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Why Nadal hates Soderling and Berdych.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 30, 2009


33 Responses to “Why Nadal hates Soderling and Berdych.”

  1. Ch said

    that Sodeling thing, absolutely hilarious. I was like, WOW, are you serious. you’re doing this to El Rafa. someone has cojones!

    poor Rafa, at Wimbledon ’07, what an ordeal for him no?

    Sodeling also I think fired a volley at Roger’s head once – so he seems like he could use a little lesson in manners haha…

    • Jenny said

      I understand what you say, Ch. I’m no Soderling fan, he overstepped the mark at Wimby, as did Berdych in Madrid, it was stupid and immature, they are both good players and didn’t need to resort to that nonsense. As I recall, Rafa was doing the ‘time’ at the Wimby match. Berdych won the match fair and square in Madrid, but ended up being an arrogant clock-head. However, and IMO, last night’s match was overkill, it was clear Rafa was making a point, I understand, but two wrongs don’t make a right…sorry. As great as Rafa is, he needs to move on from that stuff, or it may come back one day and bite him in his famous butt.

      • Ch said

        Oh, yes I know that “two wrongs don’t make a right” as you say. Why are you apologising?… I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to say.

      • Deep South Girl said

        In his adorable bottom? Ummmmm

  2. Ch said


  3. Big Fish said

    I may be in the minority here. I don’t mind Berdych and Soda. And I consider myself as a Davydenko’s fan also.

  4. Sergeant said

    Wow, Rafa regretted immediately after having made fun of Robin; he touched his nose twice! (I learned that from Cmb and Carolee 🙂 )

  5. djb said

    Rafa b**ch-slapped Soderling and it was the ultimate payback for the crap he pulled at their Wimby match a couple of years ago. As a fan, I thought it was totally unnecessary and a bad show of sportsmanship and court conduct. One thing that will never change is the fact that Soderling is an unliked, pathetic, trash-talking punk.

  6. overcaffeinated said

    What I don’t get about the Soderling video is that Rafa needs to look at himself when it comes to stalling tactics, taking a million light years between points, taking two million light years to get to the net at the start of a match for the coin toss, that he comes bolting out on Wimbledon centre court in 2008 ahead of Roger (mind games I know, but lack of respect to tradition), etc. Sure Rafa was ready when “he was ready” to start that point at Wimbledon, so why shouldn’t Soderling take advantage of having to wait all that time and decide to get a racquet. Great moment overall with the short picking, the “new balls” comemnt. Love it.

    As for Berdych, well he can be a bit of a D(jokov)ick.

  7. FrankB said

    wow, those two are are now some of my least fav players.

  8. madhurdutta said

    Damn soderling got nerves! Awesome video. Rafa showed soderling yesterday though

  9. Dee said

    In soderling’s case I think Nadal’s trying hard not to crack up and look serious.

  10. bard said

    Rafa’s face after Soderling immitate him, OMG toooo goood, Lol
    Both of them, Soderling and Berdych, are bitches anyway, no ?

  11. deep south girl said

    I don’t understand what Berdych did. Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

    • Jenny said

      DSG, It was Madrid on hard court a couple of years ago, the quarters I believe. Obviously the crowd were rooting for Rafa. Berdych won the match fair and square, the crowd were really very loud, I think Rafa tried to calm it. As Berdych walked to the net, he put his finger to his mouth as if to hush the crowd, they really appreciated that! I have a feeling, but can’t be sure, Rafa said at the net, you are bad, something to that effect.

      Next round Gonzo, the crowd were really on Berdych’s case and supporting the Spanish speaking Gonzo who thrashed him.

      • Ch said

        thanks for the explanation, Jenny. 🙂 Rafa said “you are bad”? Hm..

      • Deep South Girl said

        Thx, Jenny

      • Jill said

        I still don’t get what was so bad about that or why Rafa needed to say anything to him. Berdych looked very taken aback.

      • Jef Costillo said

        Rafa said something to the effect of “very bad”…hard to pick up the full comment, but these are the two words that I can make out.. The big deal Jill would be more the mocking gesture that Berdych made, whether intentional or not. Looking at this video, I believe it is very intentional and a diss to the crowd in that he silenced their man, regardless of their strong support for Rafa.

  12. Sol said

    I don’t get it either. In both videos it looks more like Nadal being provocative than either Berdych or Soderling. Soderling changed his racket and went back running ready to return.. what did Nadal do then to make Soderling imitate him? Why did he stop serving? I don’t get it. And Berdych silenced the crowd, so what? what did Nadal say to him at the net to make him react like that? Or maybe something happened during the match that made Nadal say something??? I’ve never seen these vids, they’re not very flattering to Nadal.

  13. M said

    Because they are RUDE and MEAN and have WEIRD STARY EYES.

  14. Roberto said

    wow this is great! Firstly berdych is a fool. You win the game shake hands end of story no need to get the crowd involved Rafa had every right to tell berdych to keep it in his pants! As for soderling there were no hard feelings there i think it was a misunderstanding on both parts.

    Firstly soderling ran to get a new racquet for the new balls and then ran back on to the court.
    Secondly nadal goes through his normal routine before he serves only to realise he may have not announced the new balls to soderling.
    Thirdly soderling in frustration moves away from the baseline venting his frustration by imitating nadal ( very humeroous might i add, nadal looks like hes about to laugh it’s a great moment)
    conclusion; berdych a real douche for his stupidity, there is no worse feeling then losing but for someone on the other end rubbing it in he really needed a gob smack, soderling just a prime example of the humour that comes from tennis great to watch!

  15. Adrianne said

    I’m not sure, but it seems to me that the Berdych issue what that he tried to antagonise the Spanish crowd [idiot] after beating Rafa, and Rafa was telling him that it was a stupid thing to have done. As for Soderling, I’m pretty sure that the two of them weren’t very friendly to begin with. Something that Soderling said to the press, can’t remember exactly. It was after Rafa kicked his ass [thank goodness for that =)]. The FO Final last night was certainly very heart-warming.

  16. MM said

    Well Soderling got his cookies crumbled today by Nadal-and I loved it

  17. for the lulz said

    “that was very bad, very bad” . (the ssh:ing). thats what nadal said to berdych right after the game, and i agree. unsportsmanlike to the conduct of tennis. can someone tell me which part of Soderlings movements were imitations of Nadal? Not familiar with that… pretty funny, and no Nadal did not look like he was about to crack… seemed pretty pissed

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