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Here’s the next contest. First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.

Posted by tennisplanet on December 27, 2008

Which famous tennis player’s (male or female) father was a car and insurance salesman?

21 Responses to “Here’s the next contest. First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.”

  1. Miffy said

    James Blake?

  2. Stella said


  3. Claire said


  4. clifford said

    Denise Djokic?

  5. Dee said

    Steffi Graf

  6. Adrian said

    Steffi Graf´s father, Peter.

  7. Murph said

    Agassi’s father?

  8. banti said


  9. Big Puuba said

    It’s Steffi Graf’s father 😉

  10. ricke said

    Steffi Graf-I’m sure I am too late again!!!

  11. Bettyjane said

    Peter Graf

  12. Abdullah said

    Steffi Graff! 😀

  13. Claire said

    Changed my mind – I think it’s McEnroe

  14. Mulletude said

    Steffi Graf’s father: Peter Graf

  15. Rumen said


  16. Stella said

    Hey TP — my answer was Dec 27th at 5.43 pm.
    When will it be acknowledged. claire posted well after me

  17. Stella said

    I’m honoured to be in such great company on the Wall.
    Happy New Year to the TP family and happy tennis watching/playing/chatting/discussing/etc in 2009

  18. Deep South Girl said

    Happy New Year to you, Stella! And to ALL in this crazy fun family but especially to YOU KNOW WHO!

    Here’s something to do, TP, ask us to list what we didfor New Years Eve!

  19. Tony said

    OMG, the people who have answered the question obviously are way too young to have seen pictures of Peter Graf plastered on the tabloids for the many scandals he had generated. Steffi’s father looks much better than that! Besides, the whole set up looks American… Perhaps Mary Pierce’s father???

  20. Stella said

    OK , so what did you do?????

  21. Deep South Girl said

    Moi,Stella? Actually, I can’t abide going out on New Year.s Eve.
    I closed my little shop early-ish, went home and put on my outing flannel nightie and started reading. No t.v. YAY! My husband likes to celebrate the holiday so he builds a nice fire,orders some canapes, turns on his records Edith Piaf,Francoise Hardy,Julio Iglesias, has a bottle of Cliquot, and has the three dogs lying by the fire. At midnight he dances with the dogs—but he said this group doesn’t know how to dance very well. Our Maggie—May she rest in peace(Australian Shepherd) used to dance with him. I asked,”Did she put her paws on your feet or did she follow.”

    He said “She followed. She was a good dancer.”

    By the time the dance starts I am asleep.

    I LOVE it!

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