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Federer on lucky pants, getting drunk and more. From Sarah. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on January 16, 2009


First XI: Roger Federer

Extraordinary tennis great, Swiss baseline hitter Roger Federer, talks to ZOO…

1. Do you have lucky pants? Or any other weird superstitions?
I get asked this a lot but I don’t believe in superstitions. Although I do arrive for every match three hours before the start time, no matter if it’s the first round or the final. Always three hours – no more and no less! It’s not really a superstition but more of a ritual.

2. When was the last time you got so drunk you couldn’t walk?
Ha ha! I can’t do things like that. As soon as one tournament finishes, another one begins and tennis players are always in training. I’ll sometimes have a few drinks if I’m celebrating, but I’d never get so drunk that I can’t walk!

3. What’s the most you’ve ever spent on your credit card in one hit?
It would have to be on one of my cars. I’m a massive car fan and have built up quite a big collection. Being a tennis player is great because you get them free sometimes just for winning a tournament! I won a Lexus at the US Open last year.

4. Which TV show did you never miss as a kid? And now?
I was never a big TV fan as a child and I’m not now. Apart from sport, I don’t really watch it. But one thing I never missed as a kid – and still try not to – is James Bond. They’re the best movies!

5. If you weren’t a tennis player, what would you do for a living?
I like playing cricket for enjoyment, but I don’t think I could’ve made a living out of it. I’m not sure what I’d be doing, but I’d have liked it to have been doing something in sport.

6. Which rival sportsman would you not want to get into a fight with?
I’m not sure about now, but I wouldn’t have liked to mess with John McEnroe when he was playing!

7. Which film have you seen most often?
If it’s not one of the James Bond movies, then I’d say it has to be Gladiator.

8. What’s the most memorable thing any fan has yelled at you?
You get quite a few random shout-outs of “Roger, I love you!” And then, of course, there are the marriage proposals. I suppose it’s all very flattering, really!

9 What’s your favourite swearword?
Ha ha! Don’t you know I try to act like a gentleman on court?

10. Who is the most famous person on your mobile?
I suppose it has to be a tennis player. It’s difficult to say who is the most famous, but I’ve got the numbers of current stars like Rafael Nadal and also retired players like John McEnroe and Boris Becker. They’re all tennis greats.

11. Apart from the missus, who is your Fantasy WAG?
A what? [ZOO explains what a WAG is] Oh, I think we’re best off leaving WAGs to the football players!

PUB FACT: Roger Federer has been named as one of Switzerland’s 100 richest people, with a fortune of over £120m.–roger-federer.htm


2 Responses to “Federer on lucky pants, getting drunk and more. From Sarah. Thanks.”

  1. Blake said

    that’s funny.. both him and rafa cite Gladiator as one of their favorite movies 😉

    makes sense, doesn’t it?

  2. Lyssa said

    hehe.. it’s kind of interesting to know that Fed only watches James Bond films, never TV. But i seriously don’t believe that rubbish about never being so drunk that he couldnt walk.. nearly everyone’s done that!

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