven’t cooked crumble for years, but willing to have a try with your effort, it’s a good choice for desert. What are you serving for the main course? Dry, eh? Try using a little more butter like Lurpak or it’s equivalent [it’s less salty than some ‘yellow’ brands] in the crumble mix or it could become dry in cooking and taste ‘floury’ and powdery dry, not pleasant! Make sure your fruit has the right amount of sugar and is properly cooked. If you’re using apple adding the odd clove is good, Rhubarb is good with ginger, but be careful with both of these additions and not overwhelm the taste of the fruit, subtle is the key. Crumble is old fashioned, traditional – I think it’s best with old fashioned custard – get the ready made and heat it up, you can add extra double cream and pretend it’s all your own work! You don’t want to be worrying about calories here!

    Good Luck – let me know!

    • Jenny said

      Sol – Best to use cooking apples like Bramleys, not the sweet desert variety, you get more juice when they’re cooked and are a better flavour, albeit they can be a little tart. You will need sugar for them.

  68. Jenny said

    It shouldn’t be greasy, you won’t be going berserk with the butter, the acid in the apples will cut that, more so with green cooking apples. Good thought, lighter main course and heavier desert, that’s the route I take. LOL If they’re still hungry afer the first course, fill ’em up with desert.

    Enjoy and have a nice evening!

  69. Jenny said

    Hi Sol

    How did the dinner and desert turn out? Successful crumble?

  70. Jenny said

    You’re welcome, Sol. I’m so pleased. LOL cooking apples and more butter from now on.

  71. Jenny said

    Hi Sol,

    Thanks for sharing. I don’t follow Twitter and tend to stick with David’s site player-wise. As you know he posts and shares there too, but always in Spanish and sometimes ‘lost in translation’ can be hilarious as you can imagine! David will readily admit his English is not the best and he is rather shy and understated and probably why he doesn’t Twitter. I agree about Feli, always had a soft spot for him. Unfortunately, there are always folks out there who are ready to put a player down rightly or wrongly, and I admire his honesty to reply, as I do with other players who are willing to share with fans. I’m registered on Roger’s site, read but rarely post.

    • Jenny said

      I agree with you, I think privacy is a luxury too, but I think some of these guys love to socialise and strut their stuff in cyberspace. LOL I can just imagine Fer, no real surprise there! LOL Tipsy being a diva – hire a cab, boy, or share with Novak if they’re at the same hotel! I might just have a peek!

      Thanks again!

  72. Jenny said

    You requested more Ferru vids, Sol – Did you see this one? What a natural charmer, eh?! Apparently he’s been practicing with Juan Monaco in New York.

  73. Jenny said

    You’re welcome, Sol. No news from David thus far. That was a tough loss mentally and physically. Knowing him though, forever the warrior, a great and committed player who genuinely cares about his fans, he’s probably chilling out and taking a well deserved rest with his family. Now back in the top 10, so a real positive. He’s competing in Kuala Lumpur with no points to defend.

    • Jenny said

      Sol, David has since written, go to his site. He’s been a busy bee since getting home, I knew about the exo in Marbella, but the Asian swing and Valencia are uppermost in his thoughts now. No mention of his defeat in NY which is good, imo.

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