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Recognize anyone? No, you don’t!!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on December 5, 2008





28 Responses to “Recognize anyone? No, you don’t!!!!!”

  1. Lucy said

    I love the nerdness of Monfils, Gille has the same legs today, and Djoker seems to have grown out of his earlier cuteness.

  2. grendel said

    1) Baghdatis, 3&4 Nalbandian and Coria, 9)Ferrero?, 11)Cleisters on right, 13) Federer and sis, 18&19)Nadal, 20)Youzhny? 210Monfils? 23&24) Anna I, 25)McEnroe, 26) Djokovic

  3. Lucy said

    P.S. ditto Djoker same comment Del Potro, i miss watching him on clay so Coria 2009.

  4. Peter Bodo said

    1. Baghdatis
    2. ?
    3. Nalbandian and Coria
    4. Coria and Nalbandian
    5. Nadal and his father
    6. Safin and Safina
    7. Wilander and some other guy
    8. Federer ?
    9. Connors ?
    10. Kuerten
    11. Three belgians and Clijsters
    13. Diana and Roger Federer
    14. ?
    15. ?
    16. del Potro
    17. Josh (childhood friend) and Andy Roddick
    18. Some guy and Nadal
    19. Some player (Costa ?) and Nadal
    20. Tipsarevic
    21. Monfils
    22. Simon ?
    23. Verdasco’s girlfriend
    24. Verdasco’s girlfriend
    25. ? an American ?
    26. Djokovic

  5. jennifur said

    aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh – arent they freakishly cute?!!!! whos the tot with his hand on his face chowing down on some porridge? kind of spiky hair.

  6. Jenny said

    Some I’m sure of, others a guess.
    1. Marcos Baghdatis
    3. 4. David Nalbandian, Guillemo Coria
    5. Rafa Nadal
    7. Marat and Dinara
    8. Edberg other?
    9. Roger?
    12. ?? Ollie Rochus [second left]?Kim on the right
    14. Diana and Roger
    15. Roger or Coria? [he was a blonde babe]
    16. Stan Wawrinka
    18. Andy R
    19. Rafa
    20. Rafa
    22. Gael Monfils
    23. Gilles Simon
    Last pic Novak Djokovic

  7. Roddick's Girl (aka Fatma) said

    I didn’t recognize the following 😛
    21 is it mofils ?

  8. Deep South Girl said

    So Sweet!! Rafael has his eyebrow expression as he still does—Federer was precious–Ivanovic was a beauty even then—Djokovic looks cherubic. McEnroe hasn’t changed–neither has Roddick Is # 7 Edberg? And the little one after that picture….hmmm..his face looks so familiar but I can’t put a name to it. Nalbandian and del Potro haven’t changed.
    This was great–thanks!

  9. grendel said

    Oh, the one before the 2 Anna Ivans – could it be Mardy Fish?

  10. Tennis_Nut said

    I see
    – Marat and his lil sister with a teddy
    – Roger Federer with his sister
    – Nadal
    – Roddick in 2 pics, oh he was such a cute baby!
    – Ana Ivanovic
    – Djokovic
    – Del Potro
    – gilles Simon

    and many more

  11. Claire said

    Girl with pink head band and brown sweater, boy in gray sweater- it’s federer, can tell by smile.

    One in soccer clothes (red and blue outfit) is Nadal with Uncle Tony.

    Jimmy Conors with Connors holding racket in front of net with young boy.

    The above I’m sure everyone else will get. There is one that says Roddick with a friend!

  12. Anonymous said

    Okay, here we go. I’m gonna have a stab at guessing who’s in these pictures, any missing numbers in between means I have no idea who is in that picture 🙂

    1. Marcos Bagdhatis

    5. Rafa? And I’m guessing that’s his dad with him.

    6. Marat and Dinara, wow, that’s a nice picture.

    8.Is that Marat again?

    11. That’s Kim Clisters on the far left.

    12. OMG, Andy Roddick hasn’t changed at all! He even has the same hairstyle now days xD

    13. That’ll be my sweet Roger, does anyone no who the kid next to him is?

    16. Del Potro yes?

    17. Andy Roddick again, I still can’t get over how he stays unchanged ^_^

    18. Rafa and is that his dad?

    19. Rafa again.

    20. Tipsarevic.

    23 and 24. Ana Ivanavic

    26. Djokovic.

    So, can anyone help me out with the missing links? And, please, feel free to correct me where I’m wrong.

  13. Dee said

    1. bagdatis?
    2. You
    3 & 4. Coria and Nalbandian
    5 Nadal?
    7 Edberg? And ?
    9 Fed?
    11 Hennin and Kim
    12 RODDICK!!!!! He looks just the same, so easy
    13 Federer
    14 Is it Coria?
    15 Who ever it is Adorable!
    16 Del Potro
    17 Roddick and ? Oh! I got it. It’s Andy’s child hood friend Josh.
    18 Nadal
    19 Nadal
    20 Simone
    21 Gale
    22 simone
    23 & 24 Ana
    25 Mcenroe and ?
    26 Djokovic

  14. Jenny said

    17. Juan Martin Del Potro

  15. Peter Bodo said

    8. is not Federer, but Safin
    9 ?
    14. ?
    15. ?
    22. is indeed Simon
    25. is Krajicek

  16. MT said

    1. Baghdatis
    3. Nadal and Uncle Toni
    4. Safin and Safina
    5. Mats Wilander and ?
    6. Marat Safin
    7. JC Ferrero
    8. Kuerten
    9. Henin, Rochus and Kim
    10. Roddick
    11. Federer and sister
    12. Wawrinka
    13. Dunno. Soderling?
    14. Del Potro
    15. Roddick w/friend
    16. Nadal and uncle Miguel Angel
    17. Nadal and uncle Miguel Angel
    18. Tipsarevic
    19. Monfils
    20. Simon
    21. Ivanovic
    22. Johnny MacEnroe and ??
    23. Djokovic

  17. Ch said

    Wow I love these! Thanks!

  18. rafagirl21 said

    1 Marcos Baghdatis
    2 ?
    3 Nalbandian and Coria
    4 Coria and Nalbandian
    5 Nadal and Uncle Toni
    6 Safin and Safina
    7 Mats Wilander
    11 a bunch of guys with Kim Clijsters
    12 Roddick
    13 Diana and Roger
    15 Wawrinka
    16 Del Potro
    17 Roddick
    18 Nadal and Uncle Miguel Angel
    19 Nadal and Uncle Miguel Angel
    20 Tipsarevic
    21 Monfils
    22 Simon
    23 Ivanovic
    24 Ivanovic
    25 McEnroe
    26 Djokovic

  19. djb said

    I cannot believe some of these amazing pics. I had to save some of these because they were really interesting. I didn’t think I’d see Guillermo Coria and Kim Clijsters. Nole’s kid pic is fascinating, only because he looks manipulative and sneaky, LOL. Fed and Rafa looked like angels when they were young.

    I wanna see the kid pics of some of the other superstars. This is all too funny, and cool at the same time. Bring us more of this great stuff. Keep us entertained TP. Great job!!

  20. Roddick's Girl (aka Fatma) said

    Guys , the one with Rafa is his Uncle javier I guess

  21. Roddick's Girl (aka Fatma) said

    11. justin is the one on the left

  22. zihwye said

    Rafael Nadal was (maybe still is) so adorable as a kid!
    so was Roddick, who looked damn good as a teen.

    and djokovic omg!

  23. chieko said

    Oh they are sooo cute!! I recognise only a few but nice to see other people guesses. thanks.

  24. Sol said

    Wow, Jenny, good guess on the Wawrinka pic! And those of you who saw Safin and Safina, you guys are good!

    Funny how Roddick and Del Potro haven’t changed at all.

    So who’s the kid on the second pic? and the one wearing a red suit with tennis rackets (under Fed+sis pic)?

  25. Jenny said

    Sol, I put that pic as either a baby Fed or Coria.

  26. Deep South Girl said

    I agree with Sol—good guess on Wawrinka!! Now that you said it, I see it!

    IMHO, the winner of the cutest baby picture is Federer with his sister. Hands down!

    Thanks so much TP for this fantastic post.

  27. Here are the correct names for these photos.

    1. Baghdatis.
    2. Baghdatis.
    3. Nalbandian, Coria.
    4. Coria, Nalbandian.
    5. Nadal and Aunt Tony.
    6. Safin and Dinara.
    7. Wilander and Edberg.
    8. Safin.
    9. JC Ferrero.
    11.Justine, Rochus, ?, Clisters.
    13.Diana and Federer.
    16.Del Potro.
    17.Roddick and friend.
    18.Nadal and Uncle.
    19.Nadal and Uncle.
    25.McEnroe and yeah right?

  28. Deep South Girl said

    TP!! This is a first, I believe–you actually gave us answers–thank you, thank you!

    I was checking to see if anyone had guessed the fellow with McEnroe–but you’re too clever for me!

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