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Whose wife is this? First correct answer = Honorable mention.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 12, 2009

43 Responses to “Whose wife is this? First correct answer = Honorable mention.”

  1. Jenny said

    Pic only showing with a red x, TP.

  2. Carolee said

    IVAN LENDL’s… an old photo! Luckily, the girls look like her.

  3. pankaj said

    ivan lendl

  4. Jenny said

    Got, it. Thanks TP. Complete wild guess, Carla Coria?

  5. Stella said


  6. Stella said

    Samantha someone. Mother to those golfing girls you showed in a photo a few days ago

  7. ricke said


  8. Vera said

    Ivan Lendl’s wife – her name is Samantha. She was just a teenager when he started to date her.

  9. Chicago fan said

    TP, I believe that is Ivan Lendl’s wife, Samantha.

  10. Benny Blanco said

    Ivan Lendl’s

  11. Mary said

    Is it Lendl’s?

  12. kris said

    Samantha lendl

  13. Murph said

    She could be Davydenko’s wife…. Russians wear their wedding bands on their right hand.

  14. carlos said

    Lend[s wife

  15. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Ivan Lendl

  16. MARIE said

    Ivan Lendl

  17. Willie said

    Not yours?

  18. Logansan said

    Ivan Lendl

  19. Hope said

    that’s ivan lendl’s wife

  20. Monica said

    Hey TP: hope this time you’ll publish my answer…

    That’s Lendl’s wife, seating at center court in
    Wimbledon. And to her left is Tony Roche. I have
    no idea who is seating next to him, though.

  21. Kathryn said

    Ivan Lendl’s wife (Samantha, I think).

  22. Temple said

    Samantha, Lendl’s wife

  23. roba said

    ivan lendl

  24. agile said

    Mrs. Ivan Lendl ?

  25. Bento said

    Bill Clinton

  26. jennifur said

    lendls? def. 80s era. check out the eyebrows!

  27. sally said

    ivan lendl

  28. Deep South Girl said

    Ivan Lendl

  29. tennis guy said

    ivan lenl

  30. Jason said

    ivan lendl’s wife silly people (samantha)

  31. simplify said


  32. Jessica said

    I think it is Samantha (Ivan Lendl’s wife)

  33. Chris said

    Ivan Lendl’s wife? I think her name is Samantha

  34. Bridgeglutton said

    Ivan Lendl’s wife.

  35. Elinor said

    Guillermo Coria’s wife?

  36. Maddie said

    Ivan Lendl

  37. roba said

    Samantha. ivan lendl wife

  38. Denise Seegobin said

    Samantha Lendl

  39. lwg said

    Ivan Lendl

  40. banti said

    Thats right, still a hottie.

  41. chieko said

    I am sure she is Mrs. Ivan Lendl based on everyone else’s guess for I did not have any idea.

  42. Big Sister said

    You are right, Vera. And not only was she still a teenager when they started dating — she was something like a sophomore or junior in high school and he was nearly 30. (What were her parents thinking?) But they have a lovely family now, from the looks of it.

  43. Deep South Girl said

    O.K.–I thought I really got that one on time for the honorable mention—-why not the full “Wall of Honor?” BTW.

    I know her whole name so I win, no?

    It’s Samantha FRANKEL and her dad owns or did own “La Samanna” in the Caribbean–names d it after her.

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