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Use food intelligently.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 4, 2009

Have you ever been to a doctor? Sure you have. But how many times has your doctor asked you what food you were eating or not eating after you told him your miserable story?

What I mean is this: There are many ailments that are brought on by deficiencies in your system because you are starving your body of a certain group of foods, for whatever reason.

Like I don’t like citrus fruits like lemon, oranges etc. And I was quite vulnerable to cold and stuff like that. Since I started eating more of that stuff I can see a visible difference.

Or what about sunshine. There are many problems that are there simply because of less exposure to the sun. But you won’t find doctors asking for these things before they hand you ‘the loaded with side effects’ bottle of tablets and pills.

Go to the local bookstore in your village and get yourself a good book on how your diet can improve your health and in some cases cure you. There are certain food groups that target a particular part of your body.

Oh, I forgot that I am dealing with cheap freaks here. OK, go to the Internet and google ‘foods that cure’ to get it FREE. Geeeezzzzzzzz!!!!!!

Oh, I forgot the lazy part. So click freaking here.


4 Responses to “Use food intelligently.”

  1. bunnee said

    it seems like we’re still living in ancient times — doctors never ask about their patient’s nutritional intake — unbelievable!

  2. Jenny said

    Our doctors do in the UK Bunnee, but usually if a patient is overweight or if other physical problems exist. We’re recommended to consume 5 portions of fruit/veg per day.

  3. Dee said

    How come you are into so much health stuff lately? I think you are 60+ and a women.

  4. Jenny said

    lol Dee! Never been into it myself, balanced diet and everything in moderation.

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