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Here’s the next Wall Of Fame contest. First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.

Posted by tennisplanet on May 4, 2009

Since the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) computer rankings began, who are the only two men to be ranked World No. 1 in both singles and doubles.

38 Responses to “Here’s the next Wall Of Fame contest. First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.”

  1. Ch said

    John McEnroe

    Stefan Edberg

  2. Prasad said

    Johnny Mac

  3. king loftus said

    roy emerson

  4. Adrian said

    McEnroe and Navratilova! jaja… no, just kidding… McEnroe and Edberg!!

  5. banti said

    John Mcenroe and have no idea.

  6. Jef Costillo said

    meh, missed the cut by a mile, but in with my thoughts:

    1. John McEnroe
    2. Stefan Edberg

  7. TheHumbleOne said

    John Newcombe and John McEnroe

  8. TheHumbleOne said

    …and Serena Williams 🙂

  9. joao said

    John McEnroe and Steffan Edberg, the best volleyers ever…

  10. Philip said

    John McEnroe & Boris Becker

  11. Philip said

    Sorry, i meant McEnroe & Edberg, of course. A little lapsus.

  12. McLovin30 said

    was it John McEnroe and John Newcombe?

  13. tennis fan said

    John McEnroe. Stefan Edberg

  14. ricke said

    McEnroe and Edberg-sure I’m too late

  15. Bento said

    Hrbaty and Courier.

  16. Carolee said

    John Mc Enroe… and anyone who played with him… I don’t know the other guy!

  17. Blake said

    Johnny Mac & Stefan Edberg

  18. jennifur said

    im late but mcenroe fur sure. and um, takin wild guess, edberg, or rios?

  19. rafa4ever said

    How about Johnny Mac?

  20. auke veringa said

    mcenroe and edberg

  21. dijay said

    john mcenroe & stefan edberg

  22. jss said

    edberg and mcenroe

  23. MARIE said

    J. McEnroe & Nastase

  24. YMD said

    Eminem? What Coolio busy?

  25. Anonymous said

    this is getting boring. Give us some drammmmmmmmmmmmmma.

  26. Darren said

    John Newcombe and John McEnroe

  27. Steven Perry said

    One’s gotta be McEnroe. Totally guessing Kafelnikov?

  28. John Z said

    Im gonna say Stefan Edberg & John McEnroe

  29. TheHumbleOne said

    Way to Go, Ch! U Da Man! Unless (of course) if you’re a Woman!

  30. Ch said

    ahhhh are you serious I won again!!! woohoo!!!!!!! I feel so special 😀 this is when you know, I really need a life.

    you all are great, I just feel lucky once more! good question TP 🙂 I knew about McEnroe. I had to ask my dad about Edberg 🙂

  31. banti said

    This is why Nadal is playing more and more doubles, work on that net game he lacks:)

    Now I get it:)

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