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Here’s the next contest. Who’s the guy next to McEnroe? First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.

Posted by tennisplanet on December 8, 2008

55 Responses to “Here’s the next contest. Who’s the guy next to McEnroe? First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.”

  1. Peter Bodo said

    Come on, I already said it was Krajicek two days ago in the “Recognize anyone? No, you don’t!!!!!” entry. I should definitely get the Wall of Fame.

    By the way, are we going to have all the other kids’ names ?

  2. tennisfan said

    richard krajicek

  3. clifford said

    Looks a bit like Tim Henman.

  4. TheHumbleOne said

    Ron Howard, aka Richie “Killer Kickserve” Cunningham.

  5. agile said

    Jim Courier

  6. ricke said

    Brother Patrick McEnroe?

  7. coolio said

    That’s Richard Krajicek.

  8. Pachango said

    Richard Krajicek

  9. bigfish said

    Richard Krajicek!!

  10. Stella said

    Helena Sukova

  11. banti said

    JFK junior

  12. znoin said

    Richard Peter Stanislav Krajicek

  13. Adrian said

    mardy fish?

  14. TuckerP said


  15. VENKAT said

    I think it is Richard Krajicek

  16. Shoalin said

    Richard krajicek.

  17. Sean ash said

    Matts willander?

  18. Jessica said

    I think it is Richard Krajicek.

    I hope I am right cause I want to be in that Wall of Fame list too. 🙂

  19. BDS321 said

    Richard Krajicek

  20. Roddick's Girl (aka Fatma) said


  21. Veglia said

    Richard Krajicek

    It’s simple: right click on the picture, see properties 🙂

  22. Kitu said

    This is difficult. Must be somebody during Samprass era. I was not watching to much tennis then.

  23. Carolee said


  24. Deep South Girl said

    Stella McCartney

  25. isabelle said

    well, Krajicek?

  26. FlyingDutchman said

    It’s Richard Krajicek from The Netherlands

  27. Carolee said

    Brother Patrick….

  28. Rollin said

    I’ma say Krajicek.

  29. Jenny said

    Wild guess, Patrick Rafter?

  30. Carolee said

    It is his brother, Patrick.

  31. Blake said

    Richard Krajicek?

  32. Dee said

    I tried two days. who is it?

  33. Dee said

    Could it be Thomas Johansson or Tommy Hass? They both use Dunlop racquets

  34. Julian said

    is it kafelnikov??

  35. Tony said

    Jim Courier?

  36. Kristian said

    Richard Krajicek

  37. Jessica said


    Can you tell me why my comment is still awaiting moderation?
    The comment of Kitu was posted later than mine. Is there a reason for that?
    Just curious.
    Thanks and greetings and my compliments for a great site. Loved the pics of players when they were kids. Especially the one of Mats Wilander 🙂


  38. Adrian said

    on second thoughts, fish is a bad option because he would be too young at the time… or not?

  39. isabelle said

    Why didn’t you accept my proposal? Krajicek?

  40. Lucy said

    My guess is Patrick Mcenroe

  41. Carolee said

    Why are my comments still awaiting moderation?

  42. Chris said

    little brother, Patrick McEnroe.

  43. Sammy and Co said

    Jeff Tarango?

  44. Andy said

    Pete Sampras

    If not Pete, maybe somehow it is Andre

  45. goldiehawn said

    jim courier?

  46. talented27 said

    somebody probably got it but is it Richard Krajicek???

  47. chieko said

    I wonder what year that was for I might not be born then. However looking at the young face very very very closely for a long long time, he looks so familiar,, could it be Safin san??

  48. tennisfan said

    really, should peter bodo be able to even answer these? isn’t he a tennis journalist?
    he probably has seen these kids as they were coming up…

  49. banti said

    Pete, is that really you? Huge fan if its actually Peter Bodo.. TP what happens if a hall of famer wins twice? Our names are in bigger fonts?, first on list? I need motivation!

  50. coolio said

    Fvck Peter Bodo. I was the first one who gave the correct answer.

  51. Angela said

    Definitely Krajicek – remember it from when he won Wimbledon and they charted his “meteoric rise” to the top.

  52. TheHumbleOne said

    I would say “Richard Krajicek”, but I think 30 other people beat me to it… 😦
    So, therefore, I must answer: Serena Williams. 🙂

  53. Anonymous said

    Thanks veglia! I never knew that. We learn something new every day, Hah?

  54. Richard Krajicek said

    Well guys, you’re right!

  55. tennis elbow room said

    spongebob’s friend – patrick

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