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Here’s the next contest. Who is the guy with Nadal? First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.

Posted by tennisplanet on December 23, 2008

84 Responses to “Here’s the next contest. Who is the guy with Nadal? First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.”

  1. olivia said

    Richard Gasquet?

  2. twon said


  3. MIKE__ said

    The French pastry? Richard Gasquet?

  4. vassy said


  5. Rollin said

    Clearly Gasquet. Too easy, TP.

  6. anhelo said

    Richard Gasquet

  7. annie said

    it’s Richard Gasquet

  8. Barbara said


  9. Miffy said

    Richard Gasquet?

  10. jennifur said

    gasquet, right?

  11. monique said


  12. Oneinall6 said

    Richard Gasquet.

  13. Andy said

    Richard Gasquet

  14. ails said


  15. banti said


  16. Kitu said

    easy one, must be Richard Gasquet

  17. Jenny said

    Richard Gasquet.

  18. Benjamin said

    I guess I’m not the first one to give the right answer… Richard Gasquet.

  19. Blancalupe said

    Where do you take these pictures from? I’d love to know!!

  20. Paula said

    That is Richard Gasquet with Rafa

  21. Vue said

    I would say it is Richard Gasquet!

  22. Blake said

    looks like gasquet 😉

  23. Antonio said

    I´m sure, he is Richard Gasquet… Come on!!!

  24. Jennifer said

    Richard Gasquet?

  25. Deep South Girl said


  26. Kevin1 said

    Richard Gasquet

  27. Stella said


  28. djb said

    I’m gonna go with Richard Gasquet

  29. tina said


  30. david ng said

    it is richard gasquet

  31. jennifur said

    i answered: how come no show?? it’s gasquet.

  32. PM said


  33. tee said


  34. khai said

    richard gasquet

  35. Martine said


  36. Schop said

    The guy with Nadal is Richard Gasquet!

  37. Anonymous said

    Happy Christmas TP and TP Family.

  38. Dee said

    Happy Christmas TP and TP family! Have a safe one.

  39. Anton said

    Richard Gasquet, without a doubt.

  40. ziadnadalfan said


  41. Vivi said

    UMM, I would say Richard Qasquet.

    Happy holidays to you all.

  42. Vue said

    That is Richard Gasquet!!!!

  43. Kristian said

    Richard Gasquet

  44. Steph said

    He kind of looks like Gasquet.

  45. Jessica said

    I will probably be too late again.
    Still I am nog giving up : Richard Gasquet it is.

  46. ClayBuster said

    Richard Gasquet. Easy question this time, TP. 😉

  47. ClayBuster said

    … Or did you mean any of those fellows in the background? No idea, there.

  48. djul said


  49. ricke said


  50. talented27 said

    the oh so talented richard gasquet (coughs**hahaha)

  51. C said

    Richard Gasquet? Merry Xmas to all 🙂

  52. Roddick's Girl (aka Fatma) said

    nadal & gasquet

  53. JennyL said


  54. clifford said

    David Ferrer?

  55. Hussain said

    Richard Gasquet.

  56. Talha said

    Richard Gasquet!

  57. Dalia said

    Richard Gasquet :D:D

  58. bjornino said

    Richard Gasquet!

  59. oneinall6 said

    Richard Gasquet

  60. Ch said

    Uuummm. Gasquet?

  61. Deep South Girl said

    Feliciano Lopez?

  62. burn said

    richard gasquet??

  63. Anant said

    Richard Gasquet.. Baby federer

  64. Vetti Guy said


  65. tennis fan said

    richard gasquet

  66. taxmar said

    Richard Gasquet

  67. Claudio Noguera said


  68. Kevin said

    Its Richard Gasquet =)

  69. Rodaina said

    It’s Gasquet!!!

  70. nadalfan said


  71. TheHumbleOne said

    Ernests Gulbis?

  72. tony ireland said

    fernando verdasco

  73. Anonymous said

    Richard Gasquet

  74. Gracie said

    Looks like Richard Gasquet.

  75. Anonymous said


  76. ordinary said


  77. manuel said

    Gasquet ?

  78. Anderson said


  79. isabelle said

    To me, this young chap looks like Richard Gasquet.
    Same age, but quite different results

  80. amon said

    richard gasquet?

  81. ENew said

    Is it Richard Gasquet?

  82. Sophie said

    Looks to me like Gasquet…

  83. bheejji said


  84. TheHumbleOne said

    Hey. If that’s REALLY Gasquet, then where’s his backwards baseball cap?

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