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Here’s the next Wall Of Fame contest. First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.

Posted by tennisplanet on March 25, 2009

What is Federer doing and who’s the other guy?


41 Responses to “Here’s the next Wall Of Fame contest. First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.”

  1. Ch said

    LOL absolutely no idea on this one.

  2. Deep South Girl said

    A wasp had landed on Sampras’ blue shirt and Federer is trying to persuade it to scurry along. This is a fair and balanced story

  3. Rollin said

    Now this is more like it, TP! Contests that apply to eagle-eyed tennis fans in general, not just eagle-eyed TennisPlanet readers.

    …And all i know is that is Pascal Maria! I have no clue what Fed’s doing.

    Well, it’s fun to try.

  4. IndianCowboy said

    He’s flicking a bug off of Wawrinka

  5. TheHumbleOne said

    That is most certainly chair umpire Pascal Maria who presided over a doubles match with Fed/Wawrinka where there seemed to be alot of flying insects and one of them, I’m guessing a moth, landed on the back of his shirt. 🙂

  6. Rodaina said

    I know that this is Pascal Maria but I have no idea what was going on here lol 🙂

  7. Jenny said

    Pascal Maria the umpire. Lord and Fed only knows what he’s doing, apart from the racquet on his back.

  8. agile said

    Showing him where the guillotine will strike if TP continues to joke about Mirka..

  9. Claire said

    IT’s that little ugly guy (can’t remember his name but the one who gets in players face and think is dating pretty tennis player – like can’t believe she’s with him??) Is his name Stepineck

    Federer is showing Stepineck the exact place where a tennis ball can hit and kill you! Federer is telling Stepineck that all of the other players are sick of his annoying behavior on the court, should he do it again, Federer will make sure that ball hits him in that exact spot! Federer would just be doing his job, isn’t Federer president, representing players for ATP?

  10. serene said

    He’s the umpire of one of Federer’s olympic doubles matches, and Federer is sweeping a bug off his shoulder. (:

  11. serene said

    if you want me to specific though, i think maybe he’s pascal maria…

  12. HOOPLA said

    he is taking a moth off the umpire , pascal

  13. angie89 said

    He’s removing a fly from the umpire’s shirt.

  14. Domingos said

    the other guy is umpire pascal maria and federer is shaking a bug off pascal’s back with his racket

  15. Stella said

    this is Federer at the Olympics where he is either
    1. indicating that the ball touched some part of someones anatomy or
    2. showing how deep the puddle was that had to walk through in his rain delayed match against Blake.
    Maybe its Stepanek in the blue shirt

  16. FedEx said

    He was playing in the Olympics and the other guy must be a linesman…

  17. justine said

    this is marc gicquel from france

  18. MIKE__ said

    He’s getting an insect off his shirt.

  19. Philip said

    It’s Pascal Maria and Fed is getting a bug off his back.

  20. Blake said

    He’s touching the lower back part of Pascal Maria’s neck during a 2008 davis cup match 😉

    Technically, you know i’m right!

  21. Anonymous said

    I think there is something, may be bugs on Pascal Maria’s shoulder

  22. Stella said

    OK guess number 2.
    It’s still Federer at the Olympics.
    The fellow in blue is an Umpire called Maria ( just how do you solve a problem like Maria?) Well, it’s possibly before the doubles final with Stan, and Fed is explaining where the ball touched his opponent or he’s offerng him a Swiss knighthood

  23. Bento said

    He’s showing the linesman that his ball clipped the line.

  24. bluechyll said

    Hey, where’s the Nike Swoosh on Roger’s bandanna?
    Oh wait, is that it on the far left?

  25. Benjamin said

    Federer is removing a bug from the guy’s shirt, at the Beijing Olympics, I guess before a singles match.

    The picture must have been taken before play started, and the guy must be the umpire. I would say, Pascal Maria.

  26. Sol said

    If this is the DC match in Lausanne against Belgium, then I was there. But I have no idea what that pic is about. Is that normal?

  27. Rollin said

    Showing him where the ball hit/bounced?

  28. Dee said

    I posted something but it disappeared. I submitted again and it said duplicate comment.Any way it’s not here. Hmmmmm.

  29. Scotslady said

    “Arise sir knight and help me win my next GS”

  30. O said

    Roger, I would like to offer you a reset button with “over heated” engraved on it in your language of choice. Just drop a message with TP.

  31. Ch said

    it is the umpire? Pascal Maria and Roger is taking a bug off of him with his racket.

    I know this from someone on another site. I fail

  32. Big Sister said

    Helpless insects, babies, puppies, tears — Roger is indeed the perfect man. Sigh.

  33. Cf said

    they all especially roger look so Cute in the last pic.
    if you look at the second then third its like in sequence and its funny!

  34. M said

    I don’t know which is funnier — the look on everyone’s face in the picture as Le Reine Roger Saves the Day, or some of the comments here.

    TP, some of the best commenters in tennis fandom are here. Long live Tennis Planet! 😀

  35. ricke said

    Congrats to Humbleone! I knew it was a bug, but had no clue as to who it was. Found my self looking for players that looked like that. Then realized I was taking too long cause usually you guys get these within a minute, so I gave up and waited. Great question TP! I wait to play another day!

  36. Stella said

    well done Humble One.
    Guess you don’t have to be humble any more

  37. TheHumbleOne said

    Thanks, guys (& gals)!
    and Thanks TP for giving us all this nice site to escape to…UdaBest!

    I was just wondering, in lieu of a very impressive & expensive plaque on the honorary Wall of Fame (you know how I HATE to show off)… how ’bout two Center Court tickets for a fortnight of tennis at Wimbledon. Could that be arranged? Would that be a bit too much to request?

  38. Deep South Girl said

    I object! Humble and I are co-winners. I stated first that it was a wasp that Federer was removing from (granted, it was not Sampras’) shirt but Humble speed-waddled in with the name of the person. As I see it,

    a. DSG was first with the correct action and
    b. Humble (almost TWENTY FOUR HOURS later) gave the name of the obscure person.

    So, what about it, Teep?

    BTW I love the look on Federer’s face as he sets the huge wasp free.

  39. TheHumbleOne said

    (*Ahem*) That was a moth… 🙂

  40. TheHumbleOne said

    …And I NEVER “speed-waddle”… 😦

  41. Deep South Girl said

    Humble…I bow to your superior knowledge. (Mibs, mibs!)

    (At lease say that was the more humonguous “moth” you’ve ever seen)

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