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Here’s the next Wall Of Fame contest. First correct answer=Wall Of Fame listing.

Posted by tennisplanet on January 28, 2009

Who coined the title ‘magician’ for Santoro?

63 Responses to “Here’s the next Wall Of Fame contest. First correct answer=Wall Of Fame listing.”

  1. Ch said



  2. Mordecai said

    At last! My chance at FAME!

    It’s Pete Sampras when he once lost to Santoro in 2002.

  3. Jenny said

    Pete Sampras.

  4. Veglia said


  5. MIKE__ said

    The “Pistol” of course 🙂

  6. Miffy said

    Pete Sampras.

  7. M said

    Pete Sampras!

  8. halimzin said

    pete sampras

  9. Benjamin said

    I think it’s Sampras.

  10. olivia said

    Pete Sampras?

  11. talented27 said

    Pistol Pete

  12. Frances said

    Pete Sampras!

  13. Kari said

    That would be Pete Sampraa.

  14. Kola Chen said

    Pistol Pete Sampras

  15. Roddick's Girl (aka Fatma) said

    Pete Sampras

  16. Dennis said

    Wasn’t it Sampras? They recently talked about it on ESPN.

  17. somebody else said

    Pete Sampras is credited with giving Santoro the nickname “The Magician”.

  18. M said

    I never win though.

  19. isabelle said

    Pete Sampras

  20. XMGABAN said

    IT was Pete Sampras

  21. tellmenow said

    Has to be Bud Collins; although I think most people like to scrub anything he says from their minds.

  22. Melody said

    Pete Sampras

  23. chieko said

    I just read lately that it was Pete Sampras san who did it. No??

  24. June said

    I know this one! Pistol Pete Sampras!

    Although I know I am already too late 😀

  25. Banti said

    Pistol Pete

  26. Blue said

    Pete Sampras

  27. Anonymous said

    Pete Sampras!! 😀

  28. Adrian said


  29. fedfan said

    Pete Sampras

  30. Bento said

    James Blake

  31. Santiago said


  32. Philip said

    Pete Sampras in 2000

  33. King Lofts said

    Pete Sampras

  34. Michael said

    Pistol Pete Sampras

  35. ails said

    pete sampras?

  36. Nadia said

    Safin ?

  37. blake said


  38. Jeremy said

    Pete Sampras?

  39. 3c said


  40. Bettyjane said

    Pete Sampras!!

  41. whelan said

    Roger Federer

  42. Larry said

    Pete Sampras.

  43. nadalfan said


  44. Manon said

    Pete Sampras.

  45. Denise Seegobin said

    I think it was Safin

  46. FedEx said

    Pete Sampras

  47. Mouka said

    Pistol Pete.

  48. Monica said


  49. Philip said

    Pete Sampras after a tough match against him in the summer of 2000

  50. Neil Sellen said


  51. Maxply said


  52. TheHumbleOne said

    I dunno… Serena Williams?

  53. Anshuman said

    Pete Sampras

  54. M said

    Aaahahahaha! This is an omen for the final!

    TP, let me out of moderation!!

  55. M said

    Please??? I’m screencapping the proof:

    M said
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 28, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    Pete Sampras!
    M said
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 28, 2009 at 10:34 pm

    I never win though.

    (Sorry everybody. Trying to squash down an acute case of FEDAL Final Fever, so I don’t jinx. We will return to calm rational adulthood right after these commercial messages.)

  56. Sarah said

    Pete Sampras, according to Wikipedia.

  57. Manon said

    …hopefully will be an omen for the final :-))))))))))))

    Allez Rogi!

  58. Stella said


  59. Melody said

    Hey, I’ve said it is Pete Sampras who coined the name last night. And I’m 100% sure about it. Why my comment did not show?!!!

  60. Janco Tianno said


  61. TheHumbleOne said

    OK,OK, I GET it! It was Pete Sampras…
    Yeah, but HE only said it to the press after he heard SERENA WILLIAMS marveling about him in the locker room earlier that day, so technically……..
    anyway, that’s my story & I’m sticking to it.

  62. Deep South Girl said

    No! No! NO!! WTH is everyone bleating “Pete Sampras, Pistol Pete,etc., etc.,”

    This is Sarah Palin. And you’d better start getting used to her annoying little whiny voice because I think she is going to be smuggled into the national scene by those die-hard neo-cons like YOU KNOW WHO ,in the next election


  63. Deep South Girl said

    Humble/61: You know, I heard that very same story about Serena. But it was told to me in the STRICTEST confidence. Ah, well.

    “Loose lips sink ships,” you know.

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