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Why me? Why me? Why me?

Posted by tennisplanet on April 5, 2009

Who do you think is repeating that mantra after watching Federer fold against Djokovic? Other than Federer, of course. Have a clue?

First correct answer = Honorable mention @ Wall Of Fame.

48 Responses to “Why me? Why me? Why me?”

  1. FedEx said


  2. ricke said

    Roddick? Why can’t he play like that against me?

  3. MIKE__ said


  4. cms said

    A-Rod, of course.

  5. joao said

    Has to be Roddick…

    …because he is the guy that keeps losing to Federer, while everybody else has stepped up!

  6. Mynsc said

    Rodick ? 😀

  7. Dee said

    Well, I don’t know about “Why Me?” But I can answer to” Why? Why? Why?” Because that’s what goes through my head every time he misses an easy shot or losses a match.
    Reason is- I love to watch Federer plays his best.Every thing he does seems effortless, Beautiful, Graceful,flawless and exciting to watch.I guess I don’t want to miss that.

  8. ladyjulia said

    Roddick ofcourse!

  9. Stella said

    roddick is thinking “why me” “why doesn’t he fold against me” when he folds against all these others now

  10. MARIE said

    Andy Roddick

  11. saras said

    I can picture A. Roddick saying “Why Me ?” more than Federer.Every time Federer shows brilliance when he is playing Roddick.Is it the game of Roddick that brings out the best of Fed ? How unlucky A Rod must be feeling when the very next match N.Djoko. beat Federer, when Federer was expected to win.That puzzles me as well!

  12. TheHumbleOne said

    Why, HIS RACQUET of course!
    Poor Wilson must have been wondering why he was the unlucky one chosen at that last changeover… 🙂

  13. Benny Blanco said


  14. Ch said


    awww I agree with Dee 😦

  15. jennifur said


  16. jennifur said


  17. jennifur said

    the wee baby then?

  18. Janco Tianno said

    Roddick, of course!

  19. Rollin said


  20. Dude said

    Andy Roddick !!

    Im sure he would have taken the Djoker out in straight sets, without losing any of his racquets.

  21. Blake said

    Roddick maybe? Thinking, ‘Fed plays like this against Djokovic… why does he play the way he does against me??’

  22. rebel naughty said

    Andy Roddick?

  23. Liz said


  24. ggglass said


  25. Dalia said

    mmm…the coach…Mirka…

  26. Dalia said

    may be…fedfans..still may be alot say why meeee

  27. Carolee said

    ANdy Roddick sits in his hotel room seeing the Djok fold and breaks a few rackets!

  28. burn said

    three :

    1.) fed’s kid
    2.) fed’s racket
    3.) fed fan watching

    agree with u dee!!

  29. David said

    Andy Roddick, of course.

  30. Barbara said


  31. clifford said

    Poor Andy Roddick.

  32. Brett said

    The answer is Andy Roddick

  33. Rodaina said

    I think it’s Roddick cuz if Roger had played like that against him he would’ve definitely won!!
    And I agree with Dee, I feel the same way. It really hurts to see him miss these easy shots like that after being so dominant for so long! 😦

  34. boxingary said

    Easy. DAVYDENKO!

    As in, “WHY the hell is it ME that can’t avoid injuries
    right now so I can ( finally ) get a win over Roger, too?”

  35. crew said

    Andy Roddick

  36. Rollin said

    Wait, either Mirka, Wawrinka, or the expected baby. One of those curveballs must be it.

  37. Cf said

    “why me?? why me?? why do i get smashed??” says roger’s mangled racket

  38. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    The smashed Racket

  39. Chris said

    Murray, because then he would have a Grandslam now.

  40. TheHumbleOne said

    Congratulations, Ricke! Well played. 🙂

  41. yoko said

    “Why me, why me, why me?! Why you always play good agaist me?!” says Roddick.

  42. ricke said

    Wow! I am thrilled to be an honorable mention. Now my next goal? To the actual WALL OF FAME! Unfortunately, I feel like Roddick against 100 Federers competing with all you tennis geniuses.

  43. banti said

    Funny Mike:) Cant wait till the slams come around, were going to go at it:)

  44. banti said

    wow so many correct answers to this. I was just clueless. Good job people.

  45. eqmal said

    Definitely Roddick.

  46. chieko said

    Yes I agree it has to be Roddick san. Poor him.

  47. Deep South Girl said

    Congratulations, Ricke!! I never thought of Roddick, but of course, he’s the perfrct choice!

  48. Anonymous said

    Octoplet mom?

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