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Here’s the next contest for all you impatient, bored and demanding cheap freaks. First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.

Posted by tennisplanet on December 29, 2008

It’s a two-part question:

1. Which current ATP or WTA player has the most educated parents.

2. What do the parents do?

Yeah, you’ve been swimming in the shallow end for a long time. I got you ‘lazy photo-loving’ freaks now.

25 Responses to “Here’s the next contest for all you impatient, bored and demanding cheap freaks. First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.”

  1. cecilia said

    thought you would all enjoy that

  2. Jenny said

    I think most of the players have ‘educated’ parents, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Teachers, accountants, businessmen and so on.

    Okay – Gilles Simon – I think his mother is a doctor.
    Marion Bartoli – father a doctor.

  3. Steph said

    Aren’t Jelena Jancovic’s folks economists? In Serbia that requires some sort of degree, yes?

  4. Roddick's Girl (aka Fatma) said

    John McEnroe

  5. Claire said

    Bio— The Itialan chubby player who’s Dad uses somewhat abusive training for his daughter.
    Her Dad is a doctor and Mom a nurse!

  6. Claire said

    Looked it up – name is Marion Bartoli, from France and still believe her Dad is a doctor (not sure what field) and her Mom is a nurse

  7. Claire said

    Oh, BTW – bio lists her height at 5’6″ and weights 128 lbs. If that is correct, she looks chubby on T.V. and that height and weight sure it’s “chubby”. See what T.V. does to you? When you think about it – Federer looks pretty solid and not thin but when you see a picture of him he’s quit thin and has skinny legs! Same goes for Nadal – o.k.,his butt looks pretty much the same in photo’s.

  8. clifford said

    Wild guess from limited internet digging….
    Jessica Agra……father is an attorney, but mother currently teaches her daughter and travels with her.

  9. not hingis said

    Djock(I have no idea how to spell this name and really do not care) parents.

    International House of Pancakes(Balkan Campus)
    Minor in Professional Asshattery
    Currently employed as parasites.

  10. Banti said

    This is a no brainer. Come on man.. Its Djokovic’s parents. Forget what they do exactly but its really really important.

  11. Ojo caliente said

    I think JJ’s mother is an economist and Ana Ivanovic mother is a lawyer. Gulbis father is a billionaire.

  12. Stroopwaffle said

    How ’bout:
    1. Marion “Happy Feet” Bartoli
    2. Father Walter=Doctor;
    Mother Sophie=Nurse 🙂

  13. ricke said

    Cecilia, Don’t have a clue as to the answer to the Wall of Fame question, but LMAO at the video! THANKS!!!

  14. Stella said

    got to be someone Russian or Eastern European. Remember a commentator mentioning a while back that a certain parent was a nuclear ( not nucular) physicist but can’t remember who it was.
    Or its Bartoli —- father a DR , mother a nurse

  15. Carolee said

    GREAT video, these guys have such a sense of humor, especially Nole. He’s naturally funny. None of them can sing a whit, but that’s OK!

  16. Deep South Girl said

    Thanks Cecelia. There are so many favorite parts, but I think the best is Djokovic and his coach. I’ll bet they’re tons of fun to be with!

  17. Claire said

    Go to ATP tennis site; there is a really cool video; tennis players shooting tennis balls into outer space – video to begin 2009 season!

  18. Cf said

    i never knew sam querrey could sing!!
    most of them couldn’t sing probably cause they never heard the song before
    I’m sure it wouldn’t be as funny if they did learn the song properly
    i was practically rolling on my chair laughing!!

  19. Dee said


  20. Deep South Girl said

    Claire (#5)—The ATP outerspace video was BEAUTIFUL. Many thanks.

    I’ve already forgotten what the original question was—It seems TP has forgotten us I guess he is STILL recovering from New Year’s Eve celebration. Next time, TP, here’s what you do: Drinks LOTS of water during and after you drink alcohol. It works amazingly well.

  21. Stella said

    Dementieva’s parents are Electrical Engineer and Teacher. does that beat Doctor and nurse?

  22. Jenny said

    Thanks for the referral to the outerspace video, Claire – the gorgeous Gonzo was there too. 128 lbs at 5’6″ for a woman is pretty normal if true. Marion does look heavier, but TV puts on about 6lbs.

  23. Claire said

    Don’t think my 1st comment went through – so OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!
    I’m on the WALL OF FAME!!!! 🙂 🙂
    What a feeling! What a way to start 2009!!!
    Actually, I woke up about 3am hearing what I thought was rain. I thought, that sounds different – are the windows open? Went to the hall and it was raining from the ceiling!!! Turns out the hot water heater is leaking!! Soooo, what a awesome feeling to come to this site to forget—OMG, I heard this noise went running and there was the ceiling on the floor!! Thank God my husband didn’t get hurt – I’m still shaking!! Anyway , bye for now!!!!
    PS I can’t believe the ceiling fell when i was writing this!

  24. Stella said

    wow Clair, you got on the wall and the earth moved !!!! well, maybe not the earth, just the ceiling.
    Congratulations and good luck with the cleanup.

  25. Deep South Girl said

    Oh Claire! First the hurricane and now the ceiling.Too much.

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