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Answer this and get honorable mention @ Wall Of Fame.

Posted by tennisplanet on March 13, 2009

Have you noticed that Nadal rarely dumps the ball in the net? Most of the points he loses are because the ball sails out or wide. Only time he appears to ‘use’ the net is when engaging his backhand.

Got a clue? No, you don’t!!!

14 Responses to “Answer this and get honorable mention @ Wall Of Fame.”

  1. Stella said

    because he uses so much topspin the arc of the ball takes it well over the height of the net and brings it down in court. Hit flat it would find the net more often

  2. tennisFANo1 said

    cause of TOP SPIN

  3. TuckerPH said

    He gets massive spin off of his forehand. His uncle has always taught him to hit high above the net. My coach actually told me that Nadal’s ball sometimes goes six feet over the net. His spin keeps the ball far away from the net. Also, remember the time that he wrote stuff on his hand? One of those things was “high ball” or something like that. His backhand, however, does not have as much spin as his forehand. He can’t get under the ball as much as his forehand.

  4. burn said

    Nadal uses a LOT of topspin on his forehand side. So, the ball crosses the net easily. However, depending on the pace he hits the ball with, the ball can sail long or land in the court. He gets the topspin (i think) because he follows through mostly behind his back.

    His backhand is two-handed and the follow through is in front of him going to his right shoulder side. This cannot generate as much topspin as the forehand side. Also, i think Nadal tends to flatten out his backhand due to this reason. This is why he sometimes “uses” the net with his backhand more often than his forehand.

  5. Janco Tianno said

    I don’t know exactly what you are talking about, but Nadal plays with a lot of margin of error in his forehand because of the extreme amount of topspin he creates when he hits a forehand.
    On the other hand, it seems that he has flattened his backhand.

  6. ricke said

    What’s the question? Yes I have noticed. He hits with unbelievable topspin and finishes his stroke around his neck. How can you not clear the net with a stroke like that?

  7. joao said

    well, i guess that using that much topsin (he generates the biggest spinning on tour – about 4300 ball rotations vs Federer’s 4100), allows for a much taller ball at the net. and that ball effect is much more in evidence in the forehand than in the backhand.

  8. M said

    Okay, if this is the question

    “Have you noticed that Nadal rarely dumps the ball in the net?”

    then the answer is “Yes.”

    And then I win, right? 😀

  9. TheHumbleOne said

    You might be referring to his high net clearance and extreme topsin that bring the balls (usually) back down into the court, a style that makes him amazingly consistent with very few unforced errors and very few balls dumped into the net.

  10. Cmb said

    Thats because he puts more topspin on his forehand than his backhand. Topspin causes the ball to rise above the net (Duh!) only thing sometimes the ball can go out. On the backhand there is less topspin so the ball sometimes gets caught by the net.

  11. Schop said

    It’s time for another Wall Of Fame question (hope TP admits):
    What’s the name of a successful tennis player in the open era we blank out?

  12. Deep South Girl said

    Basically, I think M won this one.

  13. Jason said

    Mardy Fish

  14. simone said


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