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Here’s the next Wall Of Fame contest. First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.

Posted by tennisplanet on February 20, 2009

Who is this? Hint: Photo was taken in the last two days.

54 Responses to “Here’s the next Wall Of Fame contest. First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.”

  1. M said

    Nalby? (Wild stab)

  2. Jenny said

    Mikhail Youzhny?

  3. olivia said

    Mikhail Youzhny

  4. HoiHa said

    Youzni …

  5. Mausi said


  6. Ch said

    gilles simon?

  7. Ch said

    or maybe dimitrov, but i’m not sure

  8. Ch said


    how many guesses do we have, lol

  9. banti said

    I know the answer but cheated so will let someone else take this down:)

  10. TuckerP said

    Gilles Simon!

  11. madhur said

    It is Mikhail Youzhny

  12. Denia said

    Gilles Simon? or as I like to call him “Cupcake”…

  13. Blue said

    Mikhail Youzhny! TP you give very obvious clues and then ask easy questions 😀

  14. Rodaina said

    It’s Youzhny!!

  15. Roddick's Girl (aka Fatma) said

    isn’t that youzhny ?
    I guess it’s youzhny

  16. Philip said

    Mikhail Youzhny

  17. Michael said


  18. Janire said

    Maybe Grigor Dimitrov?

  19. zoe said

    Mikhail Youzhny

  20. Stella said

    Taken in Marseilles

  21. Stella said

    or Youzny perhaps

  22. RafaKenya said

    Mihail Youzni, no doubt after scrolling down to the pictures of the day.

  23. Carolee said

    JOker, after Tsonga took him out…. again!

  24. TuckerP said

    No wait!!! That’s Youzhny not Simon!!

  25. Tennis_Nut said


  26. Jessica said

    yessssss I know, I found out it is:

    Mikhail Youzhny

    Hope I am first.

  27. ladyjulia said

    Feliciano Lopez

  28. Veglia said

    M Youzny

  29. ricke said


  30. joao said

    Jan Hernych?

  31. 3c said

    Andy murray

  32. Mausi said


  33. TheHumbleOne said

    Too Easy…
    Leyton Serena Hewitt-Williams. 🙂

  34. Rollin said

    Mikhail Youzhny.

    You gotta make these a little less dependent on who’s on the site the most. How about some trivia? Better yet, more difficult pictures.

    Watch me be comment #37…

  35. hoopla said

    me thinks this is roddick

  36. GG said


  37. Mary said

    It’s Youzhny

  38. bento said

    andy roddick

  39. Hogar said

    Mikhail Youzhny

  40. Hogar said

    or Marat Safin (but he supposed to be knocked out of Marseille before)

  41. Just Me said


  42. Cmb said

    Jo Tsonga

  43. Mouka said

    Taylor Dent?

  44. Kristian said

    Mikael Youzhny

  45. Paula said


  46. Tennis_Nut said

    Why didn’t you give me wall of fame listing? I said it was Youhzny…..C’mon now.

  47. Jenny said

    lol I think I got it!

  48. Stella said

    well done Jenny.

  49. Ch said

    Bravo Jenny! Beat us to it 😛

  50. Sergeant said

    You got it, Jenny, well done!

    Interesting guess by Rollin, 37 is pretty close to 34, I’m impressed.

  51. madhur said

    You had posted this a few days ago and I said it was youzhny!!! I want my freakinnnn wall of fame..

  52. Claire said

    Congratulations for joining the “Wall of Fame” 🙂 🙂

    Don’t know if everyone is aware, but you can go to “Wall of Fame” list of winners and see what question the person the person answered correctly to get on the Wall of Fame”

  53. Jenny said

    lol Thanks Ch, Sergeant, Stella, Claire!

    Thanks for the info Claire.

  54. Rollin said

    Haha, thanks Sarge! I know this site well, despite my infrequent commenting.

    TP, where’s the suggestion box? I’m not liking the method of your WOF contests. (See my previous comment.)

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