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Which umpire evokes the most respect from players?

Posted by tennisplanet on March 28, 2009

Mohamed Lahyani.

Maria Pascal.

Carlos Bernardes.

Enric Molina.

Lars Graff.

Cedric Mourier.


13 Responses to “Which umpire evokes the most respect from players?”

  1. Plané said

    Where’s the bald umpire?

  2. Sol said

    What’s the name of the french umpire with that deep voice and the afro? I like him

  3. Jenny said

    I voted for Lahyani. Most listed are pretty good, but I went off Mourier after the Davydenko incident, he stepped way out of the boundary. I like Carlos Ramos and Sandra de Jenkin too.

  4. Stella said

    Norm Chryst

  5. M said

    Why is the divine Carlos Ramos not in the poll?

  6. Deep South Girl said

    Carlos Bernardes and Lars Graf

  7. Ch said

    ooh I like that French guy too!

    where’s the one with the smooth voice? Steve Ulrich?

  8. Dee said

    I’ve never seen they argue with women umpires

  9. Cms said

    Lars, though my personal fave is Carlos.

  10. xeres said

    Carlos Ramos ?

  11. D said

    why the f..k isn’t carlos ramos on the poll?!?!

  12. Schop said

    You forgot Steve Ullrich with his exalting ring announcer voice!

  13. kaizenchick said

    Carlos Bernardes & Maria Pascal

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