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Posted by tennisplanet on November 28, 2008


If we are posting puppy pics now, I can’t hold back!

Here is my little one, Nina. She spends most of her day relaxing:

Hi TP, I tried to post this a little while ago, but it was swallowed. I was wondering if you could update my Mail Box Bio with the following:

Hi everyone,
My name is Lucy and I live in Australia.
I’m 18 years old, and I have red hair and green eyes.
I first took an interest in tennis during the Australian Open 2005, 5 years ago, when I saw Roger playing and it was love at first sight!
Since then I have followed the sport avidly and also learnt to play myself.
My favourite players are Roger Federer, Andy Roddick, Gael Monfils, Jelena Dokic, and Maria Sharapova.
I will be attending my first ever tennis tournament in January, when me and my family go to the Australian Open in Melbourne, and I’m soooo excited!!
Besides tennis, my other interests include playing the piano, music, photography, shopping, and browsing Tennis Planet.
This year is my final year of school, so lots of hard work ahead of me. My subjects include Advanced English, Ancient History, Biology, Music and Maths.
Movies – Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lion King, Pineapple Express, The Wizard of Oz, and Howl’s Moving Castle.
Musicians/Composers – James Blunt, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and Debussy.
TV shows – 24, Desperate Housewives, Black Books, Green Wing, Seinfeld, Fawlty Towers, Prison Break, The Thin Blue Line, and Modern Family.
Books – Harry Potter, Twilight, Little Women, The Tomorrow Series, and anything by Roald Dahl.
Okay, I think that’s enough about me. Thanks for reading!


35 Responses to “bluechyll.”

  1. Deep South Girl said

    Dear Bluechyll–
    Interesting name….what could it signify??
    Thanks so much for telling a bit about yourself—I love hearing about the folks who watch this website. What do you want to be when you finish college, or whatever. When I was your age I wanted to be a stewardess with Pan Am as I love to TRAVEL and I thought the Pan Am stewardesses were the most sophisticated. But it never happened. I am much better now-as I turned out. What are your favorite subjects in school? Do you like to read?
    Do you think a liberal arts education is the best background for whatever becomes your life’s work?I like James Blunt–LOVE Johnny Depp—-BTW have you seen the English series “Extras”? Well. if you like James Blunt, Orlando what’s his name, Daniel Radcliffe, etc., etc., atc. you MUST watch “Extras.” The main character id Ricky Gervais , who. IMHO is one of the funniest guys around.

  2. Claire said


    Congratulations on receiving a “mail box” 🙂

  3. Dalia said

    Welcome Bluechyll!!! its nice to have u here..u’r gonna love it and its also nice to have someone so close to my age!! hehe so have u thought about colleges yet???
    feel free to ask anything 🙂

  4. Dee said

    Hi, You will enjoy this site. I am from Melbourne. Do you have fox sports channels? They show almost every ATP match. I go to Koonung and aus open too. Nice to have you here. I love Federer too.

  5. Dee said

    Hi, I know what you mean about Fox sports. So, where do you live? I heard that they reduce air line ticket prices significantly just to survive. My husband wants to go to Alice springs. But it’s so busy. My son’s starting high school next year and tomorrow going there for his orientation. You should know the feeling. he keeps telling ‘I only have one more week of primary school’.

  6. bluechyll said

    Correction to my little bio at the top there…

    I’m 17 now, not 16 🙂

    oh, and my new favourite female player is Jelena Dokic :]

  7. Anonymous said

    Well, that’s a mystery solved! I pictured a slim Smurf looking person when I saw your name! Now I can erase that.
    My mom’s name is Lucy.
    I just finished a wondeful book “Cutting for Stone.”

  8. Dalia said

    Hey Bluechyll!! i was just reading through old posts and what u left on my maibox..just wanted to check how is everything going at school…ur piano..:D:D

  9. Dee said

    I am so so so so sorry! I haven’t check my mailbox for a while.How many people are in your family?I am going there on the 20th and 23rd.Let me know.We are planning to get ground passes and go there as well.I am so sorry again.I’ll be checking my mailbox everyday. Lets arrange something together. My email is

  10. Dee said

    I wrote you a reply and it went to moderation because I gave you my email. Please let me know when you arriving if possible I can pick you guys up from the airpot. Pl, keep in touch.

  11. Dee said

    There are so many.Philip Island is about 2 hrs drive. you can watch penguin parade.
    Rialto tower- In the city.It’s a beautiful view.
    There is a free tram service from city to Melbourne park.
    Docklands- Very relaxing- Still in the city.Nice restaurants.
    There is a Casino-I haven’t been there,but everyone says that they serve good food.
    St.Kilda beach.
    Great ocean drive- Beautiful drive near the beach.may be an hour.
    I can go on. Even the city it self an adventure- China town – many Chinese restaurants.
    Victoria market
    If you are in to shopping- Smith st-has many brand outlets- Nike, Adidas, Converse,etc
    Are you going to a specific arena? If not I can get a ground pass for night session for show courts. I would love to say Hello.Send me an email so I can give you my phone number

  12. jett09 said

    Hi Bluechyll thank you so much. Not sure how to reply though. Am I supposed to reply to your mailbox or here? Sorry

    I just realised that my reply should be here!! duh! Thanks again Bluechyll!

  13. Dee said

    Hi Lucy, Of course it’s OK.Family time is so precious.Enjoy your time.Last year in January we were at my brother’s wedding, so I missed it.I will be at Kooyong tomorrow watching AAMI Classics. Well, Hope you enjoy your time.Melbourne is a very nice place.Have a safe trip.You can call me if you have time.Have fun!

  14. Dalia said

    Hey Lucy…i’m so sorry for the late reply :s..
    I was packed at University and my finals,, i’m on my winter beak now and all is well…
    YEPPIII for ur A thats amazing,,my dad always wanted to me to play the piano but playin in the swimming team didnt give me the chance..i might learn how to play the piano when i’m done with college,,may be who knows,,,
    Besides i bet u r watchin AO live :P..lucky u,,i havent been able to watch any of Rafa’s or Fed’s game because of the time difference,,hopefully i’d catch the QF 😀

  15. Chieko said

    Hi Bluechyll san, what a lovely name you have. I am Chieko and I am 20 years old. Thank you so much for showing all of us how to use the smileys So nice to have you here. Chieko

  16. Chieko said

    🙂 how nice to have you on this planet!! Please post a lot. And best of luck in your school work!! Thank you for visiting my mailbox 😆
    I am using the smileys a lot these day. Thank you.

  17. chieko said

    Hi Bluechyll san, good morning to you!!

    Thank you for all the links. Wow I love them very much thank you.

    Thank you for showing me how to make the little hearts. You my dear friend is a genious. I am a computer idiot. Now I am getting smarter !!

    Thank you very much .


  18. Blake said

    Oh wow! Just had a look at your piccy Lucy, you’re an absolute cutie 😉 very cute dimples/pixie nose/ocean eyes 🙂 funky boots too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • bluechyll said

      Hahaha, why thank you, Blake! I guess that’s one way to describe me, I never thought of myself as having ‘ocean eyes’ before 😆

      • Blake said

        Hehehe it’s all good! They could be more green then blue, they just looked very blue in the light of that photo!!

  19. Claire said

    You are so pretty! 🙂 I have an 18 year old son that would be perfect for you! 🙂

  20. Claire said

    Now I’m responding to you in your mailbox – I just did in mine, oh well!

    No, my son doesn’t know I try to “arrange” him to meet other girls. 🙂 He’s dated one girl all through high school so I would like him to date other’s to see if his current girlfriend is the “one”. She’s a great person so I wouldn’t mind to have her as a daughter-in-law! They both were on high school tennis team.

    My son is off to University of Virginia – a beautiful state -soo if you even go there I could arrange for Jack to show you around! 🙂 I think you many be a year older than my son. Are you in college?

    My family also like “24” – sad it is over!
    We also watch “Modern Family”, also “Lost” which also ended this season!!

  21. jett09 said

    Hi Bluechyll. Thought I’d say hello before I hit the sack. How are you?? We haven’t heard from you, hope all is well ;). Take care 😉

  22. M said

    Bluechyll, if you’d like to see some photos I took of Roger’s fourth round match last night, the link is in comment 103 in Wanna Post. Use the Guest Password: TennisPlanet.

    They’re not great photographs like yours were, because I didn’t have a great camera with me (I’m getting a new one! I promise!) but they are of Roger, which I think makes everything better. 😀

    I just wanted to make sure none of his fans missed them if they want to have a look at them.

    P.S. This is the first time I’m having a chance to see your picture. You have such an elegant visage. A dead ringer for Cate Blanchett, if you ask me.

  23. Bettyjane said

    Hi Bluechyll,
    Hope all is well and that you’re on a lovely holiday. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

  24. Bettyjane said

    Oh great, a fellow musician. (I was a performance major at a conservatory. Classical piano.)I remember the stress of playing at the end of every semester in front of a “jury” of teachers. This is more stress than playing an Open final I would say. Best of luck. Get back to me when you have the time and let me know how it went. What piece(s) are you doing!?

  25. Bettyjane said

    I’ve a sneaking suspicion that to say it didn’t go “tooooo badly” means it went very well, lol. Good for you. I went to a local conservatory just north of Manhattan that you wouldn’t know. (It’s claim to fame—Garrick Ohlson went there and Pablo Casals was a board member—before my time, lol. Westchester Conservatory of Music.) I never heard of the Water Nymph piece I’m ashamed to say but found a couple of student performances on youtube and was basically entranced. I want to see if I can locate the sheet music. You like the romantics don’t you! That Chopin waltz is so great that you selected. Have you studied the rest of the Suite Bergamasque yet? I always get nervous when I play in front of people, so I try to avoid it completely. My best jury performance was Schumann’s Noveletten. I seem to “get” him. And Bach. One of my teachers said I have a “Bach mind”. But I dearly love Chopin although he doesn’t come as naturally to me.
    I completely get your reasoning for possibly not pursuing higher studies. Piano is TOUGH. I constantly wish I had taken up a simpler instrument. Keep me fully abreast. I’m relieved for you that it’s over with!!

  26. Bettyjane said

    Thanks so very much for the kind offer of the music scan. I may take you up on it. I’m going to check a few online sources first.
    Beethoven is near and dear to my heart as well. I love his sonatas and particularly enjoy Maurizio Pollini’s interpretations of them. Although quite frankly I don’t listen to classical music as much as I play it.Isn’t that dreadful to admit!Having said that, it is
    amusing to listen to various youtube versions of the same piece by different pianists and have people insulting great pianists that they could never HOPE to hold a candle to.
    I remember reading that Federer used to play “a little”. God, can you imagine that!

  27. Bettyjane said

    The Pathetique is probably my favorite sonata to play and the middle movement is a real crowd pleaser. People seem to perk up and say “Hey I know that melody from somewhere!. Have you done the Hammerklavier or the Waldstein? If you can play the third movement of the Moonlight ‘for a laugh’, you must be very accomplished!!!

    I’m with you about Federer’s “piano playing”> He did say that he played a “little”. With his nails, I always assumed not much or not very well. Seemed more like a classical guitarist’s hands to me. I love that photo of the twins’ hands. Have you seen it. Very artsy and adorable all at the same time.

  28. bluechyll said

    Haha, when I say I play it for a laugh, that doesn’t mean I play it to perfection or anything! I mean, if I really practiced it hard, I could probably manage to bring it up to a decent standard, but I mainly enjoy playing just for pure enjoyment 🙂

    I haven’t done the Hammerklavier or the Waldstein yet, but I am looking for something new to play now that I no longer need to work on the pieces I did for my exam, so maybe I’ll have a look into it.

    I did see that photo of the twins’ hands!! Very cute! Maybe they’ll take up the piano one day 😉

  29. M said

    Bluechyll –

    I wanted to put a separate “thank you” here to make sure you saw it.
    First, I just have to say
    at some of those special gems in your collection.
    Those were some of the most amazing things I’d ever seen!
    And some of them I had never seen before!

    Luckily, the links went right through email, so (between cocktails, lol – I’m being fêted at my place this evening) I got a chance to see them right away.
    I think there are some things that should just be special secrets amongst us fangirls. Your collection is one of them. That was something else.
    *passes out*

    • M said

      You know, what spooks me a little about that statue is that I once drafted a silly little thing for some (just as crazy as I am) friends of mine about how, had Roger been around in Michelangelo’s era, he might have chosen to sculpt him instead.

  30. jett09 said

    Hi Jett!
    Thanks for stopping by my mail box

    All is well, I’ve just been really busy with school work. I have my final exams coming up in a few weeks so I’m just trying to prepare myself. I have to leave for a Music Performance exam in a few hours which I’m really nervous about :\ I’m playing three pieces on piano.

    How’s everything going with you?
    Talk soon!

    Hi Bluechyll
    Sorry I’ve completely forgotten to reply to your mail. Hubby and I were busy last week entertaining relatives from Sydney. We had a brilliant time and lucky the weather cooperated 😉 . It’s starting to get hot in Cairns and summer is not even here. Winter didn’t even arrive. The coldest temp we had was 15°C. (60°F)

    So how did your final exams go? and also your Music performance exam? I’m sure you did great 😉 . When I was young, my parents forced me to study piano (did it for 5 years) and I hated it but now when I see someone playing the piano, I can’t help but think that I should have taken it seriously. I remember how I would get so nervous everytime I had to perform on stage or when we had exams (which is what you’re going through right now).

    Anyway hope you can watch some tennis and that our fave tennis players are fit and well 😉

    Take care

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