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Here’s the next contest. First correct answer = Wall of Fame listing.

Posted by tennisplanet on November 26, 2008

It’s two-part question:

1. Who (ATP) won 27 titles in one year – an open era record – combination of both singles and doubles titles?

2. How many singles and how many doubles?

So your answer will look like this:

1. Del Potro.

2. 12 singles and 15 doubles.

Geeeezzzz. Now remember the day care center will be serving sweets to all toddlers on Thanksgiving.

30 Responses to “Here’s the next contest. First correct answer = Wall of Fame listing.”

  1. King said

    1. Rafael Nadal
    2.23 singles 4 doubles

  2. dk said

    Hmm… Martina Navratilova has won 32 titles in 1983 (16 singles/ 16 doubles/ plus who knows how many mixed doubles…) Were you asking about men?

  3. Adrian said

    I thought Martina Navratilova had the record winning 16 singles and 13 doubles for a total of 29 titles in 1983.

  4. Werni said

    1. John McEnroe in 1979

    2. 10 singles and 17 doubles

  5. Blake said

    John McEnroe

    10 Singles. 17 Doubles.

  6. Claudio Noguera said

    John McEnroe won 26 titles in 1979. 10 singles, 16 doubles.

    I’ll keep looking.

  7. Claudio Noguera said

    mmm I see somewhere that McEnroe won 17 doubles titles in 1979, but only 16 appear in the ATP website

  8. Deep South Girl said

    I think this one is WAAAAAAAAAAY too difficult, TP

  9. Stella said

    1983 16 singles 11 doubles

  10. Just Me said

    1. Del Potro.

    2. 12 singles and 15 doubles.

    3. I can’t be wrong this time.

  11. ricke said

    1. McEnroe, John

    2. McEnroe won 10 singles and 17 doubles titles

  12. Ch said


    10 singles, 17 doubles

  13. djb said

    1. John McEnroe
    2. 10 Singles and 17 Doubles

    I believe this took place in 1979

  14. Roger Federer said

    You are asking about men only, right ?

    Because Martina Navratilova won 29 titles (singles + doubles) twice, in 1982 and 1983.

  15. Stella said

    That Martina I suggested in my earlier post was of course Navratilova and not the later version of “Martina “Hingis

  16. claire said

    I’m with you Deep South Girl – I gave up looking for the answer!

  17. claire said

    Not Del Potro – only has around 8 career titles!

  18. claire said

    Oops, Just Me, I see where you got your answer, TP’s example! Ha Ha 🙂

  19. bluechyll said

    I believe it was:

    1. John McEnroe
    2. 10 singles and 17 doubles

  20. Blake said

    man, wtf? I posted my response ages ago and it still hasn’t come up, yet 8 others that weren’t there before have???

    ripped off.

    for the second and final time, it’s johnny mac with 10 singles, 17 doubles.

  21. Michael said

    1. Todd Woodbridge.
    2. 27 Doubles and 0 Singles.

  22. JT said

    John McEnroe in 1979

    12 singles (10 listed by the ATP and two invitational)
    15 doubles

  23. JT said

    Actually, I just checked and there seems to be a discrepancy. He may have won 17 doubles that year so 27 are listed by the ATP. So he actually won 29 titles: 12 singles and 17 doubles

  24. zihwye said

    Heh i think the Rafa answer is correct?
    Cuz TP said, 27 titles (therefore, martina navratilova won too many to be the answer for this qn)?

  25. Stella said

    Mc Enroe
    10 singles 17 doubles

  26. bunnee said

    1. McEnroe
    2. 10 singles and 17 doubles

  27. djb said

    It was John McEnroe in 1979.

    10 Singles Titles
    17 Doubles Titles

  28. Deep South Girl said

    Hey Blake (#20)–TP has taunted me the same way (Actually I think he just took time off for Thanksgiving holiday—-assuming he’s American)

  29. Blake said

    Haha, thnx DSG 😉

  30. Deep South Girl said

    You are as welcome as the Flowers in May–as my Mother used to say. May she R.I.P.

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