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Posted by tennisplanet on December 12, 2008

IMG_1056.jpg Hilton Head. S Carolina picture by stellajim

Hello All.
I’ve been fascinated by this site since I discovered it by accident a few months ago. It seems that there is quite a family here.
I’m Stella, born in N Ireland. moved to Kent , England when I was 12. i’ve alwaysbeen a tennis fan — learnt to play by hitting against the garage door. volleys were too dangerous so I am a baseliner mostly. I’ve adored the fortnight of wimbledon for as long as I can remember. As a kid I always rooted for Billie jean.
After university my husband and I decided to live in Canada for a few years, and do a bit of travelling. Well, 33 years later we are still here, and now are canadian citizens.
i play tennis every chance i get, social stuff, leagues, tournaments — am thinking that I should play seniors stuff soon but am not ready really to admit it yet.
I love playing and watching tennis and reading about it. i go to tournaments whenever I can, Wimbledon, Eastbourne, US Open, Family circle, Indian Wells, montreal.
My fav of all time was Edberg — sad day in our household when he hung up the racquet. Also love Fed, Gonzales, Simon, Jankovic, Ivanovic, lindsay, Tipsy, Mauresmo, Justine, Kim,

got cut off before I finished —- hate to watch either williams, Shriekopova, roddick, Agassi and am really not too fond of Nadal.
Fav hobbies other than tennis are gardening, crafts, reading.
love English TV that we sometimes get in Canada eg Mr Bean, Blackadder, Porridge, Two Ronnies, old stuff like Morecambe and Wise, . I like quizzes such as Eggheads.
Was a travel agent but have just retired so am enjoying planning trips for myself at last.
Favourite places are S Carolina (Hilton Head and Charleston) Cook Islands, Switzerland, Greece and Canada.
thats about it. i’ll keep enjoying this site and will like it even more if there are ever any Edberg photos


70 Responses to “Stella.”

  1. Barbara said

    Hello Stella,
    Such an elegant player, Edberg, used to be my favorite too.

  2. Jenny said

    Hi Stella, Welcome! Looking forward to more of your comments.

  3. dee said

    Hi, Stella! nice to have you here.

  4. Angela said

    Hey Stella,
    I’ve also been a life long tennis fanatic. Edberg was a little before my time but I always admired Graf, and Sampras and too, felt their absences when they retired. Well maybe not so much on the men’s tour ‘cos we have Roger. I have grown to like Nadal as a player, and person during the past 2 years.

  5. ClayBuster said

    You have an excellent taste, Stella, both in your choice of fav tennis players (Edberg!) and in British TV humour! 🙂

  6. Dalia said

    Heeyyy Stella, luv ur name 😀
    welcome to the family

  7. CV said

    WELCOME to the post Stella.

    Why are you not fond of Nadal? Is it his manner of play or his personality.

    I am ubable to see Mr Bean as much as I would like to. I am trying to acquire all his WORK. How can I reach his agent, or buy his DVDs

    Jenny, can you help?

    Thank you all for help in the above.

  8. Jenny said

    Hi CV,

    This link might help, good luck!

  9. Deep South Girl said

    CV- I got my “Mr Bean” as well as “Black Adder” from–in the U.K. it is
    Be sure to check and see if the DVDs are usable on your DVD player. I had to buy an all-area (or whatever it’s called) DVD player so I could order “Peep Show” from the U.K.—Peep Show is one of my very favorites. So FUNNY!!!

  10. CV said

    Thank you very much. Will keep you informed as I progress.

  11. CV said

    Deep South Girl,
    Thank you very much for the info.
    Mr Bean is one of my favourites.
    Will keep you informed as I progress.
    Enjoy the Holidays.

  12. Claire said

    Hi Stella,
    Just found your bio – it’s good between seasons/tournaments cuz we can take time to visit about things other that tennis.
    Have any of you seen the Mr. Bean movie. I didn’t like it.

  13. Jenny said


    You played THE Virginia Wade! That was something to remember, but not a bagel. What I like about her input as a pundit/commentator is she always plays up a player’s strengths rather than concentrating on their so-called weakness which some commentators are inclined to do.

    David? Could you be referring to David Mercer? My favourite is Frew McMillan the former doubles champion.

  14. Jenny said

    Stella, Unfortunately, you won’t get to hear McMillan on the Beeb, he reports for Eurosport [cable] which I subscribe to. Sam Smith [f] is good, she reports for the Beeb, great sense of humour too. Mark Petchey used to be great, he was Murray’s first coach, but now he’s gone Murray daft. Andy was playing Roger at the US Open, Fed was 2 sets up, Andy starting fighting back, then Petch threw in a classic, it’s not over yet, he’s still got a chance, lol I thought at the time, hello Mark, this is Fed cruising in a slam final, not Richard Gasquet choking at Wimby! The Beeb cover very few tourneys outside Wimby or Queens and I’d never get to watch clay which is my favourite.

  15. Jenny said

    I totally agree, it isn’t over until match point is played and won, I’ve seen the good old chokes so many times where I was almost choking myself! What gets me is the breathless reverence to sometimes the exclusion of an opponent. lol Petch now lives in America.

  16. Deep South Girl said

    Hey Stella! I just now checked my mailbox and was thrilled to have a letter. I LOVE Agatha Raisin, but I really don’t care for Hamish McBeth. I have read all the A.R.s so I found another couple of authors whose mysteries I love. Oh! I can’t remember their names but one had the first name of “Cara” and she lives on the Ile-St-Louis. The titles all had to do with areas of Paris: “Murder in Montmartre,”etc.
    The other author is an Englishwoman and her books all have a day of the week in the title: (blank) on Monday; (blank) on Tuesday, etc. But if you love animals you don’t want to read (blank) on Saturday as it had to do avec animal cruelty.

  17. Jenny said

    Hi Stella,

    I think Fernando might have done it but for that left leg. What do you think?

  18. Jenny said

    Stella, Oh I know, good job I was on annual leave, I had about 3hours sleep before the marathon. Must say I did enjoy it though, got nothing done of course. I was unbiased generally, having said that, I was rooting for Fernando because I do prefer his tennis, I find him exciting to watch, but then I do quite enjoy flashy flamethrowers and he does have soft hands too, and I like his demeanour. lol But then I’m a Gonzo fan, so it’s not surprising. I’m not into all the power players, the boring ace machines, no angles, I fall asleep! You know I love Roger and Santoro too. I guess I can see the talent in all of their contrasting styles.

    Sounds like you’re having a great time..I’m glad.

  19. Jenny said

    Hi Stella,

    Absolutely hopeless! lol I didn’t mind TOO much not having to work! I really couldn’t get there. Goodness, minus 20c! Don’t worry, I’ve got the feather duvet and the sheepskin slippers. I wasn’t sure you saw the new video, but just read the older article, I’m a cat lady and those cubs are gorgeous. You keep warm too.

  20. Jenny said

    Thanks, Stella!

  21. Jenny said

    Stella, No, I don’t think I’ll try. Wimbledon is very awkward to get to from where I live, the Beeb may well show it on TV.

  22. Jenny said

    Stella, is this Wimbledon slam or exo May Wimbledon? I admire your dedication, and really wish you luck. My friend got tickets [via the lottery] for centre court opening day in 06, Fed vs Gasquet, you couldn’t have asked for better you would think! 20 minutes into play and down came the rain, never to stop. At 3pm they officially cancelled play, so she spent the rest of the day, soaked, in a pub with her Australian friends. Of course rain won’t stop centre court play this or any future years. I wouldn’t mind going to the end of year Masters at the o2 Arena.

  23. Jenny said

    Yes, it was the Millennium Dome, or lol the big tent!

  24. Jenny said

    Apologies for not responding to your mail, Stella. I keep forgetting to pick up. Thanks so much for the info on o2!

  25. Deep South Girl said

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Stella—I know what I shall be doing tomorrow at work all day long!!!!

  26. Deep South Girl said

    Hey Stella—I just want to say how much I enjoy the Hoirnby Island eagle nest. The babies have grown so fast. I saw the dad arrive with a fish and the fish was still alive after dad took a chucky bite! I alwys thought they killed them in some way but this little fish has had several bites taken and e’s still wriggling!!

    There’s a new Agatha Raisin–“A Spoonful of Poison” (?, I think). Miss Beaton sems to be giving her opinions on global warming in this one (she doesn’t seem to believe it exists).

    Also, the writer whose mysteries take place in Paris is Cara Black. Love her books.

    Also, just finished Phillipa Gregory’s latest—ummmm…”The Other Queen” about Mary, Queen of Scots. I loved it as I have all her others.

    I hope all is well with you.

  27. Deep South Girl said

    Hey Fluff’s Mom!!

    I don’t know why my posts didn’t get through for about a MONTH but thankfully I can now communicate again. I really missed not being able to. And yes, I was watching tennis as much as possible. I stopped the eaglet watching after the dad ( I believe it was) shat so violently on the camera that visibility was poor so I went to hummingbirds. AMAZING. But you know that they can be little terrors to those not in their family.

    Wasn’t Wimbledon WONDERFUL??? Can’t wait for the U.S. Open!

    • Stella said

      Hi. great to have you back again. I gave up watching the eagles when they started bring food to the nest and eating it alive. also when the second one died everyone got too emotional for my liking.
      Watched tons of wimbledon — mostly on my laptop as it gave me so many matches. Hated the ladies final but didn’t know who to cheer for in the men’s. fed for his 15th or Andy because he has added so much to his game. so much improvement in so short a time.
      With any luck we’ll get to go to Montreal to see the tennis there. Not really looking forwad to the US Open yet as that always reminds me that summer is over .
      By the way — how did you know I was fluffs Muum/

  28. MIKE__ said

    Good stuff Stella. And “learnt to play by hitting against the garage door”, lol. I’d also hit to ball late into the night against the garage door and I have fond memories of my two older sisters yelling at me to cut the racket (no pun intended 😉 ).

  29. Deep South Girl said

    I remember when you put up your avatar and either I asked or you told that your avatar was your late beloved cat, Fluff. R.I.P.

    Oh! I had forgotten about all the hot matches we have before the US Open. Yay!!

  30. monique said

    Hi Stella, I see that you are living in Ottawa. I do not live that far from you. St.Sauveur in the Laurentians where it is very cold and lots of snow in winter…lol. But in summer, it is delightful. I loveeeee tennis, I play too. So I am glad to know you. I am new here. Just joined.Great people here.

    • Stella said

      hey Monique.
      Nice to have an , almost, neighbour on the Planet. You live in a gorgeous part of the country. We get tons of snow too. Winter of 2008 we had 14 ft, more than we’d ever had before. Our snowbanks alongour path outside the front door were over 6 ft high.
      I’ve been playing tennis since I was 6 but have played lots in Ottawa since we moved here in 1978. I played leagues as well as social all over the city until about 2 years ago when I gave up the leagues. If you’re ever in the area let me know and you can play with us at my local club — March tennis club.

      • monique said

        I just wrote you a long response to your post and it has disappeared, I cannot believe it. It took me 10 min to write it.I am discouraged.

      • Stella said

        try doing it as a reply on your own mailbox and do a cut and paste to post it on my mailbox. Maybe one of those will work. try a short message first maybe

  31. Jenny said

    Hi Stella, I know it’s been sometime since your sad loss, it probably still feels like yesterday, I’ve been there, but are you starting to consider a new furry addition to the family?

  32. monique said

    Sorry, I cannot cut.

  33. monique said

    Ok, let’s try again.You must be a very good player if you started at 6.As for me, I started to play at 42 when my children were 21,18 and 16. I had to find something to do for myself.I mostly played single. Now I play double because nobody wants to play single. Never played in league as they were all doubles. If I decide to go to Ottawa, I will let you know. But I see you will be gone almost all winter so in the spring. Hope you can read this.

  34. monique said

    Thank God, it worked….ouff. I will write again soon.

  35. monique said

    talking about table tennis; this is funny.

  36. Jenny said

    Hi Stella

    Thank you for responding. I enjoyed hearing about your travel plans. I really do understand how you feel, infact when we lost our labrador and his little companion a few months later, we decided not to have another dog for some time, it was too heartbreaking and I couldn’t look at another black lab. Our collie, a rescue, arrived in a very complicated way and has been with us ever since. It’s funny, but when our two cats passed a few years ago, I just couldn’t bear not having a cat around, so we went off to the cat shelter and got our current boy almost immediately.

    • Stella said

      maybe it’s different depending at what stage of your life it happens. When we lost our first cat in 1990 we still had her sister Dawn. We got Fluffs a few months later. they lived happily together till Dawn died at age 20 in 1998. As Fluffs was getting older and as our friends were retiring and travelling and doing the Canadian thing of going away for the winter we’d say to ourselves ” one day we’ll be in that position, no work, able to travel” and we’d say ‘ after Fluffs we can go’ but of course we really didn’t want there to be a time ” after Fluffs” and we hoped she’d go on a lot longer as she seemeed healthy was was always a tough little cat . Now we see friends who are mid 70’s who don’t want the bother of travelling any more or who have health issues so we say to ourselves that we have a window of a few years to go places and then we sit down and decide. If we still want to be away 3 months in the coldest part of the year it’s a long time to expect a cat to be in kennels but maybe its better to be in a loving home for 9 months and kennels for 3 rather that life in a shelter.

  37. monique said

    Hi Stella, just checked my mailbox, forget to check it every day. Saw that you tried to chat. I am here all day. You can try again. Have a good day.

    • monique said

      Hi Stella, I just wanted to know if you are on “Twitter” or “Facebook”. I am.

      • Stella said

        no to Twitter.
        Yes to Facebook– stella Eyres — my facebook profile picture is my ex-cat Fluffs — same as my avatar here. look me up and send me a friend request

  38. Jenny said

    Hi Stella,

    Apologies for not replying sooner. I can understand your decision and it makes sense. Our last cat Nana was a few weeks short of 20, she was a semi feral rescue from a shelter, but was a house cat with us, and fine with dogs. She passed here quietly in 2005. Sadly I doubt we can get to meet on this occasion, I don’t live anywhere near those cities you mention. I wish you a great time here, and that the weather isn’t too wet.

  39. Jenny said

    Fluffs sounded very similar to Nana in demeanour. Very chocolate box. We couldn’t pick her up or even groom her and as for giving her a pill! She would let us stroke her when it was convenient, like for about 20 seconds, then the eyes would blaze and she would zap you with a very hard paw right out of the blue. I wouldn’t say she was nervous as such, but anti-social! However, she was a very loyal cat, we trusted her and of course still miss her.

  40. Jenny said

    As the vet said, these longhaired feisty females! At one time we had 3 dogs and 7 cats, plus one child! We just have a cat and dog now. We tend to take short breaks and a friend has a holiday home by the sea in north Essex, so they come along too. If we go abroad our son or a friend ‘babysits’.

  41. monique said

    Hi Stella, long to hear from you. Monique xx

  42. monique said

    Hello, Stella, happy to hear that you are back and that you had a great time, you and your hubby. I thought you would be gone longer. Are you leaving again to get away from the winter ? Have a great night in your own bed……haha understand that completely. Home, sweet home. xxx

  43. monique said

    Hi Stella, I hope you are well. Been very busy and this week too. I went on Facebook and you are not in my friends anymore. I think I clicked on something because they give you another option to Facebook, like a faster version. I lost 2 friends, they are not there anymore too. Bizarre…….anyway we have Tennisplanet. Have a great day…….

  44. Sol said

    Thanks for the info about Susan Boyle, Stella. So do you believe her story or do you think it’s a great marketing stunt? Or is it just me and my friends who suspect this is all made up? I’ve seen the vids on youtube and somehow the reaction of the judges doesn’t seem very genuine to me. Maybe we’re just being paranoid.

  45. monique said

    Hi Stella, so sorry. I have not checked my mailbox in a while. I forget all the time. On XMas day, I was at my daughter Natalie’s home. We had so much fun playing tennis on WII. Everybody beat me and I am the only one who plays tennis….haha but I told my grandson, on a real tennis court, watch out…haha. On Sunday, Eric came and spent the day with me. Love it. Last Saturday, my daughter Carols’s doggie had 6 puppies but one died. She had 4 boys and 2 girls. One girl died and I take the other girl. I posted a pic on Facebook. Tomorrow, going to the resto with 3 girlfriends and playing tennis in the afternoon. It is now very cold and snow froze so we have a parking lot full of ice. But the highways are fine. So very busy and how about you??????? Keep me posted. xx

  46. monique said

    My post has disappeared….

  47. monique said

    Hi Stella, just thought about checking my mail box. I am glad you arrived safely at Hilton Head. It is unbelievable, the freezing cold that Florida got, all the citrus fruits recolts are ruined. I saw on TV a fish farm owner lost all his tropical fish. He is ruined, poor man. I hope for you that it gets warmer and you can play tennis soon. I watch Jay Leno every night, just the beginning when he does his monologue and I saw Andy with all the animals. I thought it was of poor taste. And did you know that the Koala bears were two females. They do that to prepare for mating with the guys.I am glad Andy won Brisbane, his 28th title. So I hope you have a good time in Florida. I do not think I am going this year. Keep in touch Bye for now. xx

  48. monique said

    My post has not reappeared…….yet.

  49. monique said

    Newballs is British based not American.

  50. Jenny said

    From what I can gather, Colin is no relation to the great Peter Fleming, Mac’s doubles partner. Doesn’t Peter live in the UK now?? He broadcasts commentary for us and is a studio pundit for Sky. Colin is Scottish, his father is Martin, a business consultant.

  51. Jenny said

    We also have Jamie Baker [singles] he’s north of the border too. I really like Jamie. He won’t ever reach Andy’s heights, but he’s rock solid, great attitude and committed to DC, actually he beat the Argentine Agustin Calleri in a dead rubber when they met in DC, it was our only win in Buenos Aires, Murray elected not to play.. He caught a life threatening virus 2yrs ago but has recovered.

  52. Somebody Else said

    Stella, I know how you like those deep baritones, so…


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